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Port's new Arrival.(Yijun)

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Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 02, 2023 1:30 am

He looked at the woman as he had not expected her to agree to come with him and that was a big shock to him hearing her say she would come, he would have thought that the beautiful woman would have had something better to do then waste time with him gambling. "I am gonna be honest I didn't expect you to agree to come with me. Is this you accepting cause you want to bond with me or was this you accepting cause you want to gamble? Or I guess it could also be you just agreeing so you can keep an eye on me." He waited for the woman to give him an answer and he was not sure which answer was really the one that he wanted to hear from the very attractive woman that was standing in front of him with her cute little pet in tow with her. He wondered if he could get to know her a bit more closely. He shook his head to snap himself out of it as she was probably a married woman no way she is running the streets of these places with out a very scary yakuza style man.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) - Page 2 Empty Wed Oct 04, 2023 10:34 am

It seemed Akuko had some kind of explaining to do, She would make it pretty clear that even if the things seemed a bit odd what Akuko actually intended. But she would make it clear."If you want me to make it simple. I am here to gain some kind of bonding of friend with you." Akuko said to start with it was something he wanted to do and Akuko was not heartless even if a bit off and she understood that. In some manner Akuko's always been an odd one and she was not going to try make things too weird she was not use to bringing people into guilds she normally just let Mishiko do things like this."I wish to understand you as a person, for even if you are a new recruit. If we know and understand what we both like as people we might be able to have some kind of balance even if we seemingly are a bit unintentionally might be awkward around one another."

Hopefully this made sense Akuko was trying to actually gauge what he is like and what he wanted to do."I am not much for gambling and tend to want to keep order, It does not mean we can not have some causal enjoyment, Go home and at the end of the day at least be able to not seemingly hate each other."She then stopped for a moment to see what he would think. Akuko was trying to be sure she some what understood him as a sign of friendship.

Then it seemed Miko her tiny little fuzz thing was trying to move off on it's own already in which Akuko would have to deal with."I only ask you possibly not get us in trouble because the leader of our group is my closest and best friend, I do not wish to cause her problems."Hopefully it made sense keep them both out of trouble.

Then before heading off to do so."Seems harmless enough right?"Miko then let out a bit of a squeak like it wanted sweets, she would deal with that before or after they gambled. Hoping it all went well.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) - Page 2 Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) - Page 2 Empty Fri Oct 06, 2023 8:28 am

He heard that the woman only wanted to bond with him which to him was a bit strange to hear from a woman so beautiful. He figured that he will be careful and not cause this woman any issues and he will need to make sure that he was on good solid ground before he makes any moves and that is what he has to do as he was still new and a small fry compared to the woman that he was with at the moment. He let her lead him to sweets shop which seemed to be more for her pet than it was for anything else then they headed into the gambling halls. "Lets get rich and then you can show me to the lodging for the faction." He spoke so sure of himself but he was gonna see if lady luck favored him or if it was just a flop for the day on the gambling.
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Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) - Page 2 Empty Fri Oct 06, 2023 8:28 am

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