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Comrades Over Wine [Storyline| Astrid]

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"Worship me in rivers of blood"

STR: 311 | SPD: 507 | CON: 256 | END: 225 | INT: 256 | MANA: 13,550

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

It almost felt like a reunion of sorts.

Her and Lady Tsara together again within Crocus, the memories of nearly a decade ago rising forth to the surface. Good times, more innocent times that existed between the two, now caught in the unsettling reality of desire, unease, and the impossible to ignore threat that loomed over both of them. Astrid through her existence and the threat that her father in his search for power posed to her, and Lady Tsara in her seeing the woman once viewed like a daughter now as a matured woman, one wherein lustful thoughts and appetites came to fruition, yet also coming within a breath’s away from being robbed of. She knew it too, they both did.

Whatever delights that may have first existed in their encounter were forced to the side, both obligated to address the reality.

A reality that they were to descend to the darker corners of whatever moral grounds they stood upon to rid themselves of the threat.

But to their benefit both, that accord was seemingly reached without issue. Even surprisingly at how quick the pair seemed to recognize the need to handle the matter. It only spoke to the urgency surrounding it, the threat that it posed towards Astrid, the implications it stood for them both, Lady Tsara especially.

There was no place for neutrality or peace. There could only be the call to violence. Astrid’s father had laid down the gambit and the two were to respond in kind.

With blood.

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"Worship me in rivers of blood"

STR: 311 | SPD: 507 | CON: 256 | END: 225 | INT: 256 | MANA: 13,550

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

“So, how long has it been? Several years, if not more?” It was difficult to fully appreciate small talk. There were simply too many things floating throughout Astrid’s mind, her as much wishing for the opportunity to reunite with this woman, who once upon a time she had come to view as a motherly figure, an aunt of sorts even. How she longed that circumstances could have been different. Then perhaps the sort of engagement that the Lady Tsara sought to entertain in order to repel the awkward silence of their reunion would feel more appropriate.

“Something to that end…” Astrid finally spoke, her words feeling almost uncomfortable, the topic less the issue than not knowing quite what to say. She sighed, looking up to the sky briefly, the gloomy clouds of the approaching winter evident in their color. “Feels as if it’s been a lifetime,” her words trailing off, only to be lost to the sounds of the busy crowds.

A light chuckle tore the woman from her catatonic gaze, looking to the woman beside her, the warm smile on the face of Lady Tsara being something that Astrid could not help but still find enthralling. At the minimum, it was a nice welcome change compared against what she had been exposed to for so many months, years even.

“I can imagine so, you being gone for so long. It’s probably a bit of a shocker to see everything having changed. The city, not all too much I would say, but years here you find it harder to appreciate the overall and start to fixate on the little things.” An arm wrapping around Astrid’s backside caused the woman to jump slightly, as quickly realizing whose arm it were whilst also being caught off guard. “You needn’t worry though my little Astrid. Auntie Tsara knows everything there is to know within the city, especially for what you have planned.”

There was an intentional level of vagueness to her last few words. A raised eyebrow indicated the woman’s intrigue, to which the older woman inspected closely, her eyes fixated upon Astrid’s while also scanning the area to ensure that there may not have been any prying eyes focused upon the pair.

“Allies are hardly lacking for someone like you, especially with everything happening. Though I love giving you a little tour throughout the city, more than anything I have some friends whom I believe you should meet.”

Astrid maintained a stoic look, but inside she was hopeful. She had no reason to doubt this woman before, and thus far she had no reason to start doubting her now. Their endgame after all was akin to treason if they were caught.

Neither could afford to betray the other, nor did Astrid believe that either of them would one another.

“Believe me when I say, you’ll be very, very glad that you did.”

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"Worship me in rivers of blood"

STR: 311 | SPD: 507 | CON: 256 | END: 225 | INT: 256 | MANA: 13,550

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

The rest of the day was a welcome break, if not even refreshing. Some much overdue time for the duo to catch up upon what had happened in the past several years as they awaited the evening to come and the true nature of their engagement to begin. In the meanwhile though, it was almost cathartic, Astrid taking a welcome delight in being able to speak freely with the close family friend, allowing years’ worth of fatigue and exhaustion and pain to be let out rather than confined further. And for the Lady Tsara, it was a chance to do right by a young girl who once upon a time she had come to view as a daughter of sorts. To be reunited now and knowing all that had been forced upon the young girl, the critical nature of her trip not lost either within the realm of happenstances, it broke her heart.

If there had been any sense of reluctance before within the heart of Lady Tsara, that doubt died with the retelling of Astrid’s plight. To a degree, it made things easier. Whatever worry that she herself held towards putting at risk the young woman before her, it was clear enough by the retelling of her story alone that revenge had driven her here.

Whether she helped or not, Astrid would make a point to carry out her own revenge.

The only question stood whether or not she were to have provided aid or not.

It took not even a second thought to be convinced that she were doing the right thing. Alone, she were certainly an ally for Astrid, but by herself she was nowhere near powerful enough to carry out the radical effort that would be required to put her father down.

Fortunately, Lady Tsara knew her allies would if not be able to outright aid Astrid, would at the minimum know of those who could.

Looking to the evening sky, the oranges and purple hues cascading over the horizon above massive buildings, it was clear enough time to get moving.

“Come,” she instructed, getting up from the table where they had stopped earlier.

“Where are we going?” Astrid inquired, not worried, but rather curious. Within her head, the game had already begun. Figuring out the players were as important as anything else that were to happen.

“I said I knew of people whom would be of aid, didn’t I,” Lady Tsara said cooly. “It’s about time we met them.”

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"Worship me in rivers of blood"

STR: 311 | SPD: 507 | CON: 256 | END: 225 | INT: 256 | MANA: 13,550

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

Navigating through the dark alleyways that intertwined all throughout Crocus, Astrid was certain that if left to her own devices, the only outcome that stood to happen was her ending up utterly lost, if not forever.

Fortunately, the Lady Tsara was far from unfamiliar with the route that was to be taken. With effortless grace and a memory that seemed as clear to her as if walking through an empty street without obstruction, Astrid had little to do other than keep close to the woman, seldom a worry between either of the two now compared to earlier. Their venture so far had likely left even someone who may have been aware of their presence lost.

It was perfect.

A short while later, perhaps maybe some couple of minutes, it was hard entirely to tell how much time had passed. Between the scarce levels of light along with the intertwining streets that had as much a hypnotizing effect on anyone trying to get a grasp on their positioning, it could have as easily been a couple of minutes or otherwise an hour or so.

Making a few mental notes throughout with every turn, Astrid was able to keep her focus, recognizing how much time had passed. Though she could not say for certain to quite where they were, she at least had a loose idea as to the route taken.

That was until the silence was broken up by the Lady Tsara, whose voice – despite being soft and welcoming – seemed to rip through the area all the same.

“We’re here.”

Astrid was surprised. With all the secretive nature that they had just gone through, she would have expected something more grandeur. This seemed like a generic wooden door, a very faint light shining just above it, the words “Winery” thickly stenciled into a heavy piece of wood that was just above the door.

“Ready to meet your new friends?” Lady Tsara said with an almost mocking tone to her voice, pushing open the door without any sort of difficulty. Given its appearance, Astrid would have at least figured that there be some sort of difficulty or trap. Or even just a password.

A simple push were all that was needed.

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"Worship me in rivers of blood"

STR: 311 | SPD: 507 | CON: 256 | END: 225 | INT: 256 | MANA: 13,550

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

Within, the outer appearance gave a false impression relative to the actual interior of the winery. Wonderfully lit, an almost ominous sense with the light, candles littered about, an orange hue persisting throughout the air. A stark contrast to what was seen before, nor what she would have expected, but at the same time, welcome even.

With the playing of strings further within the background, accompanied by the laughter and merriment of multiple people, it seemed an inviting enough of a place. Though she had her own reservations, she had trust in the woman before her who led her forth, closer and closer to the merriment. A couple more steps and suddenly the group were far more in focus. Many of them, perhaps shy of two dozen, maybe a few more in total. All elegantly dressed, adorned in clothing that Astrid would expect of nobility, certainly attire that one would not expect within a place hidden so secretively within the city. As her eyes scanned the crowd, there were few, if anyone, that she recognized. Save for Lady Tsara, now having taken a step forward as to introduce the group to Astrid, there weren’t a face that she could confidently say that she knew of.

“Madame Tsara,” exclaimed one of them, an older gentleman, a couple years older than Astrid perhaps, but appearing to be at the center of everything, numerous individuals gathered around him. He had a gentle-enough face, one that hid the deceptively cruel eyes that watched on with intrigue, not just to Lady Tsara, but the focus more towards that of Astrid. “We had expected you here earlier,” he chided, a glass in one hand tipped now in the direction of Astrid, “And who might this be? I was not made aware that you would have been bringing a guest.”

Tsara returned her own smug look as she and the man exchanged glances, a battle of wits of some sort. After a moment, she relented, the stern look replaced by a smile, “I found myself running into an old friend. My friends, I wish to introduce you to someone very special, one Astrid Venier. Senator Venier’s so-proclaimed deceased daughter.”

A cacophony of gasps and shocked expressions echoed out, the people in the room plainly stunned, left without any response or retort available, only to simply look upon Astrid and realize the truth behind Lady Tsara’s words.

“Truly, Astrid Venier? Curious. Tell me, Astrid, under these circumstances, what brings you to Crocus? Now, especially?” His words were inquiring, prying even. But necessary. Her presence was hard to determine, her motivations unclear. He needed to ferret out the reason, even if just a singular motivation.

“I’m here to kill my father. Would you have expected any less?”

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