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Port's new Arrival.(Yijun)

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Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Fri Aug 25, 2023 5:05 pm

Akuko adjustment to Joyan life was pretty simple as she had known the do and don't here pretty quickly as she needed to get use to them again. Thus being in the port most would assume she was here to seek things out for changes recent to Joya, When she was here just shopping for a few things and that was about it. Anything else she did here was just happen stance to being here at the time.

But over all she was seeing what gifts she get for a few people she really cared about. It seemed to be her anchor for being around now days. compared to the shadowy depths of bitterness and anger that was her life for the longest time. So far Akuko was making her way to the docks as the varying things she saw so far lack any interest to her at the time.

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Sat Aug 26, 2023 3:39 am

Yijun had just arrived in Joya and he was looking to follow up on a rumor of a guild/faction that was here in Joya that was said to have been born here after the war from the rumor, as he might be able to join it and grow stronger and find who he was looking for. He has no idea if the rumor was true or not but he guessed that he would ask around and see if anyone knew of the group that he was looking for. He sees a woman near the port and she seemed to look like she would fit into the crowd so Yijun walked up to her. "Do you know of a budding group here that is rumored?" He attempted to keep his voice closer to a whisper to the woman he had walked up to. He looked at the woman as he waited for her to answer his question be he doubted that he should just be asking around like that.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 2:26 am

When asking that Akuko merely got asked about it, Given how the nation was Akuko did not mind talking about it. He wanted to be polite about it and she did not mind that at all, it was respectable. So she would simply tap motion him to follow her to an area where there was almost no people. Then would make sure there was not many other people."I might, But it is better to keep our selves here to talk about it for now."Akuko said Fiorian right away because she was trying to be sneaky about it. Most people here don't speak Fiorian."Unless you don't know Fiorian i can change back to Joyan too."Akuko was prepared which was a good thing.

Then she would ask."What do you want to know our Convocation?"Akuko asked just to be sure she would take new members easily.

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 7:52 pm

The man followed her as she seemed to know of something and he wondered if she would actually tell him or if he was going to have to go through some more hoops like some kind of circus worker. "I am fine speaking Fiorian..." He wondered if he might not have just trusted someone that was about to kill him in a bad alleyway and leave his body till she asked him what he wanted to know.

"I wish to know many things. Like first off if I may join it? Second off all if this place is like a family so I can have a team to help him if something might get rough." He has no idea to if this woman gives a hoot about him or the struggles he might have to face while they are here, he heard the leader or the head of who formed this group was strong but he had also heard rumors that she was strict and not over all very nice but he had no proof of these claims just that he had heard them and he wished to find out for him self if this place was safe and to how the woman he heard rumors of actually carried herself.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Wed Aug 30, 2023 10:08 am

It might be odd but Akuko did work a bit differently, Over all she kept to herself about many things. Plus she was paranoid. But she knew in the end things where pretty safe she just kept a lot of things on a low because keeping that way was some times a key to operations with in the convocation. Plus she assume in some manner some one who still sided with the shogun before they took over was going to be listening in. But over all things would be pretty smooth."Good, then our basis are covered."

Akuko over all was a bit different."You are more then welcome to join, I will give you a map on where to go to sign up, You will have a few strict rules to learn of. But Key to this is you have Joya's interest in mind to keep the peace we have achieved." So far it seemed like it all worked out well and it was going to be pretty simple and easy.

So she would simply ask."If you do then welcome. We are still starting to work and function in from the war, I am just making sure things where not too risky depending on the other people around."But since he seemed to be agreeing, she offered a bow as normal of these days, rather then hand shakes in fiore.

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Wed Aug 30, 2023 4:19 pm

"I forgot my manners what is your name? I am Yijun I come from Sin. I will do my best to uphold the values you need me to uphold." He was not sure what all that entails but he figures by the end of this meeting he should hopefully know what he needed to know so not to be stepping on someone else's toes and catching the first kick to the ass out of the group that he can catch. He would need to probably use their resources to his own end but that was just normal stuff he hoped and nothing super crazy that would make them look at him funny like he was some kind of freak or something. Yijun waiting for the woman to give him the stuff he needed and he would get on his way as fast as he can or if that was not acceptable then he would just be with her till she finds a reason for him to take off.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Fri Sep 01, 2023 12:12 pm

Progress in some manner, Akuko was just going to mention it later or another time. People form Sin where not all that common for Akuko to meet not that it was not a problem to meet people other form nations wanting to keep the peace in Joya, They did have an entire war about it after all."Greetings Yijun."She would say and she would actually respectfully bow to him. Since this was working out well they would continue on walking since any thin worrying was not gone.

They could move on from the personal details and such since most of the dealings was done."I did not think many people from Sin where going to deal with out matters, But i don't know too many people from Sin myself and was pretty sheltered..So i am not the best example."Akuko seemingly was going to continue on their conversation since all of the main parts where covered.

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Sat Sep 02, 2023 1:13 pm

It would seem that the woman didn't trust him as she did not give her name in return so Yijun wonders if maybe he had made a grave error in this choice to join that but it might also be to lower the chances of spies in the org that they were running but it still seemed very insulting to not give a name in return but he can't let himself get hung up on it he guessed. "I am not sure what I can say in return of that as I also don't know much of Joya as well so we are even on the bases of cultural things I guess, Is there anything you need from me?"

He was trying to make sure that he wasn't some how getting himself in too deep so he had asked the woman if there was something that he needed to do before he moved on beyond that or if that was going to be enough to join as it is and he wasn't going to have to wait till the next blood moon and sacrifice a cow or goat to the blood moon for it's favor.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Mon Sep 04, 2023 7:54 am

Akuko did not realize what she was messing up in these regards, most likely something she was going to have to remind herself. Akuko was her own sufferer and cause of her own problems. She was just use to being a pain in everyone's butts that no one really took her seriously to do things. So the fact she had to take things serious just slapped her in the face."Oh...I am sorry, I forgot something."Mostly because she was some what considered still dead at this point to the public the major rumours of her being alive had not spread largely yet.

But she would tell her name."I am Akuko Hisako."Not realizing that most people still did not know that part of her name mostly because she never used it."I don't normally handle these matters, for it is new to me. So I am still working on some of the things I should remember to say."It seemed like she was worst at this then she thought but they would continue on anyway.

As for what was different between the two Akuko could not answer because."I have yet to visit sin before, I know we are a bit different. But I assume our customs and habits are different."Akuko now felt like a fool. Just trying to make it not really known.

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Mon Sep 04, 2023 10:36 am

When Yijun heard the woman's name he looked her over as that name sounded familiar to him. He wondered if maybe she was the woman he had heard of. "That name sounds familiar you wouldn't have happened to have met a daemon with a similar name had you? From what I heard she was a very capable trickster daemon and was known for her beauty?" He thought he should asked maybe this woman could lead him to another daemon that he might be able to learn tips from to control his powers and his urges to do things.

Yijun looked at the woman as she said she was not the usual person to handle these things. "You seem very capable at it, so I honestly had no clue you weren't the woman to speak to for being recruited." He put his hand out to her to shake her hand, it was a simple gesture of respect and if she took the hand for a hand shake or not was fully up to her. "It will ne nice to work with you Miss Akuko." He was happy to at least know one of the people in this new place was nice and that he was not the only nervous one that was part of it. He hopes that he will be able to keep up and not fall behind the count as he wants to climb the ranks and come to terms with being something and not a nobody.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Thu Sep 07, 2023 3:09 pm

It was an interesting thing to ask her. Akuko never did state that part of her name to anyone when she was in other nation while she was around. Was her name that much of a stand out?"No, That Akuko and I are two different people."She was only just slightly lying, they where the same body but had a few things different. So much so comparing the two when you know what happen would make it seem like they where different people.

But Akuko seemed like she focused on something for a moment."Forgive me...I was doing something important here and I am here to deal with it now."Akuko them seemingly just vanished for a moment. But it would not be too long until she returned until Akuko returned, total count of about 5 seconds. Then Akuko came back with a smell tiny black fluffy ball was in her hands.

"I had a feeling Miko was roaming around."Then she left Miko go. For the tiny black ball seemingly to glare at Akuko unhappy about being pulled away from what it was doing."I am sure working to keep the peace will be easy, Even if some of the problems could be from small thing."After letting go of Miko it let out a squeak sound like it was unhappy about something.

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Sun Sep 10, 2023 9:07 am

The man bowed his head to her as if he was asking for forgiveness. "Yeah sorry that I asked that, I guess that would be a issue. Plus you are pretty being compared to a daemon is probably an insult to you, so please accept my apology." He slowly lifted his head and then hears the woman say something about being here for something then she disappeared and then reappeared with a strange creature. He took note that it seemed to be quite displeased with the woman that was holding it. He wondered if it was a pet or if it was something else completely like a spirit and she had just captured it and will cause an issue for them later.

He cleared his throat and he started to speak again. "Is there anything that I should know so that I don't cause an issue or hinder the group?" He was making fully sure that he will be able to take it on and do the best that they could expect of him and the people around him and he needs to make sure that he doesn't let himself fall too far behind. He would need to raise the ceiling that he is pushing against so he isn't crushed.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 8:18 am

Miko would continue to express it's unhappiness. Letting out a few unhappy squeaks like an animal you just took it's food from. Akuko seemed not bothered by it after what Miko did Akuko merely looked at it and said."Maybe if you stopped trying to take sweets and just asked, You would not be in the situation you are now."Miko then just let out another squeak like it still tried to protest it.

Then Akuko would focus on the conversation at hand."Not entirely, it is mostly looking out for the best intention for Joya only to make it better. Other nations matter are not our worry unless it risks Joya."Akuko thought that might be a problem but that is really it in the end. But she was also dealing with an unhappy tiny black ball squeaking at her. So her mind might be split currently.

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Thu Sep 14, 2023 8:24 am

"Okay then... Uhh what is the leader of this faction like?" He was a bit nervous of what might come his way as the leader of this place and if they will hate him as he is a daemon and this woman he was in front of had ignored his apology for asking if she was that daemon, but he had no clue more about the things he might be getting himself into and he needs to see what he had do or not and have some kind of protections in place as he feels that the woman in front of him was super strong and he was going to need to be careful not to piss her and the thing she had in her hands off as he was not one hundred percent sure that he was safe here.

He reached into his bag and got out some rations to eat as he was to be only eating them but he had broken away from them for a meal and now they taste back to horrible again.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Sat Sep 16, 2023 12:29 pm

This part might make it either worst of better, It did not help Akuko was distracted by needing to deal with Miko. But it did not help Akuko now days seemed to lack focus with some of the things left unsolved in her life that she was too nervous to deal with at this moment. Then she simply took Miko and held it in her arms to make sure it did not distract her any longer."If you behave Miko then I will get you actual sweets."With that she would explain what he asked.

The leader, her closest friend. it was interesting to ask about so she would say it."Mishiko is my closest friend, She is also the goddess of Death. She means well but is extremely focused and stream lined with her thinking and actions."Akuko started off with. It was casual in mention but she would lead it to a close with."But she means to look out for the people in joya and means to look out for them."

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Wed Sep 20, 2023 10:04 am

He was unsure if that was really all that of a good thing as that means she might chose peoples words over the factions words but that is something he will have to deal with later on as for now he is only a fledgling to the group but he knows that he needs to watch his steps then if he was to be part of the group as he has no allies in this group and he doubts that he ever really will have any friends as he is a daemon and this woman had seemed to not like him so far or if she liked him she sure was not showing it.

Yujin bowed his head and he hoped for the best that will come. "Do you see a positive out some being something that will come of being part of this?" He wanted to hear what the woman thought of it and if she would really count them as the people that need to be here or if this was maybe a bit of a lost cause for this all as he was now feeling that maybe he didn't fit in here as a daemon.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Fri Sep 22, 2023 4:36 am

It was a fair question and now it seemed Akuko had a good amount of focus, putting aside the shame it was she felt that she died and came back as a daemon only to change over to a demi-goddess and moving on to higher life. It was wrong to lie to him about it. But as far as Akuko knew the connections where not known at least by her because she did not think anyone would connect the pieces.

as for his wonder."I believe this will all work out, We are past the worst of it."She was referring to the war that just passed, it was a good front people just needed to settle from it and Akuko was still over all just was worried about it breaking apart right away, in some manner thinking even if paranoid that people where still loyal the once shogun before Mishiko that would be daring enough to breaking it all a part."We all just need to work together and make sure everyone is at peace."Akuko for once smiled about it. It would be the odd moment but it was seemingly what she believed."In which i believe everyone we work with can achieve."

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Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Fri Sep 22, 2023 11:13 am

Yijun looks at the woman and he was going to ask a bit of a risky question as if he was going to be returning to this country a lot he guessed he should ask so he knows to avoid being lured into one. "I hear this country has brothels is that still a thing under the new leader or is that something that was removed with the older leadership." The monks had warned him to avoid the Joyan brothels as there is a rumor that men get their souls sucked out there by a female demons. He wants to learn how to become a demon and if there are demons there he might need to go there and meet one and see if they will share with him the knowledge of how to become a demon. He has no darker or dirty intensions just he wants to make sure he has every advantage that he can with becoming a demon as soon as he can do it.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Sun Sep 24, 2023 6:04 pm

It was a good question to ask, Akuko should know. But when she seemed to try to think about it her mind went blank and she did not know why. What could have been the cause of her mind to be blank in this situation she did not know. She would because she was uncomfortable with not knowing and a slightly squeeze Miko for a moment for a slightly dulled squeak to come out of the tiny being.

So she would be honest about it after letting Miko go."If i am entirely honest to you, I can not answer that question."She since she over all did not know remember much of the things around before her death and returning back to the world the way she did."I don't...remember too much of this place because of other situations in life."She was trying not to show she was unsure how else to help in this situations."I am sure...you can find some one for that need with in a few hours if need."She was sure in some manner if that feeling was there where willing people for that. Just not her and not something she could remember.

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Mon Sep 25, 2023 8:30 am

"I will take that as an answer that it is no longer a thing as if you are a defender of this country and you have no idea that seems a bit odd you wouldn't know." He sighed as he had hope there for a second to find a demon he would talk to and try and become one himself or at least know the fastest way to become one. He was disappointed but he knows that it is his own fault as he is asking too many things and not really giving this woman time. "Is there anything that you would say I should do or see while I am here ?" He figured maybe she would know somethings that he should see or do as there is just nothing that he can do if not. He would just mindlessly wonder and maybe trip over a safe place to stay and he would need to make sure that he didn't get scammed or murdered as well. He sighs as maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Wed Sep 27, 2023 9:29 am

It seemed over all hopefully these things would not get too awkward, Akuko was living a far different life now and these things that might have been known for her being was long gone for a reason. At least she was not a daemon lingering around wanting to sink this nation into the sea. It was an difficult path that she came into. But Akuko's strange dry humour came into her mind for a moment but she then suppressed a joke about not needing such services because she had a partner in life that would with out a second thought do such acts with her right out a second ask.

But this question Akuko seemed to be able to answer with out much worry. Letting Miko go, how would right away start floating just above Akuko."That I might be able to suggest a few things for."Akuko said before she would start listening things off"There are Onsen places you if you wish to unwind."First one since it was something she heard people where either visiting or living here seemed to be interested in."We have various nature trails where you see plenty of forest life, some remarkable deer and snow monkeys."She would suggest one last thing she had a feeling if Joyan was how she remembered."There are places to play Pachinko and Mahjong."

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Wed Sep 27, 2023 6:45 pm

"I am a being of darkness and plague why would nature be your answer?" He looked at her oddly as that seemed like a bad choice as he would probably scare what ever was out on the wood by just being around or walking so he rather not ruin some poor creatures day by appearing any where near those poor creatures or the nature at least for now.

"Are you encouraging me to go and gamble?" He asked this cause those sound like games and places you go to gamble and lose lots of jewels he doesn't even have to spare in the first place now he is really over thinking about why he is here and if he really should be here. He wondered where those places would even be at if had wanted to go and attempt to take them on though. "Where would I find those places?" He was a bit taken aback by himself asking this of her.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Thu Sep 28, 2023 4:16 pm

Akuko still kind of handle this the most settled way she could possible rather then telling him to just walk away."I am a demi-goddess who's powers is temporary area control...Just because we are what we doesn't mean one can't enjoyed other things that might not be normal of them."Akuko said about this matter.

But if he wanted to know she would simply say."There are plenty of them spot wise, Most commonly they tend to be between the district that has all of the bars and the black market." This was a guess. But she would point towards the area she recalled hearing them being. "5 to 7 streets that way."she had to guess, Then just pondered for a moment. Because she had a way to make sure.

So she would take her black fluffy thing that she was holding then simply said."Hold Miko for a moment." Akuko then seemingly vanished for a moment then came back a seemingly pointed him right away. So that it seemed she was making sure he was not lost. Then merely took Miko back as well.

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Sat Sep 30, 2023 5:53 pm

Yijun was not sure what this woman was getting at or doing. Was she rubbing it in his face that she was a demi-god did she feel better than him because she was a demi-god? He was not sure what she had to bring up that she was a demi-god there. He held the thing she handed him before she disappeared and reappeared and he guessed he knew where he was going, maybe if he won enough maybe someone would look at him twice instead of just walking past him with their nose up in the air like their shit doesn't stink. He guessed maybe he was just letting his fear of humans and demi-gods get to him as they woman had been nice to him and helped him join the faction or group that they were. "Would you like to join me in gambling and trying to get rich quick or are you too busy?" He had never been gambling before so it was a question of seeing if he found his kind there or not as he was looking hard for the info on how to turn to a demon.


Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Empty Sun Oct 01, 2023 1:24 pm

It was a harmless offer, One Akuko did not mind showing him how to do and in some manner they could do this some what responsibly as well. she had a fair amount of money on her that they would most likely not get in trouble.

So she just had one simple rule."Does not sound like too horrible of a plan,Gambling can bring the worst of tempers of people. Just do not risk getting into any fights okay?"Seemed like a simple rule. Akuko was just trying to keep things in line over all. Akuko was not even trying to be rough about it she had agreed to go gambling so hopefully maybe some middle ground was seen, But Akuko knew in some manner she might be seen a bit high strung, She was thinking about it in that manner but Akuko was use to just being by herself and just Mishiko, Ragnar was only recent.

Port's new Arrival.(Yijun) Shenhe10

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