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My Friend [Word On The Street]

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The weather of Fiore was a fickle thing in Jikan's mind. Or, at least it gave the appearance of doing so. For the longest time it felt like they were in an eternal spring of youth. And suddenly, when she woke up this morning, the images of a fall world seemingly came out of no where. Not in the process of being fall. No, full on.

A strange country this was with strange weather.

Either way she was up and moving. With the change of season came the change of weather. One thing she adored about this time of year was the smell of trees changing in their decay and rebirth. As well as the wonderful numerous shades of colors that came in their process. It was like a painting and there was one place she thought would be enjoyable to see suit views; Worth Woodsea.

Jikan wore a plain silk purple dress with matching colored shoes on this day. Mia held on her shoulder as the two arrived within Erling Peak. It had such a number of hills, as well as trees. A perfect place to experimentate with sights. Oh if only Miriko was here to see.

Wait....why was Jikan thinking of Miriko?

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