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The Voice [Epic SL]

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It took a moment before Sebas and Puck realized they had returned back to reality, although even now they couldn't help but shake off the feeling of concern. To merge two beings soul and body, it was a practice usually only done through take-over magic. Could Esperia truly accomplish a similar feat?

All of a sudden a gust of energy blew the two of them several steps backwards as a cocoon of pure mana wrapped around the girl whose hands they had been holding a mere moment ago. Even now Puck tried to peer into the cocoon, but he couldn't see past the dense wall of mana. However, he was sure of it, she was changing... evolving... Ascending.

The cocoon pulsed violently with energy. While at the same time in the soulscape...

Lily was gently holding Esperia's hand, when the sudden question made her pause. "Are you scared Lily?" Lily nodded her head lightly. "I'm scared of disappearing... Of nobody remembering my existence, that I didn't leave anything worthwhile behind..."

The words made Esperia smile kindly at her. "What about your meeting with Bucket?" The question made Lily blink in confusion. "Papa Bucket?" Esperia nodded her head gently in return. "Do you think your meeting with him didn't leave anything behind? Do you think he will no longer remember your existence?"

The question made Lily shake her head gently, smiling warmly in return. "I believe in him... Papa Bucket won't forget me." The words earned a soft chuckle from Esperia who nodded her head in agreement. "Bonds are a mysterious something Lily. Sometimes they are so fickle they tear at the slightest disruption. At other times they are so strong they can't be severed."

The words made Lily blink in confusion. "How do you mean?" The question led to Esperia to hum softly. "Take my wife for example~ Even if I change, she will always be there for me to return home to. Even if she might be frustrated and punt me into a wall for taking too long to return home."

The description made Lily chuckle in amusement, clearly entertained at the thought. Meanwhile the elf could see their surroundings starting to disappear little by little, suggesting the merging was in process. "Let us return home together Lily." to which Lily replied with a bright smile. "Mhmm! Let us return home to everyone!"

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As the pulsing of mana finally settled down and the cocoon disappeared Puck hesitatingly looked at the woman in front of her. It was difficult to describe her presence. In a way it was very similar to both Esperia and Lily, yet at the same time it felt much stronger and intenser than before. "Esperia?" Puck called out hesitatingly as the woman opened her eyes. She briefly gazed at her surroundings and shook her head gently at Puck's words. "Then-" Yet Puck's assumption was quickly corrected by the woman in front of them. "I am neither Esperia or Lily, yet it wouldn't be wrong to say I am both as well. I believe calling myself 'Espy' would be a bit too much of a jest. But I admit Espy does sound nice..."

Sebastian smiled at these words, knowing that the merge had succeeded and that the two had ascended to become something more, something greater.

"I see, so you are a being born from a fusion of both souls?" Sebastian's words earned a gentle nod from the woman. "Correct, their memories and feelings are what shaped my identity, although due to her greater amount of experiences I feel Esperia's nature is more dominant in this case."

The words earned a brief laughter from Sebastian "O boy, Priscilla will be happy to hear her lewdling became a Super Lewdling."

Espy smiled briefly at these words, as she turned toward Puck. "Did... The fusion heal you from your illness?" Yet sadly the light shake of her head confirmed Puck's concerns. "So we have no other choice but to find a way for you to become a Lich..." Puck muttered in sorrow but soon felt his head petted gently by the woman again. "Don't look at me so Puck, a smile better suits my hero~ Besides, we still have time."

Sebastian nodded his head in agreement to these words. "We can worry about these details later. For now we should make certain the others are safe and we can prepare to return home." A sound idea, and one all three of them were more than eager to follow. The three of them walked down the path to the inner sanctum, leading the woman to shoot a final glimpse at the scattered remains of the cultist leader. Her lips curved up briefly, a smile that soon disappeared as she followed the others.

She was done playing a pawn to the games of gods and demons. This time she would become one of the players...

Once they arrived outside the inner sanctum the collection of voices was almost overwhelming to her. "Wait, Nyancelot is that you?!" The mages called out as the spirit chimed in amusement. "Hahaha! I ascended as well! I am now a God Exceed!" To which his playful jest earned a teasing tap on his head by the woman beside him. "Ah... Lily, no Esperia?" One of the mages asked in confusion, to which the woman chimed in response. "Both~" Hearing these words caused some cheerful cries to come from the group. "Wait, how do we even address you then? Lispy?" But she quickly corrected them. "Espy is fine, don't you dare to call me Lispy around Daiko, he might stick with it."

The groups laughter was truly infectious...

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Fortunately they didn't need to stay in the shrine for long, but Espy did insist that they wait for a bit. She soon returned with the body of a young woman as the group asked worriedly. "Who is she?" Espy smiled sorrowfully at them. "Her name is Claudia, a dear friend and the lone reason I survived this long. When we return to Hargeon, please give her a burial as a friend of Blue Pegasus."

The others nodded their head firmly as they started to discuss the way homeward. So far it seemed that everything was ready for them to return home. Sebastian and Puck had already gone outside and Espy followed after them.

Once outside Sebastian turned toward the group. "Please forgive me for not accompanying you back home, but I will need to report to my master about today's events." Puck nodded his head lightly while Espy smiled at him. "Tell Asmodeus I said hi~ And I'll be seeing you soon Sebastian."

The butler nodded his head, while after a brief bow the man disappeared in a shroud of smoke. Teleportation really was a useful skill to have. It made her miss the days she had her magical throne.

Approaching the group Espy watched the others look at her, looks of joy and hope on their face. "Let us return home, shall we?" Espy's words were all agreed upon by the group as they made their way back toward Hargeon. It would be a long journey, filled with jokes and stories, but little did the people with her know just the sheer direness of today's events. Certainly, she might had been saved, but her body was dying and she would stop at nothing to ensure she would be able to keep her promise to Priscilla.

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