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The Friend [Epic SL]

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A dream... Lately it felt that the dreams had become more frequent since she started talking to Claudia, but whether that was a sign her mind was recovering was something she was no certain about. However, this time she found herself in the same throne room as in her last dream. But unlike before Esperia was not seated on the throne. Instead, she was standing in front of the throne, her gaze focused on the crystal towering high behind the throne.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Esperia called out to her, causing Lily to take a few hesitant steps forward and asked in a soft voice. "What is it?" The question had made Esperia go silent for a moment, leading to the elf to look at her in bewilderment. She expected the silence would be accompanied by a frown, but instead she smiled, a look of nostalgia on her face.

"I would say it is the embodiment of our connection to a certain source of power. A benefactor of sorts." Esperia turned toward her, after which she continued speaking. "I apologize for bringing you here during your sleep, but I fear it is time for me to start teaching you about a secret power."

A secret power? "You mean Hermes?" The girl's inquiry made Esperia shake her head with a smile. "No, the power I am about to teach you today is something more raw, a source of magic that draws forth from your own willpower and soul."

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The bewilderment in Lily's expression was as easy to read, as if she might as well had been a book. "I'm not sure I follow?" To which Esperia chuckled briefly. "It is understandable for you to be confused, for it is knowledge associated to my memories. You see, while many mortals worship otherwordly beings as Gods, during my adventures I met some of these 'gods' and learned that they were in fact beings from other realms. As such I became obsessed with the desire to find ways to have us mortals challenge these beings, to be equal to them and even surpass them."

Lily nodded her head briefly. "Did you find a way?" Lily's question earned a smile from Esperia who nodded her head firmly in return to the question. "I did. This way comes in the form of an ancient magic. It has many names throughout history, but it all turns back to the concept of using emotions and the essence of one's soul to empower yourself. 'Saiyan' magic a friend of mine once called it.

Saiyan... magic? The power to strengthen oneself through emotion and their own soul? Was such a thing even possible, and if so... how in the world did she possess such a thing?

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As if she could read Lily's insecurity the woman in front of her smiled gently and explained in a tender tone: "Yes Lily, even you can wield this power. In fact, you are extremely suited for wielding the power in the first place due to the nature of your soul."

Even then the words did little to encourage the insecure lass. After her captivity and all the suffering it was only natural that her willpower was at such a low level. Yet the words that followed did leave her somewhat curious. "You'll find out in due time how strong you can truly be." And it was at that moment the dream ceased to be, drawing her back to reality.

Inside the cell she woke up once more, her gaze turning to look around. Fortunately there was no guard patrolling the prison right now, it was these moments she liked the most because it was the only semblance of peace she found in this place, and it could give her some time to talk to Claudia as well.

"Claudia-" She called out, causing the young woman in the cell a few meters away from hers to stir. "hmm? What's the matter Lily? Can't sleep?" No way she would be able to sleep in a place like this. Only times she could truly sleep was when exhaustion got the better of her.

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"Where do you want to go when we finally leave this place behind?" The question earned a soft chuckle from Claudia who declared happily. "Hargeon! I heard the sea is beautiful to behold there~ And then there is all the seafood and delicacies that people can eat there. But that is not all there is to Hargeon!"

The excitement of the young lady was infectious as she caused Lily to ask. "Oh? Then what else is there to Hargeon?" The question made the girl exclaim enthusiastically: "Blue Pegasus! The most stylish and beautiful guild in all of Fiore! I once saw a magazine about them. Lady Sofia is described as the Angel of Blue Pegasus, and their guild master Lady Alisa is often said to be as graceful and beautiful as a diamond, that is why she is often called the Diamond Empress by her admirers~ Although I hear they also call her the White Empress sometimes?"

The mentioning of these names made Lily smile warmly. "I'll take you there Claudia~ I'll help you meet Sofia and Alisa someday~"

Claudia was clearly smiling so brightly it almost blinded the elven maiden, who simply leaned back in her cell and hummed softly. "I promise..."

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It was a while after they had playfully exchanged their dreams of the future that a brutal disruption would end their conversation. A cultist had arrived at the cells the girls were restrained at. After he opened Lily's cell and undid her restrains he was about to walk out with her when Claudia chimed softly: "I bet Gaia must be weeping at the sight one of her children is as useless as you." The words earned a sharp glare from the cultist. "What was that little bitch?!" To which Claudia continued to provoke him with a smirk. "What is the matter? Did all the fapping turn you deaf?" These words were enough to send the man in a rage, unlocking her cell and approaching her, but Lily already could see the opportunity she was being given by this act, and the moment the cultist slapped Claudia in the face something stirred within the elf. An anger so intense she lunged forwards, her body surrounded by a golden aura as she intended to punch the back of the man but instead felt her fist penetrating through his spine with sickening ease.

"Wew~ Now that is a punch Lily! Quick, unchain me so we can turn these promises into reality~"

Lily nodded her head firmly, undoing the restrains of her friend and prepared to escape alongside her!

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