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The Hermit Tarot: Salem E.

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#1Salem E. 

The Hermit Tarot: Salem E. Empty Tue Sep 12, 2023 2:36 am

Salem E.
A deep breath in, and a deep breath out. It was taken in as Salem laid in the hot desert sand. He had come back to visit his old home for some reason. It was hard to describe. He just felt comfortable here. It was also the first time in forever he had traveled alone again.

The Fae sat in the lotus position and tried to focus his mind. He found out as a mage the more he was able to focus the easier his spell casting would be. The fae had a strong desire to get stronger as best that he could. The small guy did not have much in the way of body structure, so he wanted to sharpen his mind instead. The soft wind whistled around him as the sand covered his body, the soft burble of the river nearby could be heard as long as he focused his senses.

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Salem E.
Salem sat down for five minutes before standing up to stretch. He started to channel mana. It was really a small exercise that some mages could do to see where they stand in terms of magic control. Salem was not far behind his peers in terms of raw magical talent. Completing the exercise did not show him anything he did not already know. He needed to work on application more.

The Fae walked to the small stream. He had discovered his affinity for nature and water based magic some time ago. The stream was the perfect place for him to try. The fae held his right hand out and tried to get a feel for the stream. How it flowed around, the speed, and how it twisted. He wanted to feel the very nature of the water that was in front and around him. It was only him around. He should have been able to easily accomplish it.

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Salem E.
The stream started to burble loudly, Salem was unsure of himself but he felt he was doing it. It was hard to describe the emotion. His body felt like it expanded out of him to feel the world around him. He was no longer himself but was one with the force of life around him. Till he was not. Salem only felt that way for a moment but someone believed he was better at magic. He tried running the magic training exercise and could feel himself work faster. The moment he started to cast spells.

Deciding it was time to train his body, the Fae stripped himself of his clothes, and lowered his body into the water. They said swimming was exercise, it helped that it was something he enjoyed doing. His body flapped in the water, moving with the current, but not straying from his clothes. The feel of the water helped recover some of his fatigue.

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Salem E.
The water felt like he was home. He could feel the vitality of the world around him. It felt peaceful in a beautiful way. Was this the kind of magic he wanted to use in his life? Salem was starting to feel like the realizations he was having came together. A part of the reason that he was unable to cast before was because he lacked a specific goal. When it was realized magic would just be letting go and achieving that goal.

Salem got out of the water. He sat on the sandy side not far from his clothes to focus on what he realized. He needed to consolidate his foundation, he needed to keep up with his progress. The Fae could almost feel himself actualizing what needed to be done. The amount of progress he was making was staggering in his book. Training like this in the city would not have yielded nearly the same amount of results.

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Salem E.
Then he fell asleep. Salem was not the best when it came to physical stuff. The water made him feel safe and great. It was good for his muscles and stamina. It was just his body was too weak to last. He was feeling tired already. A short nap in the sand was all he needed. It was the lap of the water on his toes that woke him up more.

He got fully dressed and sat at the edge of the water. He looked at it going down the way, watched as it flowed and got to where it needed to go. Salem could not figure out what was wrong with him. He was not flowing like water. Internally he felt that there was a block somewhere. It was keeping him from reaching his potential. Salem just needed to realize what it was in order to stop holding himself back.

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