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To North [From East]

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To North [From East] Empty Sun Apr 02, 2023 7:21 am


Mishiko had someone to go hunting for to start talking to. They haven't seen them ever since the winter solstice and it didn't end well. It was alright at the start, but for what reasoning was there to ignore each other. The snow white Goddess tread carefully as they went forward through the trees. The nature around was peaceful and she ignored the quiet. Beside her was Ohta and Suza who decided to go with her. Suza obviously wasn't human, but she was a shark something. She still didn't complete the puzzle of finding out what she is. It was not like it mattered, but she was curious.

Ohta walked by them in their human form as he stayed super close to Mishiko like their life depended on it. After everything that happened, he was never going to doddle too far away from her or even far at all. His golden eyes looked around and then back at the two with a small hidden smile. "Are we meeting with one of your little harem toys?", he jested in his sarcastic tone. Mishiko looked tiredly at him as if it was obvious what the answer was. He laughed and they continued on their walk to the North.


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