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Exterminator [Neutral Quest | Astrid | 2]

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Exterminator [Neutral Quest | Astrid | 2] Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 12:35 am

The thought of leaving for Oak Town wasn’t any less fresh in her mind as it had been from the very beginning. A prolonged period spent waiting around in Hosenka had done little more to aid in her desire to be elsewhere than here, yet that was still the case of what she were forced to endure. It took a long while, far longer than anything that her prestige, name, and the currency to which she was willing to spend to go the extra mile to provide herself with safe and secure transport should have demanded, and yet it was exactly the case. She had to wait, forced to rely on the man whom presented himself as a man looking to help, selfish reasoning aside, and she was the one who was forced to play his game.

She was the one who had to accept the deal offered, not a bad deal in its own right, but one that had too many variables to what she would have liked to have seen. It was arduous, unpleasant even, but at least it was a successful means of getting out of the city of Hosenka, one where in her identity was utterly compromised, where anyone who had an idea as to who she was would know her. And the plan worked, much to her surprise. She had anticipated failure, something going wrong of some sort. And no, it seemed like everything had gone perfectly.

At least for a moment it did. Once they have ventured out of the borders that defined the area of Hosenka, things seemed to run into a number of issues.

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Exterminator [Neutral Quest | Astrid | 2] Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 12:36 am

Not issues that directly affected her, fortunately enough. But issues nonetheless. The guard that the man had employed to escort her to Oak Town, despite their appearance were underwhelming. It was clear they were not the keen professionals that first appearances would have made them seem to be, nor were they used to the role of being a navigator either it seemed. They were not quite journeymen, but they were neither professional either. Lackluster, undoubtedly.

Even worse, unexpected weather had proven to be a serious issue as well, forcing their originally planned route into complete disarray when serious rainwater caused a river to overflow, rendering the main route that they were going to take too dangerous for a company their size. Thus, a detour was required, and unfortunately only one route at this point looked to have any hope of providing them with a sure-fired way of making it to Oak Town, venturing through Dahlia Town.

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It wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened, all things considered. Dahlia was hardly a good place to be caught in, but it was also a place that those strong enough or cruel enough to endure the environment would have no problems adjusting to the area. Astrid herself had spent some time there prior to arriving within Hosenka, finding the area not too bad. Granted, much of her time had been in the company of the weapon that she held so close, the dagger that lay within her possession, seldom seeing the light of the world outside of the instances in which she would bring the weapon down upon the throats or spines of another, ending their life in a single, fell, unforgiving strike.

She couldn’t remember it ever requiring a second strike.

That was how much of her time in Dahlia was spent. Her being the hunter, maneuvering through the streets, stalking whatever she could find, much like that of those who similarly hunted throughout. Vampires, werewolves, other sorts of creatures; their role as competition for the human flesh that Astrid had found herself more and more indulging, certainly within Dahlia, simply made them expendable in the eyes of the ghoul. She wasn’t afraid of them. But the same could not be said for the caravan that was escorting her, a near instance of mutiny taking place when it was made clear that there was no option outside of venturing through the cursed region.

A threat of murder from Astrid was enough to see that that was the route that they were going to go. It caught them off guard, admittedly. To see the one that was being escorted pull a knife and so easily hold it to a man’s throat, pushing and pushing to the point that blood had been spilled and began to trail down the neck. But it wasn’t that that scared them.

It was the look of hunger on her eyes as she watched the blood drip, looking up to the man, the look evident enough. If he would not comply, she would consume him.

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Exterminator [Neutral Quest | Astrid | 2] Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 12:37 am

Venturing slowly through Dahlia, it was clear that this was not expected of the guards when they first signed on for this job. It should have been an easy job. To Oak from Hosenka, a few days of travel and nothing more. Now they were being forced to venture through cursed lands, perhaps having to deal with some sort of horrible creature, or otherwise find themselves at the very mercy of a woman who seemed all too willing to kill them if they did not follow through on their task. For some, likely either scenario would have been enough to justify not going through with this job, and the sentiment was shared throughout all of them; nobody wished to be here and everyone wanted to be done with this as quickly as they could.

The first bit of the venturing through the city wasn’t bad. Fortunately they did not have to progress the entire breadth of the city that some routes would have called for, but they would have to go at least deep enough to put themselves in a vulnerable state. It would be brief, but was a risk nonetheless.

The men were high-strung, all of them full on alert to what may have been out there as they ventured through, almost a dozen of them in total, each of them having heard stories or otherwise faced off against some sort of threat before, but seemingly none of them against what was rumored to exist within Dahlia. Werewolves, vampires, creatures that few ever knew how to engage with, and even less were successful against.

They traveled on for several hours, making surprisingly fast progress as they furthered along, Astrid having joined them in their movements which did seem to bring some level of comfort to the men, knowing the woman capable of killing them was there potentially able to help them in the events of an ambush than simply waiting to pick them off.

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The ambush came about as expected that it would have. Few of them. Werewolves. Maybe six in total, enough to not overwhelm the caravan outright, but to at least take advantage of the immediate chaos and maybe secure victory that way. They launched themselves right at the group, though Astrid was there alongside them from the beginning. It was clear that their efforts were not those of prepared hunters, instead hoping that the caravan was going to be that of civilians without any means of fighting back. It took little for the first two who attacked to be overwhelmed to the point of falling, while the others all quickly started to fall one after the other. Shortly thereafter, all that was much required were that the group fight alongside one another, and with the numbers and Astrid’s lethality paired together, it was not a hard matchup, in fact even being one that was surprisingly simple to handle.

It was not long before things had quieted down, the sounds in the distance giving some impression that there may have been others behind the pack that attacked, but were otherwise deterred at the cries of the creatures slain. It was enough reason to double efforts to get out of Dahlia; they had already lost a pair of men in the fighting, both who had succumbed to injuries inflicted by the werewolves, and despite Astrid wishing to have the bodies brought with her – for her reasons of hunger sating – it was not honored. Frustrated, but hardly in a position to complain now, the willingness to try to cut her down being apparent upon their own faces, they simply continued along, slowly but surely making their way out of the cursed region, preferably soon returning to the route that they were originally intending on going, the one towards Oak Town.

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