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Let Me Ride | Central to East

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Let Me Ride | Central to East Empty Sun Oct 29, 2023 7:18 am

Just a heads up yall, after some really fucked up events from tonight I will be stepping down from the site not only as staff but as a member as well. I can't be apart of a site where the Admins *(Specifically calling out Alisa, Elgar'nan, and potentially Kon in regards to this situation)* have a blatant disregard for not only their own rules set in place to assure the site's safety and comfort. But also a SEVERE disregard for the well being of it's members mental health and well being.

On top of the above mentioned, I wont support a staff that thinks the concept of (Trigger Warning:) R*** related imagery and materials is justifiable to have on site because "it's an RP Forum filled with bad people who do bad things". It's completely vile that a member was allowed to include video footage of r*** related content in their post template and even more so disgusting that it was almost allowed to pass by the staff as an okay thing under "certain character reasonings" when brought to their attention. Some among them even going so far as to try and justify why it would be okay to have on site at all.

For proof of these claims, peep the screenshots below. Please only do so if you are okay with reading a conversation including the above trigger warning. But to put it plainly, this is the kind of staff running FTRP. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt that they wern't as bad as some longterm members warned me they were. I can no longer just brush off the notions as drama from bad blood when it's much more than that. It's basically all true and should be taken seriously. A lot of the staff dont care about you, me, or most other members unless they are buddy buddy with you and even then you are disposable as soon as you give them an inkling that you will expose their true self motivated intentions. They dont care about your opinions, your thoughts, your input and sure as shit dont care about your well being as a person as has been proven to me tonight.

Im not here to persuade anyone else to leave but rather to bring to light a very real issue that should be brought to attention. Take all this information as you will, digest it, and come to your own conclusions. Either way, I'm removing myself from the equation and wish you guys well if you decide to stick around. You've all been an awesome part of my life for the past several months. Thank you for welcoming me fondly and allowing me to relive an passion even for a short time.

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