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The upper crud (Averie) (NQ C-Rank)

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The upper crud (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Thu Jan 12, 2023 7:09 pm

Vex decided that she wanted to further work with the necromancer girl so she had sent an invite to work with the woman once again but this time she was going to have her help to protect some rich sobs that are looking to have body guards on the way down to the lower areas to buy up important things that those of the lower areas may want to buy or may have already paid for but are about to lose it to them as Vex waits for the woman to show up her right hands are watching from afar ready to come to their mistress' side to defend her if the need arose for them to do so. Vex kind of already knows that they are doing this but she also knows that she can not dissuade them so there was really no harm in them getting to follow them around as this should be a seemingly lower level request so the rich greedy people should be in a very low amount of damage and she is sure that the woman will be able to help them with her undead in action.

She waits by the door to the home so that Averie would have time to meet the clients as well if she so wanted to as she and the woman will be working together as of today as no one can really stop this as this was a great day out and she was going to help make the most of what she thinks is a more newbie in this country to get some work down and get herself paid so she can really get her start and maybe a guild will look into her and ask her to join as well which will farther help the woman get jobs of her own and raise and take on bigger challenges and summon bigger things and creatures from the dead and Vex kind of can't wait to see what the woman can do, She can feel the people inside watching her as she waited for the human looking woman with silverish white hair.


The upper crud (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Sat Jan 14, 2023 5:35 pm

It was almost unexpected to have this situation happen for Averie it was not something she expected or ever consider have it happening. But it was happening and in some manner Averie could be excited for it, Even if she had it under control in her mind. There was however time before where Averie was talking to a ghost she had out at the time about this experience in life she was having at this time. But when she finally collected her thoughts and emotions she would gather her stuff and head off to go do whatever was to come.

Hopefully Averie would continue her composure, After all she had no idea what all to think about with this woman she barely spoke to them and did not know much else about them aside from just offering to help when she did. But internally Averie was starting to build up the same energy as a child being in a candy store. She was hoping to get her enjoyment for a moment happening with her to be gone by the time she got there. Making sure no spirits, ghost or ghoul where with her by the time she got to the meet up point.

Internally while she was showing up and hopefully arriving on time. repeating on her head was don't be late. Along with something about now messing this up, It was some kind of work that could work long term if she wanted to do. at least in theory.



The upper crud (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Sun Jan 15, 2023 10:12 pm

Vex guessed that she would be doing the talking for the two of them as she had nearly forgot that this woman seemed to be unable to speak the language of this country which kind of confused her on how or why this woman would be in the country if she was unable to speak to most people. She walked up to the door of the mansion and she knocked even though she felt they knew she was already here. "Hello I am Ve--" A drink is thrown on her the second the door opened and a rich proper looking woman is standing there. "Get lost you disgusting wood elf I will not be lead around by your kind!" Her right hands nearly come out of hiding to go and teach that woman a listen for what she had just done but Vex knowing they were there did a hand motion to signal them to not come out and they listen to her.

"Sorry that you are displeased with my race ma'am but I was sent to watch over you with the aid of this human woman that will be over seeing that I do not miss this up or in some way cause you shame." The rich woman scuffs at the wood elf but agrees as long as the human woman was indeed going to be watching this creature she could not complain about this arrangement. The rich woman lead the way as Vex follows with her bow in her hands in case anything as to go wrong and her hand to defend the rich woman and her new friend that she had in a sort of way tricked to come along so that they can get the mission done and not have this woman just keep throwing racial slurs/other things at her.


The upper crud (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Tue Jan 17, 2023 2:44 pm

In these lands of judgment and suffering that Averie learned about while she spoke to the dead, a good lesson in life. A person is never spared from judgment. Weather it was Averie in other lands trying to save children with skeletons. Or this situation now. It was just normal for Averie. But still saddening to witness for others. She was use to being the judged one. Not anyone else. Not her older sister or older sister. Not her parents, not anyone else she was around. Just her years a lone did that to a person when it happen so casually.

Averie did look like she was about to say something, when it hit her she still learned enough Fiorian to say it comfortably."Hel-I Ahh...."It was almost like she was close to saying a few words Fiorian but it just did not come out at she hoped. But she had been working on it. Then she looked around for a moment grasped at the sky for a moment and pull out a ghost. This one had details for once. It looked like it was pretty much a child with a blanket it over it with two drawn on eyes, with a smile with it's tongue out."She was trying to say hello to you. It seems Averie was distracted by something."The ghost said it sounded like a adult. So it was most likely an adult that wanted to look like that summoned by Averie to be here.




The upper crud (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Thu Jan 19, 2023 6:47 am

Vex looked at the woman it would seem that the woman's name was Averie and she really is not much of a support character as she seemed to have gotten lost to quickly and the woman in the door does not look impressed but she decided to come with them as it was probably the best she was going to get on short notice and for the jewels she is paying and Vex hopes Averie is going to be able to handle the woman as she seemed to be already getting testy and was not seeming thrilled that they seemed so disorganized, like they were two reject one cause of their race the other because they clearly couldn’t speak the language of the country that they are currently working in and that was making this woman very unhappy with the service that she is being given.

Vex keeps her bow ready so she can fire it off at the first sign of there being trouble, she was not going to aim to kill just aim to make a point so that was hopefully going to be in her favor but she is not sure how or if the necromancer woman can even fight or if it would be solely on her to try and make this dream work. The rich woman pretty much strutting ahead of them looking at things in the local stalls and buying all the best things from human vendors Vex can see why this woman would need protection from the people she is a racist and a rare item hog. Vex can see some rougher looking people getting ready for an attack on the woman and her things and she gives a signal to Averie to be ready cause they are about to have incoming.


The upper crud (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Sat Jan 21, 2023 4:32 am

Then ghost would just kind of look back at the woman and simple say to her and not Vex or Averie."As for this person here, is really needed with that language? after all some one is being nice and doing something you asked?"There was a strong amount of sass from this ghost not that she was mocking the person more like bluntly pointing out they knew very well about what what was going on."When the dead are more nice then the living, I think it tell a person a lot."Then the ghost just kind of continue on the way as they needed to move on anyway.

Averie speaking in icebergian."Where do you think we are going?"Then well in return with the talking ghost had some what an idea."So how far is the travel with this unfriendly hag?"the ghost mentioned out loud. it might not be the way Averie wanted to say it but she was not doing the best with Fiorian. If Averie had been able to pick up what was being spoken she would most likely had phrase it differently. But they where too far gone now.

But given one had a bow Averie could feel maybe something was maybe having to do with protection. But she was not having anything told to her so she was just following along at this time like a good quiet well behaved woman who summoned the dead. Maybe if she only ever figured out how to speak fiorian this situation would be different.




The upper crud (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Sat Jan 21, 2023 3:02 pm

"It is fine no worries Averie she is probably nearly done." Vex fires a few shots at the trouble makers and she makes sure that her shots if they were to hit they would not strike fatally as she was just giving them warning shots to keep them back so this as Averies ghost put it the 'hag" could finish her shopping and pay them. Vex keeps being the guard of the woman and making sure to protect the woman from traps as well as this woman yelled and berated shop keepers and Vex can clearly see why she needed to have people to protect her to be down here buying things as the people around them started to look very restless and Carla nearly said something but Vex stopped the exceed and they kept on walking through the shopping are and then back to the woman home as Vex was unsure if she was on the right side of this mission as this woman as clearly a monster and was making their live miserable on purpose and Vex kind of wants to give the woman a kick to the ass herself but she stops herself from doing so as that would probably cause an issue.

The woman gets out the reward for the two women and she handed the bag to Averie with a smile and a thank you and then turned to vex and tossed it off the side of the porch and then shoved Vex into the mud next to the reward on the ground and Vex gets up and brushes the mud off of herself and then starts to head out unsure if the other woman was going to follow behind her.
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The upper crud (Averie) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Mon Jan 23, 2023 4:34 pm

Normally when being told things where fine, most people were not firing arrows at people and trying to get an old lady to move along with shopping. But nonetheless she would just continuing on their way after all she was trying not to put too much thought into it, Only if anything from her own experiences, these situation get hairy when you are not calm and collected. But maybe it helped that Averie did not understand the language yet. But this lady was shopping and seemingly just only a risk in some manner Averie had not fully understood yet.

Most likely she would understand eventually. I would just take a bit more time. Averie was starting to ponder if something was to be done that she could do, But she needed to learn these things herself and note later one of what in which what she could do better at this situation.

At least even if she felt a bit bad about it, Vex seemed to be managing it pretty well so maybe it was just one less worry. But still she could still dislike one's action while getting the work done at this time

Then well it seemed they got though it.But they finished what they were doing and got her home, Even if what happen afterward seems to be almost like no matter who a person was this lady kept how she felt public, she would collect her reward and left with Vex.



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