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The Lost [Epic SL]

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It was an odd sensation, kind of similar to having your body suddenly be submerged under water. Yet in this case it was more like her soul? Lily still couldn't get used to the sensation, but fortunately it didn't last long.

After a few moments she found herself back in that familiar throne room, Sebastian and Puck at her side as both of them gazed up at the giant floating crystal behind the throne. However, unlike the one they saw before this one was truly magnificent. A beautiful light pulsed from within, causing the radiance from it to be so brilliant that divine and majestic were some of the terms that could be used to describe it.

"I'm glad to see you safe again Lily~" The gentle voice of her other self came from the throne up ahead where Esperia had been seated, her eyes cast upon the trio in front of them. "I believe we have a lot to talk about, but first things first~"

She rose from her seat and approached Lily, raising a hand to gently flick the girl's forehead with her fingers. "What is this nonsense of having no place to return home to? In our previous life I was a Demon and a Vampire at some points, and I could always return home. You see Lily, home is where your friends and loved ones await you. And for them you will never become a monster. You will simply be considered Lily to them."

These words caused the girl's eyes to tear up, sobbing softly while Esperia gently embraced her in a effort to calm her down. "But the sad truth of the situation is that these experiments and the ritual complicated matters for us significantly."

The words made Sebastian nod his head lightly in understanding while Puck inquired in confusion. "Complicated matters?" Esperia nodded her head somberly as she gently released Lily and gestured toward the crystal behind her.

"Although we might look fine on the outside, the truth is that these experiments pushed the limits of our body too much. This in combination with the power we attained from usurping the ritual forced our body into a condition similar to a terminal illness."

The words made Lily tilt her head to the side in bewilderment. "Terminal?" To which Esperia nodded her head firmly "It means that over time, our body will stop working as it should and we will die..."

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The words were clearly alarming, as even Sebastian's expression showed the graveness of the news. "Is there no way to prevent this outcome from happening?" Esperia shook her head lightly at Puck's question, explaining further "It is unfortunately impossible to reverse these changes. At best we can delay them."

Delay them? Was that the only solution for them? Sadness and anger filled Puck's being, but Esperia gently reached for him and petted his head. "Although there is a way to escape from death. Should we merge, I and Lily will coexist as one, and with it obtain enough power to carry out this method I mentioned to escape from death."

Puck had gone silent for a moment, worried to say the least as he asked. "What is this method to escape from death?" Surely she wasn't going to suggest something outlandish again like reincarnation? That might had worked last time, but it was surely not going to work again! Esperia turned her gaze at the crystal. "By abandoning life and rejecting death."

The words confused Lily, but even she understood the graveness of the message Esperia conveyed. "You intend to become a Lich?" Sebastian's question earned a soft gasp from Lily and Puck's frown clearly betrayed his dislike of the idea as well.

"To do that will very likely earn you the scorn of the living." To which Sebastian's words spurred a response from Puck. "But what choice does she have?! It's either becoming a Lich or giving up and dying!" Esperia shook her head lightly. "I'm not giving up. I made a promise to my wife that I will keep for eternity. However, this is no longer just my body."

She turned toward Lily and continued. "It is ours." Lily had gone silent, closing her eyes to think. To die meant she would never be able to see these dear to her again. Bucket would be all alone again. She wouldn't be able to try to become Mia's friend any longer... She wouldn't be able to study under Manzo...

"I want... to live." The words made Esperia smile kindly at her. It was an understandable decision to make, but even then the act of sacrificing one's individuality was not an easy thing to do. "Will I retain my feelings and memories for the people we met after we merge?" To which Esperia nodded her head firmly. "Considering this act would make us truly coexist as one, our memories and feelings will carry over. Don't worry Lily, your life will not become forgotten." Esperia turned toward her friends, wondering if Sebastian or Puck had anything to say of their own.

"I made a pact with you Esperia, and if Lily intends to follow this path then it is a choice I will respect. Our pact won't change." To which Esperia whispered some words of gratitude. Meanwhile Sebastian pondered for a moment. "While tragic, I understand the reasoning behind your decision, and am sure Asmodeus will as well. After all, she did always encourage others to pursue their desires, and your desire to survive, to live is exactly that: a desire."

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It seemed that everything had been mostly discussed, but there was still something that left Lily curious, and so she voiced it. "That crystal, what is it?" The question made Esperia smile as she turned toward Lily, the sparkle of excitement in her eyes causing Sebastian to chuckle softly. "We're about to hear a story again~"

It appeared the crystal floating overhead was unlike what Manzo thought, not a anchor that kept Esperia into existence. Rather it was a collection of the power she had usurped of Gaia during her time as Gaia's Champion. Essentially it was a catalyst of power so to speak, a catalyst Esperia intended to employ during their upcoming merge to help the two of them ascend into something greater. To go beyond their limits and grow into something more than a mere mortal. So this was the path Esperia chose? To pursue her desires and ambitions and reach beyond the limits that were set for mortals? Sebastian had to admit he was interested, nay... even excited to find out just how far she could grow and evolve. And to think that he soon would be able to observe the act of two mortals fusing both body and soul to ascend and become something even greater? How could he possibly not want to observe this?

Meanwhile Puck was merely watching the duo. While he was glad they were safe, he couldn't entirely shake of the lingering hatred toward humanity for harming his master like they had done today... No, forgiving them was impossible for him.

"I believe that with that explanation we covered most things. Unfortunately Sebas, Puck I will need to expel you both from the soulscape. For the moment we end up merging I firmly believe this soulscape will change into something else to reflect our new being.

The two nodded their head in understanding, seemingly ready for the events to unfold. It was odd for Lily to see the two of them shimmering out of view like some sort of after-image. "Don't worry Lily~ They will be waiting for us at the other side."

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