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Underground Associates Pt. 2 [Charlotte & Kaito | A-Rank]

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#1Charlotte Harrison 

Underground Associates Pt. 2 [Charlotte & Kaito | A-Rank] Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 6:48 pm

Charlotte Harrison
The atmosphere of the club was definitely upbeat and lively. Due to its young demographic, it made sense that it was a little rowdy, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves from what Charlotte could tell. The gang she was supposed to infiltrate seemed to at least be able to run a decent business. The lounge upstairs they'd been led to was incredibly comfortable, to the point the tamer could easily see herself falling asleep if it hadn't been for the fact that they were in a loud music-filled nightclub. Waiting for their contact to meet them, Charlotte leant into Kaito a little, whilst the music was a little muted upstairs it was still rather loud, to the point the sound was definitely making Gwendolyn uncomfortable.

"Do you notice anything out of the ordinary so far?" She asked, ensuring not to speak loud enough to be overheated by prying ears. From what she could see, whilst there were definitely a lot of teenagers, there didn't seem to be any nefarious going on on the dance floor above the usual type of thing. Then again, this club could easily simply be a front. Most gangs tended to have one from her general understanding of these things.

Noting Gwendolyn's discomfort, Charlotte would reach up and gently stroke the gryphon's feathers, the poor thing was definitely struggling with all the noise in her overly sensitive ears. Hopefully, once things took a positive turn with this Sam fellow, they could go to a quieter backroom or something to discuss details. Until then Gwen was going to have to suffer a little. This was Charlotte's fault for not thinking far enough ahead, the next time she'd have to remember to bring earbuds or something for the creature.



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Kaito hadn't really seen anything out of the ordinary but maybe that is really why that is really out of the ordinary of them to be seeing here but he hasn't seen anyone of the gang besides maybe the bouncer but he stops and he looks around and he sees some of the works moving something on the first floor and he puts his arm around Charlotte and he leans close to her and he whispers. "Only some of the workers are moving things but looks on the level."

Revy gets down and she starts to look around for anything that she can find as she is small enough to wonder around and barely be noticed by anyone that isn't looking for her as they going around. She sneaks around the area and she doesn't let herself be seen around as she did it and she was going to see what she could find to help them.

Kaito stays in character and he looks for where the woman's contact would be or if this had been a set up and he was going to have to protect the woman and her little friend from any kind of danger but he hopes that it doesn't end up coming to that so this can just be a find the intel and get the job done to get her the stuff she needed to get through the mission and not get made as a spy plus this is probably risky for him.

#3Charlotte Harrison 

Underground Associates Pt. 2 [Charlotte & Kaito | A-Rank] Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 7:59 pm

Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte nodded, happy to know her own little scan of the area was correct. The place was definitely running as a regular club, definitely a front of sorts if her intel from her client was accurate, however, the business itself was mostly above board. Nothing they could be charged for by law enforcement. This much was to be expected, otherwise, they wouldn't have needed to hire someone to infiltrate the gang in the first place. At least thus far things didn't seem overly dangerous from Charlotte's perspective.

The tamer would stand momentarily, feeling a little hot due to the club's humidity, forcing her to remove the cloak completely, which she'd use to wrap around Gwendolyn in an attempt to block out some of the noise. It wasn't perfect, but it did at least mean the creature was able to not feel like its ears were about to burst. Placing the gryphon beside her, she'd sit back down next to Kaito and sigh, this whole waiting thing felt like it was taking forever.

"How long do people usually have to wait for to see this guy?" She muttered aloud, a little irritated at how bored she was quickly becoming. At least the seats were comfortable, a small consolation for being unable to do much else. She leant back, trying to look more casual, knowing her usual self tended to sit far too straight to ever be mistaken for anything but a noble. She'd smirk a little as she thought about how strangely freeing to just be able to act like a brat for once.

Whilst wandering around, Revy would overhear many conversations, most were insignificant drunken rambles and squealing women. However, one particular chat between a couple of people seemed a little less joyous. Angry hushed tones would indicate someone wasn't happy about something. If the exceed was to listen carefully she would pick up on key phrases that could occasionally be overheard above the music. These phrases included 'the package', 'two weeks late', and  'Get their ass kicked'. It would prove difficult to listen into further details without getting closer and risk being caught, but it definitely sounded as if something wasn't going to plan.

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Kaito sees the woman remove the cloak from the corner of his eye and he watched her tend to her companion and he sits with her so they can keep up the image of them being together and he wonders what was going through her head and he wondered why she was wearing such a thing and he guessed it was to look older than she was and to make it look like she belonged.

Revy picks up on the words and she wonders what that means but she figures she has enough to think that she can pass it onto Kaito so that he is in the loop and woman will know as well and she starts hurrying back while staying as unseen as she could.

"Yeah babe this man is making us wait so damn long. I see you came dressed to play tonight mean I am gonna get lucky~?" He teased the woman but he feels like there is someone coming closer and he keeps looking around and he looks for where Revy is and he hopes she hadn't gotten herself captured or caught. Turns it is Revy that he felt coming into the area they are in and he probably just traumatized this woman for no reason besides to keep up the act. He hopes that she can forgive him for the way he was speaking to her and tries to keep his head cool.

#5Charlotte Harrison 

Underground Associates Pt. 2 [Charlotte & Kaito | A-Rank] Empty Tue Sep 20, 2022 3:39 am

Charlotte Harrison
Whilst Charlotte knew full well that it was just an act, one she herself had requested, actually hearing him say the words aloud in such a manner, made the runaway noble feel more than a little awkward. Logically she knew it shouldn't affect her, but that didn't stop her from feeling somewhat uncomfortable. Despite her inner turmoil she managed to keep up the cool, calm facade on the outside as she found herself wanting to get a little even with him. It wasn't fair if she was the only one feeling this way.

"Depends, are you certain you can satisfy me?" She asked, leaning in close to him as she batted her eyelashes up at him, feeling incredibly ridiculous in the process. This was how flirting worked right? Romance was not her forte, all her knowledge stemming from novels and all.

"Well if he can't, I'd be more than willing to." A sweet, feminine voice cooed from behind the 'couple' causing Charlotte to suddenly feel on edge as she jumped a little, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I believe you were waiting for me." The woman chuckled, as she looped around and took the lounge opposite them.

Stocking covered long, slender legs, tight black booty shorts and a white crop top that gave off a more casual streetwear vibe than nightclub attire. An awfully young-looking rabbit demi-human with silver hair, big pink eyes, and a pair of long pointed bunny ears that gave the illusion that she was taller than she truly was, now sat looking at the two, smirking at the young woman's reaction to her sudden appearance. Whilst Charlotte wouldn't notice, it was clear some sort of magic was being used to hide her presence and power, which had allowed her to easily sneak up behind them.

"Oh, Sam?" Charlotte found herself asking before she realised it, still a little startled.

"Theeee one and only. Well, not only, there's actually a lot of Sams, but you get what I mean." She winked, "What were you expecting some sleazing old guy?" She broke out in laughter, "Donnie really should start warning people before sending them to me." She sighed before snapping her fingers, summoning three beverages to the table between the lounges, one of which she'd take and immediately sip.

"I take it the two of you aren't here to party, else I wouldn't have been called here, so let's cut to the chase, I'm sure you know what I can do for you, so what can you do for me in return? You must have some level of skill to have passed the initial recruitment stage." She prattled on, clearly assuming they had gone through this 'Donnie'  person properly, and not just used the information provided to them by Charlotte's client.

Charlotte was still blinking in confusion over how quickly this was all going, trying to find the right words she'd glance over to Kaito for assistance, praying he wouldn't be struggling like she was.

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Hearing her speak those words he laughed softly and faked being offended by what the woman just said. He goes to speak then another woman's voice chimed in about if he couldn't she would be willing to do it, so he had been right there was indeed someone actually sneaking up on them. He looked to the demi human rabbit woman and he wonders if the there are more Sams because her whole litter of probably four were all named Sam. He knows that is a joke he himself is thinking cause of how rabbits breed and multiply and he knows not to say those words out loud but that means that Sam is a code name probably for a certain rank to protect their real name.

He looked back to Charlotte who seems to have been very caught off guard so he chimes in. "Well babe me and you can find out later if I truly can, But for now this is business and it is a shame to mix both business and pleasure." He looks straight into Sam's eyes and he smirks, he was use to higher pressure situations and dangerous things that go bump in the night but this was a different kind of battle all together. "It depends which skills you are looking for, I am decent brawn for a fight, a pick pocket, I am a decent runner for distractions against the knights. She as you can clearly tell has a great body that she could use without it even being touched, she is on the smarter end, she has a sort of eye for business and she is quite charming for luring targets and loosing their tongues. We work well as a team I assure you."

He gave what he could think of off the top of his head as he knows that his magic is subtle enough that he can fake it tills he makes it. He just hopes that he hadn't just put Charlotte in a bad spot with what he said and he gently retakes her hand in his gloved hand. Kaito wonders what the next step might be here as this was a new one for him and he will make sure that his team mate makes it through this so she can yell at him for being a bad partner and a creep for hitting on her like that even if they were playing a couple, Revy wait before returning to Kaito's side.

#7Charlotte Harrison 

Underground Associates Pt. 2 [Charlotte & Kaito | A-Rank] Empty Tue Sep 20, 2022 6:56 am

Charlotte Harrison
The bunny girl listened intently, her eyes trailing over both of them, sizing them up. She had no reason to not trust them yet, but whether or not the couple before her were truly capable was not something she could simply take their word for.

"I'm sure plenty of people would indeed be willing to loosen their tongues all over her." she smirked, taking another sip before placing her glass down on the table, "but I'm going to need a little something from the both of you, just to ensure you're both truly interested. It's hard to get trustworthy people these days. All you need to do to prove you're full invested is take a drink." She smiled deviously as she gestured towards the other two glasses that rested upon the table, offering for them each to take one.

Charlotte shifted a little, instinctually tightening her hand around Kaitos. It made her incredibly uncomfortable over being spoken about in such a way. Being sexualised was something she strongly doubted she'd ever truly get used to, even if was just teasing. Still, they were finally at the testing phase of the plan. She had been warned about it, but she hadn't expected it to be something so deceptively simple. Was there more to the drink than meets the eye or was this simply a test of faith? No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get a read on this demi-human sitting across from them. Everything she had said and done so far was as if she was toying with them. With a quick deep breath, she'd steady her nerves, reminding herself this was all and act and to stay in character.

"Is that all?" Charlotte scoffed, reaching out to take the glass, trying not to hesitate, lest it became obvious how nervous she was. With another small breath, she lifted the cup to her lips and prepared to down the alcoholic-smelling liquid all in one go.

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He looked at the bunny woman as she seemed to have bought it but she still wants to test them and he smells the drink which is something he can't do but he will have to make it look like he if the woman wouldn't accept a display of his skills. He leans closer to the bunny woman as he closes his left hand and he speaks with a smirk on his face. "Must be cold for you to be sitting on that seat with no underwear on." Kaito opened the hand he had closed and the bunny girls panties are hanging from his gloved hand and the woman's ID card.

He drops them on the bunny girls side of the table and he leans back. "Do I really have to drink this thing as I just showed you how good I am at what I do~" He was just playing the part but that was just a creepy thing to do and he knows that had to be very repulsing to have seen happen to Charlotte. He readies a portal to protect Charlotte from having to ingest it if they do have to drink it, she can just fake drinking it as the drink really goes to somewhere else.

#9Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
The woman paused for a moment as she processed what just occurred before finally a wry smile appeared on her face, clearly a little impressed.

"Oh sweetie, aren't we moving a little too fast? I prefer taking things slow." Her eyes shifted from Kaito's to Charlotte, who was staring, stupified at the actions of Kaito, before returning to the male, "I also prefer much more obedient me-" her words were cut short as she sat eyes wide.

Whilst the two had been flirting, Charlotte had been briefly at a loss for words, even if this was an act, wasn't that taking it too far? She then snapped back into character, she couldn't risk messing up her first proper job. Taking the glass in her hand she'd stand pouring the entire thing over Kaito. Anger was written all over her face. An emotion that was only part acting, if she were honest, she had found his actions utterly repulsive.

The cool, alcoholic liquid that she had just been about to drink now drenched the young man instead, her actions forcing the bunny girl's words to be interrupted. He should be thankful that she had only gone this far, her first instinct had been to slap that pretty little face of his.

"You asshole! What the hell are you doing!?!" She screamed, absolutely fuming, both in and out of character for very different reasons. To anyone watching it would simply appear to be a lover spat.

"Relax, I'm not inter-"

"Don't tell me to relax!" Charlotte raged, her eyes snapping to Sam who simply raised her raised her hands as if to surrender.

"Hey, I'm not your enemy here. Let's calm down a little and then we can return to our talk." Sam pointed out, causing Charlotte to take a deep breath as she attempted to calm down, slamming her arse back down on the couch with as much distance between herself and Kaito as possible.

"We good?" The bungirl asked, getting just a nod from the angry young woman, "Alright. Whilst I find your little lovers spat amusing, I simply wished to check if you were both willing to follow instructions. Which you definitely failed, however, there's still one glass if at least one of you drink it I'll let you pass still, after all, you were about to before he... attempted to impress me." Sam folded her arms, waiting to see who would take the remaining glass.

Charlotte was already reaching out to take it, wishing to just get this over already.

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It seemed that Kaito's ruse had failed and he can sense this woman beside him is a bit actually mad at him but he keeps his focus and he breaths out and he slides the drink to the woman. "Since I was doing this for her, I feel she deserves to be the one allowed to take this drink. I am for sure going to owe her a very good dinner and the back rub of a life time if I do not want to get dumped or murdered in my sleep." He sits back and he can see that Revy is laughing at him. As charlotte had made room between them he sees the poor companion of hers was looking out a bit scared of the noise and people. He put his hand close to the wrapped up sweet thing and gives her a couple treats cause she had been good and that means treats.

He hopes that charlotte will forgive him for playing the character so well but he didn't want to let her down so he tried his hardest to make this count and not drop the bag but this scene also set up for if they end up breaking up for her showing up alone instead of with him all the time. He will admit that trick he pulled was probably very over kill but it got a different point across. If that drink is drugged he is very ready to defend her, as using his magic would just out who he was, to these people.

#11Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte 'hmph'd as she brushed off the man's words, grabbing the drink and downing it immediately as she had planned to in the beginning. The drink was a little overly sweet for Charlotte's tastes, but it didn't necessarily taste bad, even the aftertaste was quite pleasant. Other than the alcohol she couldn't taste anything weird, but perhaps it was simply masked with all the sweetness.

"Excellent!" Sam clasped her hands together, "Welcome to the Gang of Youths." She'd notice Charlotte looking at the empty glass a little concerned. "Don't worry, we have a strict no spiking policy at this club. Anyone caught pays a very hefty price. Like I said before, I just needed to be sure you could follow orders." She winked at the still somewhat angry Charlotte, "Well now, you already know who I am, so what shall we be calling the two of you?" The woman seemed to relax a little in her seat, ready to talk business now she had some level of trust with them.

"Jamie." Charlotte muttered, using her older brother's name for her persona, the first one that came to mind.

"It's lovely to meet you Jamie, and yourself?" She turned to Kaito, eagerly awaiting the name of the man that had somehow managed to rob her without even touching her. The evening had barely begun, and these two had been so entertaining already, no doubt it was sure to be an eventful night.

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He looks toward Charlotte after the poor thing had finished the snacks and from the sound of the dismissal of his words by her he was in for a talking to after the mission was over and done with and he wouldn't really be surprised if she told him never to come near her again. He listened to the bunny girl's whole thing about they were in and now she had wanted a name from both of them and he gave a Caelum style name that means "dark haired prince" since he was playing the part of a cocky male to her more controlling and assholish female role in this moment. "My name is Donovan but I go by Van." He uses a cocky smile to show off the confidence of his character as he runs his hand through his hair he looks toward the woman he had come here with and he winked at her. "Come on babe I will take you where ever you want after we get done and I take a shower I promise and the back rub wasn't a lie either~" He knows this is probably just digging the hole he is in deeper or maybe she will understand but he is ready to accept any punishment this woman would give him after this was over.
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