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Underground Associates Pt. 3 [Charlotte & Kaito | A-Rank]

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#1Charlotte Harrison 

Underground Associates Pt. 3 [Charlotte & Kaito | A-Rank] Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 9:15 pm

Charlotte Harrison
"Well, I wouldn't want my new members to leave here feeling down, how about the two of you head downstairs, and enjoy the music and the atmosphere a little?" Sam offered, in an attempt to ease the tension that had clearly built up between the couple.

"Oh but before I forget." She shifted her hand, producing two small plastic cards that seemed blank other than a small rabbit-like symbol, "Your club member cards." She winked, "This will ensure you can enter the club without any hitch in the future, plus free drinks for members."

"Oh, and the club is closed to non-members on Thursdays, be sure to come if you wanna earn your keep." She added, gauging the reactions of both, "And Van, you might want to be careful about using those little tricks of yours on fellow members in the future." She warned with a forced smile before standing up to take her to leave.

Charlotte was still huffing on the side of the couch but graciously took the card offered to them. From what Sam had indicated, Thursdays were the days they planned their moves. So they'd have to later return then to learn more about the gang and its fellow members. Regardless, they were here already and there was a chance other members were already in the club enjoying themselves, they'd just need to look for others using similar cards to get their drinks. Meaning sticking around might not be a complete waste of their time.

The only thing was they'd have to continue to keep up this facade until they left and Charlotte wasn't sure how much of 'Van' she could put up with before completely losing it. Despite her displeasure, at the end of the day, she had done this to herself, so she figured she was just going to have to suck it up and deal with it until they were completely done with this job.



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Revy waited till the woman was gone then she got close and she whispered to the woman. "I promise you he is not really like that." She felt she needed to say it cause She wasn't needed to be in character but Kaito had to be to make sure they don't get spotted.

"Hey Jamie babe I am sorry I got carried away, so what do you say want to go dance?" He walks over to her and he puts his hand out to her with a smile, they were going to have to fit in and dancing with her is one way as well as watching the bar to do it. If they need a distraction he guesses he can sing and buy her time as well but he will have to keep it in Fiorian So it would keep the crowds attention for Charlotte to move nearly unnoticed by them.

He doubts that she will probably ever ask him to go on missions again and he can understand it after the stunt he pulled here tonight cause he will admit he went to far and he was really going to have to make it up to the woman after this so she doesn't think he is a creep of some sort.

#3Charlotte Harrison 

Underground Associates Pt. 3 [Charlotte & Kaito | A-Rank] Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 11:02 pm

Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte shot Revy a quick smile, to let her know she understood. It had been her own fault for not considering how far they may need to take things to completely sell the legitimacy of their personas. Well, she'd made this bed and now she was going to have to sleep in it.

"Fine, but it will take more than a backrub to make it up to me." She huffed, taking his hand, whilst remaining to act snooty. Standing up she would close the distance, bringing her face as close to his as she could given the height difference, "And if you so much as glance at another girl, I won't let you off so easily." She warned with a sneer. The tamer glanced down at Gwen who was clearly still struggling as she remained wrapped up in the cloak, then back to Revy.

"Be a darl and take care of her for me." She requested flippantly, hoping the exceed wouldn't hate her for her lack of proper manners during this time, "She doesn't do well in loud places." Hopefully, Revy would be alright with watching over the gryphon. It was highly unlikely that Gwendolyn would get up to any mischief here given her current condition. Maybe next time she'd leave Gwen in Edgar's care, she was rather fond of him and given his personality it was highly likely he'd accept responsibility for her for an evening here and there as long as he wasn't busy himself.

"What are you waiting for? Let's go already." Charlotte stepped past Kaito, still holding his hand as she went to drag him downstairs to the dancefloor, her eyes and ears peeled for anything they could use to grow their knowledge on either the club or the gang.

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He smiles at her as she said it was going to take more than a backrub. "Of course what every you want babe it is yours~" He used a cocky yet charming voice with her, As she warned him about looking at other woman he understood she wanted him to reel it back in a bit and focus on her playing the part of the I am the one in charge and wearing the pants between us and don't you forget it personality. He looked into her beautiful eyes and his cheeks flushed a little as she was very close to him.

Revy nods and gently picks up the companion burrito and she walks further back so the are more toward a corner and Revy puts a small pair of ear muffs on the gryphon to help further shield the poor thing from the loud music and she gently pets her to try and help her remain calm and not to panic or run off after the two that had just went down the stairs.

Kaito followed along behind the woman and he keeps his eyes only on her as she had told him, as his character was cocky but he was also loyal to the woman whose hand he is holding and following after. He keeps his ears open in case anyone around them starts talking about plans or if someone lets a small detail slip that they can latch onto and use. Kaito can smell something strange down in this area but he has no idea what that smell is, though as this place looks like it has seen better days that it might be rotting dead rats or some other kind of rot in this place.

He danced with her making sure to let her lead as he was to be the follower not the leader, but he is glad that the wood elves had taught him how to dance so he isn't stepping on her feet when they get closer. The place did seem a bit chaotic but he keeps his eyes on her as she had told him.

#5Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
As someone that had been classically trained in ballroom dancing, Charlotte could dance, however, her expertise was far from that of those within the club. As they were making their way down, she'd been sure to watch the dance moves carefully of the fellow females on the dancefloor. As such when it came time to 'get down' the tamer did her best to mimic the movements she'd witnessed, without missing a beat.

Charlotte was too caught up in trying to 'fit in' with the crowd and copy the moves while also keeping an eye out for possible intel and hadn't thought through just how risque some of the moves she was replicating were. Her eyes on the price of fulfilling her work overpowered her ability to notice how close and suggestive she was getting with Kaito.

On the bright side, this did mean no one dared to approach them, seeing as they were 'obviously' a couple and therefore already taken. Allowing them to easily move around as they wished without having to deal with too many drunken people. On the other hand, Charlotte had failed to take into account how uncomfortable she may have been making her dance partner and continued to be oblivious to this fact.

It wasn't until someone flipping a familiar-looking card at the bar caught her eye that she'd stop, instead of dancing, she'd lean up to whisper in Kaito's ear, ensuring he would hear her over the music without being overheard by others.

"Over there." She indicated with her eyes for him to look over towards the bar, "I think they must be a member too." She suggested, subtly pointing out what appeared to be an athletic, broad-shouldered, muscular male, who was currently ordering himself a drink.

Meanwhile, Revy's attempts to help Gwendolyn had been going wonderfully, the earmuffs doing wonders for the poor gryphon who had been struggling to cope. She chittered and purred as she nuzzled into the exceed to show her appreciation, although, through all the noise, it would largely go unnoticed by anyone that may pass by.  Even those that did notice the exceed with the strange bundle, didn't seem to pay them any mind, preferring to continue to enjoy themselves rather than deal with whatever strange thing was going on in the corner of the club.

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Kaito having to stick to his character kept his cool and looked like he was enjoying they way she was dancing but he could tell she was just mimicking the people around them as she seemed laser focused on what she was looking for and he doesn't let this get to him cause he knows this woman wouldn't really do something like this to him normally and he keeps his head and dances with her making sure to keep a safe space between them so she didn't accidently bump into him and maybe make herself self conscious of what she is doing cause it would probably make her feel awkward and uncomfortable so he just bides his time as she looked around and he would seek a peek every once in awhile to see if he saw any cards.

When she leaned up into him to whisper to him and put his hands near her sides not actually touching her but to people near by it would look like he was touching her sides and it might be her deciding to flirt with him or something of that kind to those that might look their way and he whispers back to her."I think you might be on the dot there my dear Watson."  He smirked a bit as that probably sounded like a stupid line to say to her here or it might have sounded like he was saying duh at her but really he was just agreeing that she is probably right and he hopes that they don't get them selves into any trouble. He noticed at some men in the club were looking at him very enviously.

Revy notices that Kaito had forgot to pick up his member ship card and she runs over and grabs it up then makes a bird noise that fit into the music so unless you were looking for it you wouldn't notice it and then she threw the card and Kaito catches without looking between his fingers and Revy hurries back to the burrito that seems content and she hopes that she is going to be okay and her hearing wouldn't be damaged from all the noise and she is probably a bit over stimulated as well from it all.

#7Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte nodded as Kaito confirmed she was onto something, she hadn't just imagined it or mistook the wrong card. Although from this distance it was still a possibility. They would need to close the gap so she could confirm her suspicions. If she could at least identify one other member before the end of the night, she would be happy with her work for the evening. The rest could wait until another day. Thursday to be precise.

"Shall we get ourselves a drink then?" Charlotte asked, thinking it would be best to move closer to the bar, grab their own drinks, and then look far less conspicuous should they follow the burly man. Without waiting for an answer, she'd already taken Kaito's gloved hand in her own, pulling him through the sea of strangers so they wouldn't become separated. Although, he was so tall it would be difficult to lose him even if they did at some point go separate ways.

From Kaito's point of view, it would become abundantly clear how focused Charlotte had become, completely oblivious to everything else happening around them as she zeroed in on her target. The young woman utterly clueless to the envious stares, the irritated looks of being pushed aside as she shoved her way past people, or Revy calling to Kaito as a card was thrown and caught.

Upon finally reaching the bar, she'd wave down one of the bartenders, ordering a sweet, alcholic beverage, before turning to see if Kaito wanted anything as she pulled out her membership card of sorts, to see how it would work. The bartender nodded as they spied the card as they waited to see if the lovely lady's partner would also be drinking tonight.

Whilst ordering and waiting for her drink to be served, Charlotte occasionally stole glances over towards the burly man, his drink seemed to be taking a while. Was he ordering something fancy, or was something else going on that they didn't know about?

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Kaito was pulled along by her and he can tell she is a force to be reckoned with as she was pulling him like he was a child and she didn't seem to care about the people that were now for sure taking note of her and himself and he hopes that she knows what she is doing as he will have to in the end have to probably be bailing her out of a fight if one gets picked with her. "Sounds good but I Don't drink but I will have your back."

He arrives to the bar with her and he looks around and he orders something that is non-alcoholic and if he got any side ways looks he just says that one of them will need to stay sober and he will make sure that she gets home with him and he puts his arm around her waist to make sure that the other people watching realize he is going to stay by her side and he shows his card as well as look at the man that had caught the woman's attention that had lead to them coming over here and he hopes that charlotte didn't mind his hand being on her like this, but he is playing the character showing a tad bit of jealousy from the guys that were staring at her and showing that she was his and they were just going to have to settle for just looking cause they have no chance with her as long as he was still drawing breath.

#9Charlotte Harrison 

Underground Associates Pt. 3 [Charlotte & Kaito | A-Rank] Empty Fri Sep 23, 2022 1:06 am

Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte was caught a little off-guard to learn that he didn't drink. Of all people, it would make most sense for someone in his position to want to drink to forget many of the things he's probably witnessed or actions he had to take. No doubt his life had led down a difficult path, yet he preferred to stay sober. Prehaps he preferred to simply stay in control and not lose his inhibitions, it was a choice he was free to make, just one she couldn't personally imitate.

Her cheeks reddened a bit as she felt his arm wrap around her waist. He really was going all out to sell his role, she couldn't fault him on that. It made her feel a little guilty if anything, that she had forced him into playing such a person, there was no way he could be enjoying this. She would have to remember to apologise to him once they wrapped this job up. However, she was thankful that he had stayed faithful to the character and gone along with her plans, so far they had somewhat panned out.

Taking her drink, she'd start to sip as she'd coax Kaito into following her as she slipped a little more slowly and carefully this time across the bar towards their target. By this point, the man was drinking what appeared to be some sort of cocktail, as he himself swayed and danced his own way through the crowd, rather elegantly for someone of his size and stature. It somewhat impressed the runaway noble, the way he easily parted the crowd as he moved along, acting friendly with all the other patrons in an effortless manner until he managed to find who Charlotte assumed were his friends as he stopped moving through the crowd and just started enjoying himself.

It was at this point that the young woman wasn't entirely sure how to approach the situation, did she go over and try to dance and make friends with him? Or just sit and keep an eye on him? She'd look to Kaito for assistance, her eyes begging for help with what to do now. While she wanted to do this with her own power, she knew when it was wise to ask for assistance, rather than attempting to do things on her own.

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He watched the man and he watched Charlotte watch the guy walk away and then he saw her look to him for a plan and he thinks for a second then he leans in closer and gets close to her neck right below her ear and he whispers his warm breath tickling her neck probably as he does so. "I will take a flask out and pour a little more fruit punch from it into my drink to make the bar tender think I added my own alcohol to my drink then take a big drink of my drink, fake being drunk or buzzed since the only one that could dispute it is the bartender but if he saw me do that he won't be sure. You slap me as hard as you can so that it sells well to the crowd and you make your way over there and ask if you can join them and make up a story like I need time to cool off or so you yourself feels safer."

He brought his face away from her and he smiles at her then he begins the plan and he pulls out a flask putting some into the drink in front of him the bar tender giving him some dirty side eye for doing such a thing then he takes a big drink from it and he shivers like it had gone down rough and then he looks at her and moves his eye brow as a sign he is about to do the thing so she should get ready to do the slap. He wonders if she is going to be able to do it but he believes in her to handle it all she needs is the kindling to get the fire started for herself and he puts his hands on her hips and he leans in toward her like he is going to kiss her or something and as he sees her raise her hand to slap him a dull red aura appears around himself he had activated this so his curse wouldn't effect her when her hand made contact with his face and faded right after the slap was done and she was no longer making contact with his skin.

#11Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte felt her cheeks flush as she became hyperaware of just how close Kaito was as he whispered in her ear. His plan would be a good excuse for her to leave his side, it was far from perfect, but it was better than the nothing that she could come up with on the spot. Following his lead she'd raise her hand, following through in a slap, trying to make it look as realistic as possible while holding back a little. She didn't actually want to hurt him. However, a flash of confusion shone in her eyes momentarily as her hand was met with a strange magical barrier. 'Oh... He planned ahead.' Charlotte thought to herself as she fell back into looking angry and turning her heels to storm off towards the burly man.

Upon arriving over at him and his group of what she assumed were his friends, there were some worried looks from them after witnessing the couple's argument. A few 'Are you okay?'s were thrown her way, which she managed to play off as she just needed some space and as Kaito had suggested, she asked if she could join them for the evening. They readily agreed, quickly becoming friends with her, as drunken people tend to be with one another.

It quickly become apparent that the burly man wasn't interested in her physically, his preferences definitely being the male variety, which allowed her to relax even more in his presence. Over the remainder of the evening, she danced alongside them, getting to know not only the target but their small friend group, most of which seemed sweet enough to her directly. As it grew very late, however, Charlotte would say her goodbyes and head off to find Gwendolyn. She could feel the effects of the magic brew she had taken earlier were soon about to wear off, it would be best to take their leave and find a safer place before their true appearances were revealed.

She was proud of herself though. Not only had she managed to achieve their goal of joining the gang, but she had also managed to get to know another member on a friendly basis. A very successful evening indeed.

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Kaito got slapped it wasn't a barrier that she had hit it was his face but he had awoke his transender powers for the brief second that she had hit him so she hadn't gotten hurt by his curse and he had thrown his head to the side a bit and he watched her flee from him and he went back to his drink and the bar people looked at him, then a strange woman with mismatched eyes that looked more his age walked up and sat next to him.

"That looked like it hurt handsome, maybe she just isn't the one for you." The woman patted his back and ordered herself a drink and then she started to talk business with Kaito about somethings he could do for her in the future to help them as an organization and she thinks Kaito will be perfect for it and she will hold it till he comes back to do it.

Kaito lightly agrees and then he goes to find Revy and he goes up there and he stays with Revy and the small one till Charlotte comes and picks up her little one and then he leaves soon after so not to cause any problem in her story then he leaves with Revy and goes home to ice his cheek and to hope he didn't cause an actual rift between himself and that woman.
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