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The Monster [Epic SL]

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She wasn't sure what had overcome her. In fact, in a way it was like she wasn't even conscious. The moment she watched Claudia die something inside her snapped, like a dam that broke and now she was submerged in that sea of anger and rage. Even now her body moved on pure rage, ignoring the sickening sensation of the man's crushed skull.

Even as the other cultists approached her, she cared little about their numbers. No, all that was on her mind was killing the man who was responsible for this nightmare: The leader of these cultists who went by the name of 'father'.

Lily dashed toward him, even as the cultists moved to intercept her path the girl swung an arm at them with such a surge of strength behind it they were literally send flying into the air several meters.

"That's not the power of a Ghoul Father." One of the cultists near their leader mumbled, to which the leader merely nodded his head in affirmation. One of these robed figures dashed forward to intercept her enraged charge. This man was clearly different from the cultists, for he was larger and bulkier and was able to force the charging elf to a standstill.

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Several more cultists approached her from the side, something that didn't go unnoticed by her, for the moment they did Lily's body became surrounded in a pure white aura, the aura's presence causing several boulders around her to suddenly stir and rise from the ground, causing the leader to mumble. "Telekinesis hmm?"

The boulders came rushing down onto the other cultists while she raised a fist, intending to pummel the taller cultist. However, the man had responded in kin, fist colliding against fist as a back and forth brawl began. Whenever one hit the other, the other side retaliated with a violent blow of their own. However, where Lily's strength was driven by emotion and rage, that of the cultist was of something else.

And even then, the fact so many of their numbers rushed at her forced Lily in a stalemate. She had to use her Telekinesis repeatedly just to keep the small fry off her, and she lacked the strength to overwhelm the man in front of her.

Or did she?

As if on instinct she felt her memory of the things the cultist leader had said about Claudia resurface. He called her a monster... A ghoul. The sweet and cheerful woman she had been proud to call her friend was not a monster! She was meant to go to Hargeon with her! All she wanted was to meet two powerful women that she adored and admired! How could such a person possibly be considered a monster? No! The real monsters were these cultists!

"Yes Lily... draw upon that anger. Draw upon your desire to destroy them."

A voice gently whispered into her ear as the aura flared more violently, seemingly empowering her further as Lily raised a fist backwards once more and violently punched it forward with enough force the hulking cultist was send reeling backwards.

Even as he tried to recover the punch aimed at his head came with such fierce violence it literally cracked his head backwards and his body felt motionless onto the ground. Meanwhile as Lily turned wordlessly toward the cultist leader the other guards around him braced themselves, but the elderly man motioned them to stand down as he stepped forward, as if he was ready to face her at last.

Lily rushed in a feral dash toward him, arm flung backwards but the cultist muttered something, causing an immense weight to suddenly make her legs give way and she collapsed onto the ground.

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It was as if gravity itself had turned against her. The sheer pressure that forced her on the ground was immense. Even as she tried to force her body to move, she could do little aside from moving a few inches. The cultist leader approached her, his gaze fixated onto her as she felt the pressure on her body growing even more intense. Activating her Telekinesis the girl attempted to launch the collection of boulders toward the madman, but even they were forced back onto the ground.

To think even her rage couldn't overpower this man's twisted magic... The exhaustion started to get the better of her, her vision growing blurry as she finally fainted. The cultists slowly approached her body, looking at their leader for guidance. "Take her to the inner sanctum." Was all the man said as the cultists picked up the unconcious girl's body and started to carry her back inside the shrine.

One of the guards of the cultist leader turned toward her, asking hesitatingly. "Did the experiments fail Father?" To which the elderly man shook his head firmly. "No son, our experiments didn't fail. The girl simply surpassed our expectations. We have now well and truly obtained a suitable vessel for our goddess."

Meanwhile the sound of rushed footsteps came from the distance as a robed cultist rushed toward the group. "Father! People are approaching!" The cultist leader went silent for a moment, a frown upon his expression. "And? What of them?" To which the cultist quickly continued to explain. "They are led by a peculiar Exceed clad in a western knight's armor, and... Manzo! The Joyan manslayer!"

The cultists whispered among each other, clearly disturbed by this revelation. "It doesn't matter. Tell everyone to stay alert and prepare to hold back the invaders. No matter the consequences, they can't enter the inner sanctum while the ritual is ongoing!"

The other cultists yelled in affirmation while their leader walked back into the shrine, seemingly escorted by his guards. It wouldn't take long for these foolish mages to get there. At the very least he would ensure the ritual would be completed long before they can set foot inside the inner sanctum.

"Please wait a little longer Gaia... Soon your vessel will be ready for your ascension..." As the elderly man muttered these words he made his way back into the shrine.

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