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On the job [ North to South]

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On the job [ North to South] Empty Thu May 25, 2023 11:25 am


Well Jikan had returned once again to her home. Guild and town, after spending a bit of time in Talaz Lagaar doing a bit of research and analysis of the mysterious series of events that had occurred some time ago. The results and hunt only in its beginner steps still, but ones that Jikan hoped to be of fruitful results. If not that entertaining ones at the least. With the factions striking from the ground and the aftermath of chaos and devastation it was likely hee plans would be easier to start. But only if she acted quickly.

So to that end, The Amazon had decided to agree to a little job someone was requiring assistance. Upon finalizing the details and bindment, Jikan returned home to acquire her troops who wished to come and gather her own personal gear. After ensuring the town of Orchidia would be well and didn't need anything from her. Jikan would jump onto her beloved Duhlin Mount Maxx and begin travel.

Normal required: 200
Post: 164
30% reduction due to Dublin mount- 140 requirements

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