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All Hearts' and Minds' Have A String [Epic | Lore | WIP]

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All Hearts' and Minds' Have A String [Epic | Lore | WIP] Empty Sat 22 Oct 2022, 21:38


Name: All Hearts' and Minds' Have A String

Difficulty: Epic

Participants: Jikan Supesu, Sleeping Calamity if choose to join


  • A-Rank: A few months have passed since Jikan's return to the North after being imprisoned in Hellsea underwater prison. The leader of Sleeping Calamity is welcomed back to her guild and home by her members as well as the people of Orchidia. After places her rescued guild members in the nursing rooms to heal, Jikan continues her duties within the guild and town as if she had never left. After spending the day answering and helping the people of Orchida, a dinner (and group battle) is made to welcome The Amazon home. During this dinner, Jikan makes a decision....she will begin to cultivate the seeds she had planted and grown over the last few years.

    "It's time to grow"

  • A-Rank: Minstrel

  • A-Rank: Joya

  • A-rank: Bosco

  • A-Rank: Iceberg

  • A-rank: Fiore

  • S-rank: Seven

  • S-rank: Enca

  • S-rank: Stella

  • S-rank: Desierto

  • S-rank: Pergrandian Kingdom

  • S-rank: Erased lands

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