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The way [Epic]

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The way [Epic] Empty Sat Oct 08, 2022 7:20 pm


As the group made their way homeward by carriage Puck had been nestled on her lap, looking up at his master in concern. "Will we be telling the others about our plan?" The question had made Espy go quiet for a moment. As much as she wanted to tell everyone, she knew it would just fill them all with gloom and worry.

"In due time we will tell Manzo and Alisa, but beyond them? No, the less people that know, the less that will be able to disrupt our plans."

Puck nodded his head firmly as he peered outside the window. "I think we're almost back to Fiore..." The words made her look outside the window as well. "Almost... Soon I'll be able to keep our promise Claudia."

Puck turned his gaze back at his master, inquiring with a hint of concern. "Is Claudia the lady?" Espy nodded her head firmly in response. "Indeed, Claudia was a fellow prisoner of the cult, who helped us remain hopeful and endure the torturous experiments of the cult. She... she died trying to help us escape."

The words saddened Puck, even if he tried to not show it. "We'll make sure she gets the best spot in all of Hargeon!"

With these words Espy smiled kindly at Puck, hugging him lightly as she hummed softly. "Thank you Puck."

It was a few days later that they arrived back in Hargeon, as expected in the aftermath of the raid by the dark universe raider Lisa, Alisa had been quite preoccupied by the events that had transpired.

It was for that reason Espy had chosen to leave her a letter.

"Dear Alisa, by the time you read this letter the report of my rescue will likely have reached you already. As noted, I am both your wayward apprentice Esperia and Lily. After I joined the Rune Knights in an effort to stop the encroaching conflict between Eternal Nightmare and Blue Pegasus over Odin's death, I was careless in thinking the corruption in the knights had been purged...

Jealousy and racism made my fellow knights turn onto me during a vital mission and I was murdered... Although I was able to reincarnate into the existence of Lily, I tried to remain hidden to protect myself and my new self, but it was clearly not enough.

The events that unfolded in that dark shrine forced my hand, and made me come out of the shadows once more. However, even after my precautions and attempts to strengthen myself, my body is dying. Although I possess a vast reservoir of knowledge on medicinal and magical treatments, I fear this might be the end of me.

Unless I make a very dangerous choice, but I wish to consult you on that first. I will seek you out soon.

Your student, Esperia & Lily

As the letter finally reached Alisa's office the young woman had already started to prepare for the next course of action. A long overdue reunion with the love of her life.

Unfortunately, she possessed neither teleportation or flying dragons and as such her only choice for once was to talk. Not exactly the most elegant or fast of methods, but it would have to do.

Puck was seated on her shoulder, looking at his master with a hint of concern on his face. "Do you think she will be open to the idea?" She shook her head gently in return. "I'm not certain. Master possesses a lot of knowledge on the occult, but she might try to seek other alternatives? Even then, I am uncertain if there even are any for us to take."

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Arriving at the home where Hasani and Priscilla lived Esperia knocked on the door lightly, waiting for someone to open up and partly prepared to be punted into a wall. However, it was not her wife who opened the door. Rather it was her own student Lillim. The Daemon smiled innocently at her, seemingly proud she had recognized the soul of her master. "And yet I sense something amiss." Lillim whispered. While Esperia was led into the house, the first thing that she noticed was the absence of her lover. "Where is Priscilla?" She asked, to which Lillim spoke softly. "She went on some sort of mission for Konyo, Collective Mind Business. Hasani has been a bit restless since she left."

Speaking of Hasani, he fortunately had started to recognize her and was cuddling in her arms while pawing his hands at Puck whole floated back and forth in the air. "I see. Fortunately I will be staying home for a while, but I will soon need to go on a few short trips to get some important materials, but I will be discussing that with my darling first~"

Esperia smiled briefly as she allowed herself to relax a little. She told herself she still had time, but how much? In truth she wasn't certain. Although the fusion had strengthened her body and soul, the illness would still claim her in due time. Perhaps Asmodeus would have some insight of her own to provide, but until then all she could do was try to figure out a solution to her problem.

After she scooped up Hasani and petted his head, Espy lightly patted Lillim's head and whispered softly. "Take the little one to sleep~ I'll be back in a few hours."

And with these words Espy left her house. She hoped to return home before Priscilla did, but even then there was a certain sense of urgency in her stride. She had to resolve this matter quickly. But even then, would Alisa and Manzo know enough to help her succeed? Even then this type of occult knowledge was often forbidden...

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It didn't take long for her to return to the plaza near the guild hall of Blue Pegasus. It was a place she personally enjoyed visiting. A calm and peaceful spot that had a nice view over the sea and sky. Even now the moonlit sky and the stats made her feel oddly at ease. Even the awareness that she was dying seemed distant for a bit. It was odd how tranquility could make one forget how shitty reality could be.

But even then, she wasn't going to say something pessimistic like that she only had to endure misfortunes. She met amazing people, befriended wonderful friends and even had a lovely wife. How could she possibly consider life a misfortune when it came with so much blessings? Perhaps it was for that reason she was so adamant in surviving, her desire to continue life, to experience more of its wonders being something that drove her onwards with no end in sight.

Leaning back on the bench she smiled kindly at the sight before her. This world, this city was one worth fighting for, worth protecting. It was why she was so angry when that invader from another world came to destroy Hargeon. Why she would try her utmost to protect the city again should Odin's death lead to a war. But even then, these were all ambitions she needed to be alive for, or at least she would still need to exist. Would one even be able to consider a Lich as a being that was 'alive'? She wasn't all too certain about that. Nonetheless, for the time being she would simply sit there and enjoy the starlight sky before returning home at last. Returning home to her wife, just like she had promised all these years ago...

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