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Dear You [SL]

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Dear You [SL] Empty Mon Oct 10, 2022 8:39 pm


Her and her crewmates got off the boat and went their separate ways due to the fact that the crewmates had their own things to take care of as well. The only one that followed behind her was Ayako and her left-hand man. Before she got any closer to her place, her left-hand man left, leaving Ayako and her. She took a deep breath her of the fresh air of Hosenka and couldn't believe her travels. They came so far and now they were going to go further than before. She wondered what Izanami had planned for her and her crew. Once she got to her door, she turned around to see Ayako staring at her lovingly. Her eyes gazed away as she blushed and then looked back at him. He laughed at her shyness. "There's no reason to blush with me, Captain. " He jested as he didn't know how she was actually feeling.



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She chuckled lightly and very softly as her eyes gazed at his beautiful blue ones. As her reminded her of whitewater that was clear as the sky. Had a tint of blue as the sky foretold beautiful views with the clouds of white snow. She felt as if he was too beautiful. Is that such a thing? "I wasn't blushing. That's ridiculous. Why would you think of such a thing?", She paused, and then turned around. After giving a pouty face. As she opened the door, she heard him chuckle and she immediately shut the door afterwards. She took a deep breather and went up to her room to get her things all packed up. Slowly, she grabbed her suitcase that was made out of strong wood from the forest in woodsea. Thankfully, she knew Earth magic so she could lock the suitcase with her own magic. After putting all of her clothes, then she decided to grab some paper and a pen to start writing her letters.



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She has never written any letters to people before. She was getting anxious enough to where she would begin to write a few sentences, crumple them up and throw them away. Her frustration had no bounds as she felt like they were going to judge her letter because she wrote the wrong thing. Quilla didn't even know how long her journey was going to be, but all she knew was she was going to be back. She tapped her pen against the table as she was trying to think of the right way to start a letter. She has tried everything to the point where she went to the kitchen to get some juice and also opened the window for some fresh cool air. She then just went onto her balcony, sat on her little white chair with a small table, and stared at the sky for some inspiration. None of it was working and she was wondering if it was because she was tired.



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She continued to tap the end of her pen against the paper as she was thinking about how to start it. She then just finally started with the beginning of Dear you. Her first letter was going to be to Akuko. She started to array about how she felt like her past was hunting her and something was different about it. Every night she would have nightmares about the war and her parents. Everything they did to her and for her. She explained that someone with huge importance required her assistance in something and she was going to make a large trip to Joya. She wasn't sure how long it was going to take, and she hopes that Akuko will take care of Suza while she is gone for who knows how long. She hoped that Akuku will also tell Ragnar about this trip so she did not have to write an extra letter. Her last words in the letter was how much she loved her as a sister and no matter how she treats her with her attitude, it's out of ....

The letter ended there as she ran out of space and out of no where her mind started to target another.



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Her following letter was to her one and only Jin. Once again, she started with dear you. This letter took more time than Akuko's, as there were many words, she wanted to say to her express how she was feeling. Something in her heart was telling her something was going to go wrong, and there were words that she wanted to say and express. Words that she could normally not say in front of him. She wasn't sure what she was going to write after that, but she started to express how she will miss him and he will be on her mind. Quilla hopes that once she comes back. He will open his arms to her, no matter what has happened. Once he reads his letter, he will see that she doodled on the sides of the paper as she was having an anxiety problem while thinking on what to write at the time.



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She looked at all the papers that she crumpled up and saw the trash already filled up. She was just going to leave them there for when she comes back. Once she comes back from her long journey, she was going to clean up and move anyways. She put the letters in an envelope that was stamped with her symbol made out of molded blood. Her human blood. She was excited to send these letters off, but even if she thought about her two first letters, the third one was to a friend that she felt like was a good friend by. Their friendship drifted apart. The good is part of a heart was hoping that someday they will see each other and meet again. Her heart was pained as she thought of Kaito. She felt like their friendship was blossoming and that maybe someday they will see each other after her trip. That's what she wrote in her letter, and hopefully, her letter gets to him.



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Grabbed her suitcase and went outside to look around for a male boy or man. I was wondering where she was going to find one, as sometimes they were hidden. They seem to be very good at hiding so people don't go up to them and ask them constantly if they have mail or not. She understood the reasoning, but today she was going to hunt one down. She licked her lips as her tongue clicked, "I hope this doesn't take too long..." She softly spoke to herself as she gripped onto both of her things. She went down the street and looked around. As a couple of hours passed, she went inside of a bakery and asked if the male boy or man came through yet. He shook his head no, and maybe that means he was more in the back of the street, as that's where usual male people start.

She went down the street, but not before she grabbed something to snack on and a bottle of water. Her pink hair flood behind her as her bright Topaz eyes shined from the sun. As she got closer to the end, she saw one of the male people and jogged up to him while holding her stuff tightly against her chest. She tried to get his attention and once she did, she asked him if he could deliver these three letters to the people on the letter. And safely. He agreed and started to walk away. As he started to give further away and nobody was around, she suddenly saw nothing.



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