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The Deceiver [Epic SL]

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The cultist leader turned toward the crystal in bewilderment. "W-What do you mean?" The crystal pulsed again, the mana inside it rekindling it with the radiance it had long lost. "O boy... do I really have to spell this out? While you lot were busy dealing with my dear friends I decided to alter the properties of this ritual."

The words caused the cultist leader to shake his head violently in response. "Impossible! Such a feat would require years of careful alterations!" Yet the only response he got was laughter as the voice responded. "Impossible? That word only serves as motivation for me to make it possible~ Magic and knowledge did always intrigue this lewdling as much as pillows did."

The cultist leader seemed to finally realize something as he yelled out. "No way! You can't be! I heard she died a few months ago!" The words made another pulse from the crystal come as the voice inquired. "Who died?" To which the cultist yelled in pure rage. "The Deceiver! The traitorous champion of Gaia who sought to usurp her power! ESPERIA!"

To which the crystal's radiance intensified. "Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm very much alive at this point~ Although it saddens me that history got so twisted in my ambitions~"

The cultist could scarcely believe what he was hearing. Instead he turned toward Puck and Sebastian. "You two... because of you my life-long work got destroyed in a single night!"

The man raised his hands, altering the gravity in the room to such a degree it looked like even Sebastian and Puck were rooted to their spots. "Haha! it seems even monsters like you two can't resist the weight of this world!"

Yet it was in that fleeting moment the crystal's glow intensified and the two rose back onto their feet. "I-Impossible!" The cultist muttered, to which the feminine voice called from the crystal again. "Silly goose~ I obtained the power of Gaia sealed in this crystal. What makes you think I can't bestow its power onto others?"

Hearing these words the cultist leader turned toward the crystal with pure madness in his eyes. "DECEIVER! TRAITOR! WITCH OF THE END!"

Yet it was that moment he turned his back toward the two that Puck took his chance, unleashing a torrent of ice that clearly encased the cultist after which he coldly crushed the crystal underneath his paw.

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With the battle finally settled Puck reverted back into his smaller form while Sebastian's gaze lingered upon the crystal. "Forgive me for being ignorant of your reasoning Esperia. But why did you consume the power of Gaia's crystal?"

The crystal had gone silent for a moment, after which a light pulse of light came from within. "Well, surely you must had heard about the emergence of these raiders from a different dimension? It seems they intend to consume Gaia's essence to save their world, which would kill ours in the process. Hence I thought: why not use this power against them?"

It was a reason he couldn't help but laugh briefly at. It was a reasoning that he could so see being suited for one like Esperia. However, there was still the matter of Lily's safety. As if sensing their concern the crystal's glow intensified again. "Go ahead and unchain her. Despite her injuries she is still alive. Unfortunately the events here did cause quite some damage to us."

Puck turned his focus toward the crystal as he was busily unchaining Lily. "Damage?" The words were clearly troubling the spirit who looked up at the crystal as he saw the countless strands of mana connecting the crystal to Lily. Was Esperia transfering this power to Lily? "Mhmm, although her body was able to endure the experiments, the consequences are quite similar to a terminal illness. As such it will be only a matter of time before we died for real."

Sebastian hesitated for a moment, not sure how to convey the suggestion he wanted to bring up. He knew she wouldn't agree to it, since it meant sacrificing one of the two girls inhabiting that body. However, he knew Asmodeus would no doubt have wanted Esperia to escape death in some way.

Puck meanwhile looked worriedly at Lily who was still unconscious. "Is there no cure to be found?" The question made the crystal glow once more. "There is none. However, there is a solution for us to escape from death. However, it is not an easy choice to make."

At least the idea of being able to escape from dying was somewhat reassuring for Puck, even if he didn't like the mentioning that it wouldn't be an easy choice to make. This meant that there likely was some sort of complicated requirement, like a sacrifice or something.

As the flow of mana started to cease the feminine voice called out a final time. "But for now let us converse in a more private manner, I will retreat into Lily's body for the time being."

And with these words the crystal finally lost its glow again, instead slowly scattering into countless tiny shards that evaporated mid-descend. "What did she mean with a more private manner?" Puck asked in confusion to Sebastian, who merely smiled at the spirit. "She must had been talking about her soulscape. But for us to be able to access that we will need to get Lily to wake up first."

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Sebastian gently shook the girl, attempting to wake her up from her slumber while Puck floated lightly at her side. It took a moment for Lily to finally open her eyes as she whispered weakly. "Nyancelot?" Hearing the name of his false identity earned a gentle smile from Puck who shook his head lightly. "I am Puck now. I evolved to save my princess~" The words earned a weak giggle from Lily as she looked toward Sebastian. "And he?" Sebastian merely smiled kindly at her. "I am Sebastian, a humble servant of a Benefactor of yours, and a friend of Esperia."

It seemed that explanation was enough to reassure her at least, after which Puck continued. "And he isn't the only one! A lot of people from Hargeon and Blue Pegasus volunteered to help rescue you. Everyone is waiting for you to return home with us."

The words seemingly stirred something in the girl who was reminded of a recent memory. "I... can return home?" Puck tilted his head slightly to the side in bewilderment. "Of course! Why wouldn't you? We all came here to save you~" The words made Lily's eyes tear up. "b-but they made me into a monster..."

Was it because of these experiments they conducted onto her? Of course just telling her that she wasn't a monster wouldn't help her that much. "How about we ask Esperia for her advice?" Sebastian's words made Puck nod his head firmly, to which he asked Lily. "Lily, can you hold our hands and try to think back about that place where you go to when you want to see Esperia?"

The question earned a look of bewilderment from the elf. "You mean that throne room?" Puck nodded his head enthusiastically while Sebastian merely whispered some words of encouragement. "Don't be afraid Lily. I know you can do it: Simply reach out for the familiar presence of her soul. If you call out to Esperia, I am certain she will answer." With these words Lily closed her eyes, attempting to reach out to the presence of her other self, not sure what to expect...

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