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Temporary Aquarist - Michael & Mary Jane

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#1Michael Winters 

Temporary Aquarist - Michael & Mary Jane Empty Mon May 29, 2023 11:07 am

Michael Winters
Another day means time for another quest. He'd wake up, wash up, eat breakfast, get dressed and all that fun stuff. He'd then go out to the quest board. He'd inspect it for a minute and picked up a paper that caught his eye. Why, it was another quest from good ol Raina. This time he breezed through and read up about the job. And he considered, why not? And why break tradition? Clearly it was time to get Mary Jane again. Surely she'd be up for this. He immediatelly went back to the inn and went to his neighbours room.

Before knocking, he stopped and wondered if he should do things differently this time. Maybe he was too forward last time. Maybe he should quell his excitement. He nodded to himself and gave a more slower knock than last time
"Hey there neighbour. Its me" he spoke and gave her time to answer the door and not be as fast and hyper as before.
Once she answered the door, he'd smile a bit and say "I got another Raina quest. Wanna do it?" he said and showed her the paper, this time not shoving it to her face but just choosing to hand it over to her in a more polite manner.
When Mary Jane would agree to do the quest with him, he'd go and walk with her over to their destination. And on the way there, he'd try to make a conversation with Mary Jane, asking her how was she doing and such or like what did she do as in interests or if she had hobbies here. Trying to bond more with her before they get to Raina and her little quest aquarium.


#2Mary Jane 

Temporary Aquarist - Michael & Mary Jane Empty Mon May 29, 2023 11:48 am

Mary Jane
Sort of unfortunate for Michael was that Mary Jane was not in her room. She had gone early to the market and they had missed each other by the minute. But lucky for him was that he would not have to wait too long for her to return. While Michael made his way back to the inn to knock on the door, Mary Jane got her fresh fruits and was on her way back too. So she stood behind him and looked as he knocked on her door. He was holding a paper, another day another quest so it seemed. "Hi." Michael apparently did not seem to notice that it was not from the door but she heard him and tapped him on the shoulder. He did not seem to hesitate in the slightest and handed her the paper. She smiled to him and looked at it. A whole day alone with him in her lab... that is if Raina trusted them enough. "I think this allows us to chitchat." She therefore would agree to the request of Raina. Also because it had been an interesting day last time and more money was definitely welcome.

She would gather a few things and would follow Michael or more like walk beside him towards Raina her lab. She listened to Michael and tried to give proper answers. She was doing fine, really nothing particular or peculiar, so she could not elaborate. She was definitely in search of hobbies and she had mostly been walking around and meeting new people in Hargeon. That and she had been reading a bit about the history and everything. She did not tell Michael that she had been working on a more detailed notes in her sort of diary or notebook about the visions and that it was about that. To tell about visions still did not feel right. She would think about that later. She did politely thank him for considering her everytime and hoping that she was not bothersome. She also asked how he was doing and if he would recommend things to do or hobbies to consider.

When they arrived at Raina she would explain the lab too them. Not even wondering if they were good enough to pay attention to her fish. She remembered Mary Jane from her Caelum questions and that came in handy now. She handed Mary Jane the notebook and explained when it was feeding time and what to pay attention too. Mary Jane said goodbye and thanked Raina for the opportunity. When she was gone, Mary Jane turned to Michael. "So we are staying here for quite some time and we need to note down things at the dot of every hour, what will we do the remaining time?"


#3Michael Winters 

Temporary Aquarist - Michael & Mary Jane Empty Mon May 29, 2023 12:01 pm

Michael Winters
When she tapped him on the shoulder he flinched. He looked and noticed it was her from behind
"Hey there" he would greet her rather coy or trying to sound like it. He would show her the quest he had and would invite her. He was glad she accepted it so the two could go on their lil journey to Raina. And as they walked he would converse with her. She'd give her answers and he would nod. When she asked him back, he would say he was doing fine. He had a routine. And so when she asked about hobbies, he'd think for a bit. Not really certain what she likes, but he considered if they have time in the aquarium lab place that he has time to learn what she likes.

Once they arrived to Raina, she'd hand over to Mary Jane the stuff she needed to document the fish and whatnot. Michael would also listen in, but he believed Mary Jane was more qualified for this. Still he could try so he could get some money too.
Eventually Raina left and it was the two of them. Mary Jane asked what would they do when they finish, if they have time. Michael shrugged and considered for a moment what WOULD they do.
"I mean, we can get to know eachother more, if you want. Kinda learn likes, dislikes or such. Maybe help you find hobbies?" he would say.
He was glad they now had time to chit chat as they were alone. But also keep an eye on the fish to document any changes or feeding them. Personally Michael doesnt understand whats so captivating about fish. They dont even make good pets as they feel more like a decoration. And they're not even tasty as food. But eh, diferent people, diferent strokes or something along those lines


#4Mary Jane 

Temporary Aquarist - Michael & Mary Jane Empty Mon May 29, 2023 12:14 pm

Mary Jane
So every time that they had to note something down, Michael and Mary Jane observed and Mary Jane wrote down what they saw. She let Michael do the instructions for feeding the fish in the evening and she would make sure her handwriting was readable and the notes were clear enough. She did not want to create a hassle for Raina when she returned. "Oh, of course." Surely that would be nice to talk about and easy. Technically Mary Jane had nothing to hide but the visions. Which she had not really kept hidden for Alisa but it was not as if Michael had been in the visions. Maybe one day. She would look at the pretty fish. The ones in the aquarium were very much different from the one in the river the other day.

She would suggest to get food for her and Michael when it was evening time. Which meant that Michael had to pay attention to the fish on his own for a while but she was sure he was fine. So when she returned, they could eat and wait for Raina to come back. Mary Jane must have fallen asleep somewhere and quickly sat up. Noticing that she had used poor Michael as a sleeping pillar. "Sorry about that," She muttered before going to Raina and hand the note and ask if everything was in order and if the ycould go.


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