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The Rescue [Epic SL]

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"Over there my friends." The armored Exceed spoke as he gestured further down the hill. There, in the shadow cast by the large cliff looming overhead the entrance to the shrine was concealed. Even now a group of robed figures, no doubt cultists were noticeably walking around as if they were guarding the entrance.

"I can sense my master's presence inside the shrine. It's weak but still there." He whispered, clearly betraying the sense of urgency in his voice. "However, I also feel Mistress Esperia her presence. Whatever they are planning, it's likely they will not hand her over, not even for a fight to the death."

His gaze turned toward the back, seeing the volunteers of the Blue Pegasus guild that had come along with him to rescue their missing friend. "I believe it will do us good for me to speak some words of encouragement for the others. After all, we're about to head to war."

The Exceed muttered the last part, unsheathing his sword as he glared down at the cultists in the distance. They would pay for their outrageous crimes! He and Blue Pegasus would see to that for sure. This slight could only be answered by bloodshed...

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The Exceed turned toward the mages that had accompanied him. He wasn't certain of what to say. After all, he usually left the verbal encouragements to his master. But with her kidnapped it would fall upon him to do that duty.

"What are we waiting for Nyancelot?" One of the mages asked, while another chimed in agreement. "These bastards harmed one of our own and even took Lily! No way we will sit idle and do nothing!" Another among the crowd spoke in agreement. "I still can scarcely believe that Lily is the reincarnation of Esperia. Even after Manzo and Alisa told us about it. But Esperia was a sister to us! We'll make them pay!"

Nyancelot smiled warmly at the group. "You're right my friends. These vile cultists took someone dear to us! We will not allow a single one of them to escape unpunished!"

The Exceed pointed his sword toward the shrine and declared proudly. "CHAAAAARGE!"

To the cultists down below it was a horrifying sight, magic spells rained down upon them with neither mercy or hesitation and the few who weren't pummeled by the spells soon found themselves at the pointy end of the weapons of the attacking mages.

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The defending cultists were quickly overwhelmed, and as Nyancelot withdrew his sword from the body of a cultist and approached the gateway leading underground he grumbled in annoyance. "These bastards have set up a barrier."

Swinging his sword at the barrier he felt his sword cleanly rebound against it. However, as the other Blue Pegasus mages prepared to launch their own attacks at the barrier a masculine voice called from the back. "Please allow me to lend a hand."

The voice caused the group to turn around into the direction of the voice. Standing behind then was a man dressed in a traditional butler suit, although there was 'something' about him that clearly described him as different from most. Perhaps it was his presence, or the confidence he carried himself with.

"You... you're Sebastian aren't you?! Why in the world would you be here in Seven?!" To which the butler merely smiled at the little Exceed. "My master gave me instructions to free our mutual friend ser Nyancelot. Now, let us be on our way shall we? A barrier of this caliber is nothing."

The butler placed a hand onto the barrier and started to squeeze firmly into it, causing the barrier to shatter with remarkable ease!

"Now let us continue, this rescue mission is far from over."

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Rushing into the entrance hall of the shrine the group were quickly besieged by more cultists. However, their efforts would do little to slow down the group. Whether it was Nyancelot, Sebastian or the volunteers who had tagged along, their determination was worthy of praise as they struck down any obstacle the cultists threw at them. It didn't take long till they finally reached the large hall. Further up ahead was the gigantic oaken door that led into the inner sanctum. However, the cultists clearly wouldn't allow them to enter that place. Several rows of cultists stood in front of the door, with in front of them being a much taller and muscular cultist clad in a different colored robe.

"I believe the one at the front must be one of the cultists who underwent their experiments ser Nyancelot." The butler's words made the Exceed scoff in anger. "I don't care what they are, if they stand in front of us with the intention to oppose us, then the only way this is going to end is by skewering my sword through them!"

Nyancelot's angry response earned a smile from the butler. "I have to admit I'm mildly annoyed myself to think one had the gall to kidnap my master's favorite mortal. I believe it is time for some proper punishment."

The Exceed had already darted toward the cultists, followed by the mysterious butler while at the same time the volunteers were dashing behind them, ready to bring the fight to the cultists! The cultist their leader swung an arm toward the Exceed who nimbly dodged the blow by jumping sideways, but to the cultist his surprise Sebastian had easily intercepted the blow that was aimed at the Exceed, holding the man's arm in place with remarkable ease.

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It was that moment the cultist was dazed that Nyancelot saw an opportunity to strike. His sword swung in an upwards arch, cleanly severing the cultist his arm from the rest of his body! Meanwhile Sebastian saw his own chance to finish off the remaining resistance of the cultist who was already reeling back in pain. A strong step forwards was taken by the butler who jabbed a fist cleanly into the torso of the cultist, the sheer strength of his attack being more than enough for his fist to penetrate both the clothing and flesh of the man. In fact, it seemed the cultist his heart was crushed under the blow for he felt lifelessly onto the ground.

Meanwhile the other volunteers were bravely fighting off the cultists, each of their individual fights being won in their favor. It took only a few minutes till the last of the cultists were slain and the rescue party was able to advance further into the shrine.

"Nyancelot" One of the volunteers called out, drawing the Exceed's attention. "You and the old butler should continue onwards while we secure an escape route for you and ensure no cultists come from this side." It was a sound idea, if the volunteers remained behind they could keep their escape route clear and ensure they wouldn't have to deal with a pincer formation from the cultists.

"Whatever awaits you inside, teach these bastards a lesson!" One of the volunteers called out, leading to the others to reply in agreement. "Nobody messes with Blue Pegasus!" "Make sure to save Lily!" The Exceed nodded his head firmly at the sight of his valorous friends and their determination. He would not disappoint them! "Let us go Sebastian." He spoke to the elderly butler who nodded his head lightly. "After you Ser Nyancelot." And with these words the Exceed approached the door, pushing open the way leading into the Inner Sanctum. He didn't know what would await him there, but he was certain that no matter what vile tricks the cult had in store for them, they would succeed in their mission!

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