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Central to North [Travel/Solo]

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Central to North [Travel/Solo] Empty Sun Nov 19, 2023 1:49 pm

It had been so long since Ittindi had traveled last. He had on his Rune Knight uniform and was looking back at the town of Era from the wagon. He was with a couple other Rune Knights being transferred to the north, part of his promotion as he would oversee a small group of privates in the north. Ittindi hadn’t given it much thought yet, knowing that they probably would still treat him like when he was a private. Only mocked in private, they all feared the strength that Ittindi represented, a byproduct of his time with his Young Master. That was the main driver of his promotion, while he had a similar amount of time in grade as all the others. His strength left even his instructors in the dust; he could tell how they looked at him during his promotion to corporal that it wouldn’t be very long before he was a sergeant. He had a theory that he had already met most of the requirements, at least from how they looked at the result of his tests.

As his thoughts drifted about what expected him in the North, Ittindi wondered what Orchidia would be like this time of year. He hadn’t been there since his time in that guild. It was ironic that his first station outside of Era would be there. He wondered when he was a sergeant if that would remain the case. This location would serve as well as any other for the start of his dreams. If they kept him up north he’d just build his own private fortress here, he wouldn’t be stifled. As he looked out the wagon he could see that they had arrived in Orchidia. Ittindi would head off to the garrison to meat his new team and command.

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