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Bandit Bashing [Storyline Q - Priscilla]

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Bandit Bashing [Storyline Q - Priscilla] Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 5:09 am


So far it seemed like everything had gone in their favor. After Priscilla had easily dealt with the guards and Esperia had returned to her normal form, the small bunny-like creature hopped onto its feet and bowed lightly at the werewolf. "Thank ya for saving me miss! These ruffians wouldn't listen to a thing I had to say."

Esperia meanwhile smiled softly at the sight, stepping beside her lover as she asked in a cheerful tone. "I'm glad to see you unharmed Fixitway~ Let's go back to the professor's place, shall we? We got a request that needs your tending to."

The little bunny nodded his head as they started to walk along the duo, inquiring with a hint of curiosity. "So what is this matter you need help with?" His question made her gaze briefly shift to her lover, after which she turned her focus back toward the bunny familiar. "I would need your help with restoring my darling's missing eye."

The familiar nodded his head firmly a few times. "hmm hmm hmm, not impossible, Regeneration magic could fix that, although might want to get her something against the pain, could either give localized anesthetics, but considering the nature of the procedure letting her take a short nap might be better."

Esperia turned toward her lover, clearly wanting to get her input.

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