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The Experiment [Epic SL]

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How had it come to this? Why? Even as she tried to resist with all her might, her light frame and lack of physical strength made it all too easy for the cultists to force her out of the cell. She was dragged into some sort of room where several cylinder-shaped constructs were floating.

Although she remembered being shoved in one of these things, whatever happened afterwards felt like a blur to her. The cultists at the other side of the room that were manning the control panels were seemingly talking about something: "Is the drug being administered correctly?" The other cultist nodded his head firmly. "It's because she is an elf sir, it seems she has a natural resistance against things like this."

The man glared at the console in front of him, pacing back and forth through the room. "Increase the dosage." The cultist turned toward his superior. "Are you sure sir? It increases the chance she will transform into a ghoul already."

The man sighed audibly. "That is what the limiters are for: Increase the dose."

The man nodded his head firmly in return, watching as the moment he manipulated the device in front of him the tubes started to redirect the fluids into the capsule containing the elf.

Even now he could hear her cries and screams, making the man silently ponder if he would be condemned into hell for doing something like this. Not that he would ever let anyone hear him question the cause of their group. No, far from it.

It was at least several hours later that Lily found herself back in the cell, curled up in a small ball as she wept softly. "It hurts, right?" The female prisoner from before called out to her. "But you can't show them that, you can't show them your tears and suffering. Don't give them that.

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Lily looked up at the one who addressed her. "Don't give them that?" She asked hesitatingly, after which the girl nodded her head in response to Lily's question. "Indeed, don't give these sick psychopaths the delight of seeing your tears and suffering. Besides, a smile better suits a pretty elf like you."

Lily couldn't help but smile weakly at these words. "See! I'm right~ A smile suits you so much more!" The prisoner exclaimed joyously as she sat upright in her jail. "My name is Claudia~ Who are you?" The energetic response made Lily reply with a sheepish smile. "Lily... That is what they call me~" Claudia nodded her head lightly at Lily. "Nice to meet ya Lily~"

It was just like this that the two had found a small ray of hope in this realm of despair. Although every day the two would be taken out of their cells at different times to undergo the experiments, like some sort of wordless creed had arisen between them, leading to Lily to no longer scream or cry while undergoing the torturous experiments. Instead she tried her best to keep that smile on her lips.

It was clear it disturbed some of the cultists, and that was enough...

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Although the experiments did hurt, they hurt immensely. Even if her body seemed to be healing from the injuries she sustained faster than normally, she could still feel the painful throbbing in her arms that were now bandaged. Still, there was one particular day that truly stood out as being more of a nightmare than others.

It all began after the routine experiments. The leading researcher among the cultists had been upset at the lack of progress due to her elven body, and in a fit of rage did the unthinkable. When Lily returned to her cell with bandages wrapping around her head, in particular covering her ears and she was sobbing uncontrollably Claudia knew what had happened:

They had damaged the poor girl's ears... She was stirring in anger, at the sheer ruthlessness of the cultists and in that moment, Claudia had sworn that she would not rest until every single member of these cultists had experienced a true hell.

Meanwhile in the sanctuary of the shrine. The leading scientist was kneeling in front of their leader. "You called Father?" To which the leader spoke: "I heard you ordered your subordinates to damage the ears of our vessel?" The scientist gulped softly "Yes Father..." The man stepped toward the kneeling scientist. "Did I order you to do that?" The scientist shook his head lightly. "No Father-" Yet the moment he finished speaking the man slapped the cultist in his face and motioned at one of the nearby guards. "Take one of his ears... An eye for an eye, an ear for an ear. Let this be a lesson: If you damage our goddess' vessel again I will take more than your ear next time."

That day, no more experiments were held for the day, something that Claudia did take notice from as the two remained in their cells.

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A dream... For a long time it felt to her like she had stopped dreaming ever since she got captured by the cult. Once more she found herself in the throne room, but this time Esperia was there, a sorrowful look on her face. "Lily..." she whispered softly as she approached the girl and gently wrapped her arms around the girl. "I know you must be suffering immensely right now. But believe in the future. I am certain that even as we speak people are working on finding us."

True enough, it wasn't like Manzo and Blue Pegasus would let the kidnapping go unanswered. But did they even have a means of tracking them down? Where in the world were they even? Sensing her doubt Esperia shook her head lightly. "Trust in Nyancelot, he will surely guide the way for our friends."

Meanwhile something was stirring, causing Lily to slowly wake up from her slumber. "Lily?" Claudia called out to her, leading to the girl to sit upright and wipe the tears from her eyes. "Are you... alright? You seemed to be having some sort of dream, mumbling and all."

Lily nodded her head feebly, trying to ignore the pain in her ears.

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The next day no experiments were conducted either. While Lily seemed to be taking the opportunity to rest, Claudia couldn't help but wonder whether it meant something had happened to the cult. Did they accomplish their goals? Unlikely, they would likely neither be in this cell or alive then. No, there must had been something else going on...

"Lily?" Claudia called out to her friend, causing the elf to open her eyes and gaze tiredly at her fellow prisoner. "I promise: I will get you out of this nightmare, even if it costs my life." To which Lily weakly extended a hand through the bars of her prison, her pink finger raised. "And I promise we'll both escape together." The words made Claudia smile kindly at her friend, gently hooking her pink finger around Lily's. Yet little did the two girls realize that in that moment, only one of their promises would be able to be fulfilled. A harsh and tragic future that awaited the duo. But for now they were still hopeful, with a friend at her side and help on the way... Perhaps Lily would be able to survive this living nightmare she had found herself in...

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