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The Other Half (Yuna)

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#1Michael Winters 

The Other Half (Yuna) Empty Wed Aug 16, 2023 12:34 pm

Michael Winters
Michael was just out in Orchidia's outskirts. Chilling and enjoying the night. Even though a certain Guild Master shown him where he can admire the moon in Orchidia, Michael prefered to find his own spot to be alone. He figured Orchidia's Outskirts could do. They're all naturey and foresty.

He sat down against a tree and looked around, making sure there are no ravens around. Although during the night, they would blend in so they were a bit tougher to see. In any case, the wolf figured he could have a chance to admire the moon alone. He looked at his left hand that was looking worse for wear. But surely he can weather this storm. He'll get better. But he was getting worked up, he needed to catch a breath and relax, nothing bad will happen. He was safe. Everyone was safe. Maybe he should just enjoy the moon and maybe see some quests tomorrow. This was going to be a long night

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