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The Sacrifice [Epic SL: Chapter 1]

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To think such devastation had hit the city of Hargeon, the domain of Blue Pegasus. She had heard the rumors, but to think someone had been bold enough to besiege the city still felt outlandish to her. Nonetheless, for now there was simply one thing the people of Hargeon could do: Endure and rebuild, and Blue Pegasus was more than willing to help with that.

Even now as she was carrying supplies to one of the outposts set up throughout the city that distributed goods to the citizen to help them, Lily could see the lingering devastation. Some of the districts were hit far worse than others, buildings that had collapsed and were left as just debris, the destruction created by the dark invader had been terrible to say the least, and yet even now people were enduring and recovering from the horror. In the end, they had no choice.

"Ah, there you are Lily~ Nyancelot isn't with you today?"

A voice drew her thoughts back to reality, the young elven maiden shaking her head gently in return to the words spoken by the Blue Pegasus mage who had been awaiting her arrival. "He is helping Manzo-sensei right now." The girl explained with a sheepish smile.

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The mage thanked her for the delivery of the supplies while noticing the dejected mood of the elf. "Don't worry too much Lily, the people of Hargeon are strong, together we'll overcome this." These words made Lily nod her head firmly, attempting to psyche herself up. "I'm going to get another box of supplies from the guild hall~" Waving toward the mages manning the outpost Lily started to dash back through the streets. However, it was at some point something made her stop in her tracks. The sound of crying? Her ears twitched lightly at the sound as she approached the direction it came from. Was someone in trouble? Perhaps an injured civilian that had not been found yet? Dashing toward the alleyway she heard the sound from Lily called out "Can you hear me?! Please answer!" Yet instead of hearing a response from the crying voice, the sound suddenly disappeared and she felt a arm roughly wrap around her neck. The girl flailed, a hand attempting to reach for her dagger but a robed figure at the other side stepped from out of his hiding place, forcefully pulling her dagger away while applying some piece of cloth to her mouth. It didn't take much effort for her to notice the cloth was laced with some sort of drug, that was rapidly sapping away her strength.

Even in her normal condition she felt it to be difficult to overpower this stranger, so to do so while weakened seemed out of question. With her vision growing blurred all Lily could do was attempt a final ditch for her rescue, attempting to call for Hermes, but by then all it could do for her was disappear from the man's grip and reappear a few steps further, collapsing onto the ground. There was no strength left in her body...

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One of the robed figures approached Lily's unconscious body, pulling her over their shoulder. "This is the one right? Let's get her ready for transport, you know the master is getting impatient." However, it seemed they would reach a problem soon, for a voice called out from the other side of the alleyway. "Hey! What are you guys doing to Lily?!" It was one of the Blue Pegasus recruits that was helping with the restoration of the city. The robed figure turned toward their companion, mumbling softly. "You know the rules: no witnesses."

To which the other cultist sighed in amusement. "Aye~ Aye~ You go ahead and go to the meeting place, I'll deal with this child." The Blue Pegasus mage glared at the duo, stepping into their direction: "You're going nowhere!" But before he could finish speaking the other cultist had lunged straight toward the recruit, a dagger plunging into their torso.

"Che~ Not even able to dodge that? Either way, blame your own misfortune kid." The cultist said with a snide remark as he turned around and followed after his companion, leaving the poor Blue Pegasus recruit to bleed to death.

Meanwhile the duo soon found themselves in a warehouse, the carriage already prepared. "Hurry up and load her in, it will take a while before we reach Seven."

The driver spoke coldly, pulling his hood over his head while the two were pulling the unconscious girl into the carriage. Meanwhile, as the elven lass was being kidnapped, in her unconscious state the girl found herself in a most peculiar situation: She had once more returned to that throne room where she had previously met Esperia, yet this time the woman was nowhere to be found. "Esperia!" she called out, but no answer came but her own echo in the wind.

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She slowly approached the throne, noticing that rather than regal, it seemed more symbolic than anything, and then there was that crystal. The crystal had such a brilliant radiance to it that it seemed almost blinding to her. But it provided her no clues about where Esperia had disappeared to.


A group of hooded figures had gathered in a spacious chamber, each of them bending the knee to the one standing in front of the altar. "We have found the elf you were looking for Father." One of the figures spoke, to which the figure in front of the altar turned toward the kneeling individuals. "Excellent, start the preliminary adjustments. We have to make certain we cleanse any impurities from our vessel. Only the finest, purest and strongest of vessels can be used for our dreams."

The words made the figures nod their head firmly. "As you command. Meanwhile, what shall we do about the failed product?" The leader of the group went silent for a moment, raising a hand to their chin as he pondered. "Leave her with the vessel, she might still have some purpose to play."

With these words the cultists bowed once more as they rose onto their feet and left the room. Meanwhile their leader turned toward the altar and gazed up at the giant floating crystal in the room, a crystal devoid of all light and radiance. "Soon Gaia... Soon your children will hear your wisdom again... And then please, guide us into prosperity."

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Somewhere in the shrine...

A sudden splash of cold water forced Lily out of her trance, causing the girl to look around in a panic. She was clearly no longer in Hargeon, the walls were clearly from an older time, and the bars in front of her made it clear she was in a cell of sorts. Glimpsing sideways she could see a skeleton covered in rags, something that filled her with dread, a dread only intensified by a masculine voice calling out to her. "Finally awake, are ya?" The cultist called out to her from the other side of the cell. "Where am I?" Lily asked to which the figure merely replied coldly. "I'm not here to answer your questions, just know you have to get ready in an hour."

Ready? Ready for what? As if noticing her bewilderment a soft feminine voice called out to her side. "The experiments..." Lily turned to look, a young woman around her age was covered with her arms in bandages, and here and there she could see the faded signs of scars on her skin.

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