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The Pen Is Mightier - Seven

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#1Ambassador Livia 

The Pen Is Mightier - Seven Empty Thu May 11, 2023 3:52 pm

Ambassador Livia

"Tch." Clicking her tongue as once again she found one of her attendants pestering her about the issue which one selfish nation had elected to inflict upon all those with whom it shared the world, while some folk seemed to be rushing to offer their brand of beneficence the land of Seven was old, and the dignitary who represented her had long grown tired of filling up the begging bowls of others while the rigours of famine and ferocity seemed to leave her kin to suffer.
"The land of the future, they call themselves?" Livia Lussuria found sneering because of the fact that she knew the world was a far harsher place than the foolish idealists who called  themselves her contemporaries would have one believe, she arched both her brow and her lip at the repeated request for aid she was given by a place who had suddenly decided to return to the world stage, and found herself scoffing at the sincerity of their apparent change of heart.

"If they are so advanced, why do they need our help? I daresay the gods have opted to punish such hubris, and so too shall we follow such an example?" All too clearly recalling the years upon years which the rest of the world had been crawling and scraping in the dirt while such parties found luxury for themselves and locked it off from all others, there seemed a rather noticeable chip upon the shoulder of a woman who seemed to be just as comfortable herself as she picked grapes from a bowl and let herself bask in the breeze created by a palm frond, though perhaps the irony was lost on her in this moment and in its place seemed no small well of indignance instead.
"The temerity! They discard their neighbours, thinking only of themselves, then hit a bump in the road and expect us to clean up their mess?" More than happy to bask in the grudge she bore on behalf of her people, having come from a land where danger lurked around every corner she knew all too well how her people might have prospered should their once so lofty rivals have chosen to raise the tide for all, but instead they had been left to struggle and suffer. It was almost delicious now to feel their roles reversed.

"They should feel the weight of such sin…" For that reason acting perhaps like a jilted lover who wished to see her would-be beau crawling upon his belly for forgiveness, she was sure that there were some serious amends to be made to herself and the nation from which she hailed, and perhaps not in the form of bowed heads and false promises either.
"With a tribute?" Sensing an opportunity to make up for years of perceived neglect and absent obligation now that the fools had been humbled, she waved her hand and took a rather exploitative attitude to the situation, but knew that the figures who watched over her would hardly complain for standing by their principals and punishments.

"Our gods would no doubt enjoy the slaughter of their prized livestock, but I do not know whether such 'enlighted' individuals even know how to raise cattle anymore, nor trust the animals of a land stricken by plague!" Shaking her head and sighing as she took a sip of some rather heady wine a moment later, she recalled the stories of how their forebears had seemed to find appeasement with sacrifice and the like, but could see plenty of reasons to refuse the herds of a damned land as well.
"Silk, gold, jewels… These materials would make an acceptable compromise then? Something to make our once great temples great again!" Instead deciding that she might just accept something lavish to revitalise their shrines instead, and perhaps a little for her own purpose as well of course, the buxum beauty smirked with satisfaction as she lay out her orders and took another sip of her drink, feeling rather pleased with herself for wickedness once again…

Event Conditions

  • Those wishing to gain Ambassador Livia' favour for their faction must impress her through priceless treasures.

  • Supporters must earn her favor by convincing her that their faction will be the most capable of producing wealth.

  • Supporters who complete 2000 words will earn A-rank rewards.

  • After a few days, Ambassador Livia will pick the supporter who she believes to represent the virtues of Seven the most, and throw her lot with their faction.

  • The winning faction will earn S-rank rewards instead of the base A-rank rewards.

#2Jin Tatsumi 

The Pen Is Mightier - Seven Empty Mon May 15, 2023 1:42 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin knew this woman was no innate friend of the nation nor the third movement. It was going to be a tough battle, especially considering as he drew closer she seemed to be in a bitter mood. The days before he had been preparing to reach out to the various ambassadors with what may appeal to them the most. A very different battlefield than the one he was accustomed to. As he prepared for this encounter, he gathered some gems that he could find from the third movement. But his true aim was not to impress her with whatever immediate gifts he could bring but with the promise of a brighter future.

His hand slid into the pocket and bumped across the smooth surface of a felt box that held multiple amounts of polished gems. His fingers dances across the surface, hoping that the box would make a nice introduction before he would go on to talk about what he really wanted to. No matter how much of him had been turned into a machine, he was still victim to an array of emotions, including the nervousness that swept around his thoughts if all this failed and the third movement collapsed. He felt the gentle tug of conflict against the walls of his mind. It was destined to happen in the end. He wondered if, despite everything else, this would also turn into a physical battle for the land.

Jin finally stood before the woman to see her taking a sip of wine as her final words came to an end. She was a hardened woman. Toughened by the dangers of the homeland that she had come from. "Ambassador Livia," he said with a slight nod of his head. She didn't seem like the kind of woman to spend time getting tangled in too much formality.  It was honestly a bit of a breath of fresh hair, to have heard about how curt she could be. It was an atmosphere he was more comfortable with in some ways than giving long speeches. He turned to look back out at the city of Talaz Lagar, "I'm here on behalf of the third movement. I'm not from this land though. And I know that may seem odd. Heck, I didn't even know about this place really until the call for help came out." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the felt box that was a little wider than a large palm. He placed it on the table near the woman and spun it around so that when he opened it, it would face her. As the box crept open it would reveal fine-cut gems set into rings and necklaces in different arrays.

"I heard you like nice things," he said with a soft smile. "I'll save much of the speeches of grandeur." He said as he left the box to her and the gems for her to inspect. His gaze briefly shifted back over the land and then back to her. "I don't know what all you came here to in hopes of acquiring or moving. But I do know you came here for the potential of wealth. And the one thing I noticed. Plain and simple...is that despite what history there may be. Commerce is only improved by trade. Especially between countries. And Talaz Lagar has a lot to trade in terms of tech and more. Tech that can make life easier for economy and people."

Even though the woman may have felt some amount of scorn from the country's choices in the past. The choice they made to stay isolated despite what was happening in the world. He hoped that whatever the past had, it wouldn't change what could be in the future. In the end, this deal could make her country stronger in any number of ways. Even becoming machia could stave off hunger and thirst in her nation. Technology that could free up the livelihood of people. But no matter what it was. Some trade was always better than having no trade at all. Jin knew that some of the other factions would make their way over but few of them could offer the outright trade arrangement that the third movement could.


The Pen Is Mightier - Seven Empty Fri Aug 11, 2023 11:11 am

As Jin's proposition hung in the air, Hyphen's lips curved into a thoughtful smile. "If I may, Ambassador Livia," he began, his voice a blend of congeniality and calculated engagement, "I come bearing a counteroffer that I believe you'll find much more enticing, far more immediate and powerful that anything the Third Movement can offer."

He allowed a momentary pause, his gaze fixed intently on Ambassador Livia. "Opium," he stated, a hint of irony underlying his words.

The Pen Is Mightier - Seven YqulzKl

"Consider, for a moment, this substance known for its instantaneous impact. An elixir that can seduce the senses, elevate the spirit, and offer relief from all troubles that burden the heart and mind. It is a cure-all, solve-all."

He allowed a brief pause, his gaze steady and penetrating. "Of course, I jest," he chuckled softly, allowing a moment of levity to punctuate the gravity of his words. "Opium, as I'm sure we both recognize, it's not a sustainable solution. Just as the ill-effects of opium consumption eventually outweigh the short-lived benefits, unchecked enthusiasm for commerce can lead to unforeseen repercussions."

Hyphen's expression remained composed yet earnest, every word chosen with meticulous precision. "Commerce, Ambassador Livia, is not solely about the exchange of goods. It's about the quality, the substance, and the long-term implications of what's being traded. Before pursuing a course of action, it's imperative to consider not just the immediate gains, but the lasting effects. And this technology, while powerful, like opium - is also extremely dangerous, as you may very well know."

His gaze deepened "Regulation," he emphasized, the word resounding like a steady heartbeat, "is the cornerstone of a prudent approach, and a booming economy."

With a concluding nod, he reclined slightly, his stance designed to emanate the air of a venerable sage bestowing timeless counsel. Yet, beneath this carefully cultivated facade, lied a charade. His words, like a carefully orchestrated melody, only played the role assigned to them. "As we strive for prosperity, don't fall into the allure of the immediate, the easy. Think long-term."

"Once this technology is out, there is no going back. We must measure twice, cut once."

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