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Underground Associate [Akuko]

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Mishiko carried Ohta in her arms as she looked up at the sky. It was primarily cloudy now a days and she enjoyed it. She did not want the sun to be out for her own reasons. Ohta's large eyes glanced everywhere at the people in the streets. People gazed randomly at them as if they have never seen a fluffball of a companion before. Aren't Cats and dogs fluffy? Mishiko glared at them as she then saw them mind their own business.

They were waiting for Akuko since she sent a letter out to her. She wanted to talk to her about something and do this quest together. She has seen a pattern and compared to many people here, she's weak. She wanted to get her friend to become stronger and ready for war or anything that might appear in front of their doorstep. Leaning against the wall of some random building, they waited.



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It was nice getting a letter that she would read entirely for less than a minute and would just continue on with her day because she wanted to be sure to read. She would leave Suza with a few snacks, A sandwich with out the crust just out of habit because less things to be pick about where good, Get her coat and hugged Suza before heading out. She would just slightly different because she choose to linger around with different colour hair, A wig was simple to get but if you looked close enough you could tell it was Akuko.

But she showed up eventually even with a different pair of glasses too, She was really just trying something different as sometimes it was nice, Later she would most likely go back to the normal pink hair and everything she had.

Then eventually she would find Mishiki just casually waiting as always."Don't get too lost your thoughts now, you might miss something important."She did not pay attention to Ohta at this time because it was just not something she viewed as important until it needed to be, besides she was trying to just be normal Akuko.


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Her eyes corner to look at Akuko who appears. "Is that your friend, My Lady?", they asked in their neutral tone. "It is..." she muttered softly and motioned her body forward to go to them. She looked around and saw she was once again alone. She felt like Akuko should probably get a friend someday. Maybe she will, but unsure what it will be. "Thoughts are rather important in this world, you know," she responded. "Anyways, we have a job to do for a Casino, they want us to go to the other one to steal their plans and give it to them," she shrugged as they started to walk down the street.

She ignored everyone around her other than the two she was with. The woman was unsure what more to say till they got to the Casino where they needed to be sneaky about it. Once they arrived, she yawned and showed them the ID to get in and entered.



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If anything it seemed to entertain Akuko that the tiny little fluffy thing spoke, But she kept most remarks to herself after all she was far more happy now days and jokes about eating things was a bit out of style now days. Rather gave them a compliment."Well aren't you just adorable?"Akuko left it at that for a moment."At least some one has a fuzzy one to snuggle with."The strange part was Akuko seem actually honest about that answer with out a joke about it at all. That would be either unnerving or good up to her.

But she listened to what she was called to do and it was interesting to her, Since these things it was pretty easy for her to do."Well before we go in, where would I find these plans?"She first asked because when she really needed to work she would get to it pretty quickly."Better yet, What kind of distraction could to give me to get to them?"That was one a better question because Akuko was a pretty good person to get to places if you knew how to use her, Sure she could lead but she was not a careful type which was a risk.



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Mishiko held onto Ohta close as she hummed softly while walking into the Casino. "Maybe you'll get one of your own?", she coldly spoke towards her while they were finally away from the guards. She looekd around for a place to speak to her friend about what they need to do. "Let's go over towards the fountain," she walked with her hands behind her back. Once they got there she then took out a coin and flipped it into the Fountain. "Here's what we do, I can distract the guards and you can sneak into the office and find the documents and blueprints," she instructed.

It sounds easy to her, but either of them can do it, but she felt like after what happened with... you know who, she was probably best for the job since she has Ragnar. Deep inside she felt sorrow about it, but she knew it had to be done.



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It was a good suggestion Akuko just simply said."I will have to look into it, I don't assume one just falls into your lap."She said casually because it was just how she assumed it was going to be, why would something like that would just find you. Akuko was not use to having things find her that did not kill her at least once, Even then finding death was not something she could boast about it or joyful.

She would just get by."I don't assume hugging Rangar and putting my face in his hair would feel close enough anyway."She laughed about it slightly because it was just how she was thinking of it close too. Akuko was not forcing herself to touch Ohta to get a feel of it. She considered it a good thing to not touch it because they spoke and had feelings too. A bit more weary because she did not want to piss off some one either.

Akuko knowing very well what she had a feeling what she would doing and that she would end up doing it the way she generally chose too. was more then ready for then."Sounds good to me, I don't take you for the sneaking anyway."In was true she was use to her being the kill everything in the room type, Sure Akuko use to have to fight as well but she was mostly delay tactics and strike when she could. She was effective in her own way but she never was made to be a weapon she had suffered from having emotions compared to just being numb to emotion and slaughter.



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She listened to the small number of things her friend had to say before going along with the plan of her sneaking in while Mishiko flirts with the security to distract them. She nodded as she underestood what she was saying. Next, they walked inside the actual casino where all the games and people were. She still held Ohta close and then leaned her neck to speak to Ohta quietly. She whispered somethings and made them disappear as it hopped off. Her eyes looked over by the bar to see that there was a door and a guard. The guard was a tall, strong and dark-haired man.

His hair was black and long, slicked back. His eyes were her favorite color when it came to eyes, but she doesn't let anyone know that. She sucked on her bottom lip as it made her feel off to do this, but it was for a quest. Not wanting Akuko to wait any longer she swayed her hips while cat walking to the security guy, getting their attention and away from the door. Enough space for Akuko.



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The fun part of sometimes having a plan, one did not need to talk it out. One could figure out. But this was just how they new each other well enough to do. One had the flare to grab a gaze quickly. Then again Akuko could get the eyes of many men if she felt like it, she just never cared too over all, Even then for her partner in crime this time it was a means to get by and she knew it was entirely the case. As long as she was on point, Akuko would be equally on point as well.

So when they where set up Akuko would go do her normal hiding into Mishiko's shadow to just get close enough for when the guard was distracted she would go past them herself by going through their shadow and waiting until they were looking behind them to continue on her path forward. No humour, no jokes, nothing to let anyone on she was around. Almost like when Akuko was serious she would actually do something right.



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Her back glass eyes that mirrored the man gazed into his green emeralds. The man reminded her of someone. Someone she always ran into at Baska. The tournament there where she always had to help someone. "You wouldn't perhaps be someone who was at the Tournament in Baska, would you?~" her ghostly voice spoke that was alluring to the ears. He smirked and looked at her, "You seem familiar, my dear, yet you look different," he spoke in a silky tone. "You wouldn't perhaps be my partner there, would you?", he strikes back. Her eyes widened a little and stepped back.

He grabbed her hand, bowed and kissed the top of it. "Glad to see you again after so long," he stood back up and looked at her. "So, a mission or visiting?", he huffed a laugh as if he knew her antics. "Pft... Why ask when you already know?", She bit her left cheek and pouted, eyes glaring.



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It would take a bit of time searching, Over all Akuko assume she had time to look into these things and figure out what all was was needed, After all it was a pretty simple goal. Hopefully everything was easy to keep on track in the other end. It would not take too much time steal information It was pretty easy to hide things when you sneak as Akuko does. Weather sneaking it in shadows or hiding it in her blazer in some manner. But she had the things she needed or well was requested to grab.

She had to think what all would be happening at this point by the time she found her way back. Just carefully because she did not want to be caught. Then again Akuko would not be against rash actions if some one might catch her but she doubt she would be caught really.



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"Maybe because I like seeing your reactions, my dear.", She spoke and looked towards the door that he was guarding. "Do you know how long your friend's going to take?", he questioned. Her eyes kind of widened a little bit as she was surprised that he noticed her. She got nervous and looked away. He chuckled at this as he then swayed his hand. "No need to worry. It's not like I'm going to get her in trouble. You guys may do whatever you please, as long as you promise to come see me again. Even though I'm sure we'll meet again," he smirked devilishly. She sighed and crossed her arms. She was wondering what was taking her friend so long as it was almost time to go. Her eyes searched his green eyes and then wondered what kind of human he was. He was able to tell that she was in the shadows and snuck upstairs without even a move.



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Part way through their conversation Akuko would show up, no attention really brought to herself but as always Akuko seemed to just be there and in some manner she seemed unsure about the figure that stood before her now. But however she saw talking to her now seemed to almost have Akuko uncomfortable almost like Akuko did not trust this person and did not want them around. But the stranger part Akuko was strangely calm about it too."Can I help you?"The matter of Akuko saying this to this strange man talking to her friend. Akuko was use to people with perverted intentions so part of her was almost tempted to shift into a daemon and jump him out of distrust and thinking he was making unwanted moves and didn't get the hint of no.

The more troubling part was Akuko being calm and seemingly settled rather then casual and relaxed. Thus Akuko would just walk over and stand next to Mishiko and waited to see what would happen."We should go now."Akuko said with a bit of a quit whisper. Akuko was ready to go because they achieved their task and to linger was not a good thing.



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She smiled genuinely as she looked at him. For some reason she felt comfortable with him around even though she was feeling bashful at the same time. Maybe because they've known each other for a while off and on? Her eyes turned over to Akuko who appeared to be ready to go. She started to walk towards her friend and looked back, "I'm sure we will...?" she wondered their name, but he shook his head, "Another time, my dear, since you have forgotten" he told her in his velvet tone. She nodded and left the casino with Akuko.

"Well, that was odd, seeing someone I haven't seen in a while," she looked around, hands in her pocket as they walked together towards the other casino. Why was he in there? "Let's go turn these documents in and finally go home or drink," she lastly spoke as they finally went inside. She looked up at the sign and towards the first person she saw at the counter when you first enter.

Her eyes looked at the person and they looked at Akuko. "She's with me, stop worrying about other people I bring," her eyes boredly looked at the person. "O-of course," they then left the counter and gestured for them to follow. When they went to the room office that was on the other side of the counter, she saw the door open to reveal the 'boss' of the casino and her actual client. She looked over to Akuko and then at the client. "Here are the documents you requested," she simply said and saw them look at the papers, nodding silently. After a little bit, they rewarded them both.



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All of this was weird and strange to Akuko and she did not like it only because she was working, any other cause she would look the other way and not ever give it a second thought, Mishko was suppose to be the serious one and not her. Whatever they where it was just something to get in the way and maybe important to her now, But was not safety to have it be the worry right now. But just maybe she was over reacting in some manner. After all there was so many things she might not know at this time.

That she might not have the answer for that over all maybe after they left she should just relax and be happy that the job was done and there was nothing else to worry about. But Akuko could not help but sometimes think things a bit differently, It would be one of the few times she could really be over all serious at this time. Akuko herself did not enjoy having to turn serious for a moment because it just felt a bit off to be that way. She personally felt she needed to be not so uptight

Managing to keep things personally to sit in her thoughts she would just leave towards the other casino. Hand in what she manage to fet her hand on, it was a simple reporting period could say the job did go with out worry, Since all in all there was no problems getting the job done just personal worries of things she did not understand, But at least it was now on the way out of her mind just to continue on.




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