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Underground associates (A-Rank Ft. Charlotte)

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Kaito was going to be teaming up with a fellow guild mate today, she had approached him and asked if she could come with him on a request sometime and today is that day and that is fine with him, he wanted to see what she could do anyways as she seemed at least semi intelligent but he wasn't sure about her fighting skills so he hopes that today would be more of a cloak and dagger day so that the poor girl will not get over whelmed on this mission.

He arrives at the meeting spot a little earlier then he had said to meet Revy at his side, so he could be the first one there cause that was just his way so he can scout the area for any trouble makers as Hosenka is a literal pit of vipers and he wouldn't want to send one his guild mates face first into a trap of some sort or an ambush for their jewels or risk them getting taken and put into a slavery ring if one of those sick monsters were around in the under belly.

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Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte was confident in her abilities, however, going to the shady region of Hosenka alone was still a little above her pay grade considering she'd only just started wielding a sword again for the first time in years. Unfortunately, she'd only made friends with one fellow guild member and whilst she was thankful for his help, she felt a little bad about practically requesting he babysit her in case something went wrong.

However, it was comforting to know she had a reliable and talented mage by her side for her first real mission that wasn't just a simple request. Something a little more daring. Today she had taken up a request to gather intel on a particular gang, one known for being less than savoury. It was definitely going to take more than one evening to gain their trust enough to make them loose-lipped enough to give her the information she required, but she had to start somewhere.

Skulking through the streets she'd dressed for the occasion, somewhat mimicking Kaito's general appearance by covering most of herself in a long, dark, hooded cloak. Which within the streets of the Crimson Quarter was more or less typical attire for many from what she recalled, so she figured it wouldn't be too conspicuous. The only thing that really made people turn her way was the creature perched precariously on her shoulder, the snowy gryphon that would silently eye up anyone that dared stared too long in their direction. The tamer and beast would soon reach the meeting point, Gwendolyn easily giving them away for who they were to Revy and Kaito.

"Nice to know you're punctual." Charlotte commented with a small smile as she lifted her head to look up at the much taller man, "It's good to see the both of you again and I apologise for making you come to such a place under my request."



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"Yeah I like to scout the area to make sure places are safe for my team mates my magic makes me good at it. No need to sweat it, Hosenka is like my second or third home I have met a lot of strange people here and have taken on many a request here." He looked at the woman than to the hatchling and he smiles at them and he starts stretching cause he is unsure how physical of a day this is going to end up being and he wondered if they were gonna need to do anything more darker today or if it was just going to be a simply walk in and blend in so of these gangs require a seen kill on someone to get in so they have black mail if you try to leave them or if you rat them out so you also get pulled down with them and they just finish you off when they catch you in the halls of the jail.

Would this woman be able to dirty her hands if that is what was required of her to make it into this gang for more intel or will she be more the sneak around and follow the rumor types either way he is going to keep her safe during this. He wasn't babysitting her but he is still the one that needs to act the most responsible while she as the rookie is still open to make mistakes and learn from them and Kaito will make sure the mistakes aren't fatal.

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Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte nodded at his response, it was good he didn't appear uncomfortable. Before they delved into the pit of distasteful souls, the young woman thought it best to iron out some details and ensure they were both on the same page with the job at hand. She'd pull out a piece of paper which to anyone else would no doubt appear to be senseless scribblings, completely illegible writing, but to Charlotte was a meticulous detailed dotted plan of things she needed to accomplish with this mission.

"Well, the job itself will be an ongoing one, but I don't expect you to stick around and help me out forever, so I've come up with a plan of sorts." Charlotte began, raising a hand to scratch Gwendolyn under the chin as she spoke, "As long as you're okay with it, you simply have to pretend to be my boyfriend, that way later on the track when you're no longer with me I can just claim we broke up." She explained, attempting to judge his reaction before continuing.

"The gang itself is a fairly new one that has been trying their best to recruit new members and build up their power, I've just been hired to infiltrate and keep my eye on their doings. Shouldn't be too difficult to do so if they're looking to grow and build their influence. From the report I received, so far they've done nothing more than some petty crimes and vandalism, but my client is afraid it may turn into more than that down the road. Any questions so far?" She'd ask, pausing to once more gauge his reaction and ensure he had managed to catch everything she had said so far.

The plan wasn't overly complicated, at least not today's agenda. She had knowledge of where they tended to hang out and she highly doubted they'd be rejected given the information she knew of the gang from her client. Although there was that thing about some sort of initiation test, Charlotte didn't think it important to mention it yet, after all, it could have been anything. They would simply have to wait to find out regardless, no point worrying him over such a small detail just yet.

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Kaito listened to the woman's plan and he wondered if she really thought it was wise to have him act that part as one he is weird looking. He figures why not and he takes his mask off and hands it to Revy so she puts it in her bag. "If you feel comfortable doing that then I will not reject it. Which type of boyfriend would you like me to play? The big strong rocks for brains, The I am clearly using her to make myself look better conceded type, The I would do anything for you type that you would walk all over or The I had a free arm so I settled for one that looked okay?" He laughs softly at what he had just said but her plan seems solid cause it leaves him room to come and go through they were on again off again dating story.

He stands tall with his chest puffed out a little. "No ma'am you clearly have done your research and know what your aim is and your angle is." He thinks he might have over done it a slight bit with how he said and did that but he wanted her to know that he trusted in her orders and that this is her time to shine through with her own lights and her own hard work, and that he wasn't her to over shadow her though if it did get hairy that he will make sure that she is safe and sound and protect and help her a bit more covertly as his magic lets him do sneakier things cause no one expects a portal to appear and disappear while he did things swiftly to protect or to help her with her mission and her plans vs this gang that she was tasked with taking on for intel and maybe be sent to kill pieces of them or make some of them just disappear.

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Charlotte Harrison
The tamer's face lit up, delighted that he so readily agreed to her plan. He did have a point however, she hadn't thoroughly thought through what kind of couple they were going to be other than the kind that often broke up and got back together a lot for consistency. It would be wise to sort out some details so their stories matched up before getting started.

"I suppose it would be easier for me if we weren't too lovely dovey, otherwise breaking up all the time wouldn't make much sense." She muttered, talking aloud to herself as she continued to ponder on what kind of person she planned to become to fit this gang.

"I think it would be easier if I was the, for better lack of a term, asshole, of the relationship. I don't think many would believe dating an idiot, even one with as handsome as a face as yours…" she trailed off again struggling to figure out the whole fake relationship thing, "Maybe the clearly using each other for clout sort of relationship. The kind that spend short but sweet nights of passion together and use one another to show off in front of others, only to realise they hate one another, but then fall into old habits and miss each other's embrace so they get back together only for the cycle to continue." She paused and realised that explanation may have been a little too much. Her time spent reading romantic fiction novels perhaps a little too evident. Clearing her throat she averted her eyes as she asked, "How does that sound?" 

Charlotte could feel her cheeks heating up this was possibly one of the most embarrassing moments of her life and all just to set up a fake relationship. She waited, fully expecting him to laugh at her. She felt a complete fool for blabbering on so much. She couldn't even bring herself go over some of the finer details, perhaps it would be easier to just make it up as they went along and hope for the best at this point.

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He can see her clearly getting a bit worked up it seems she hadn't had it as all planned out as he had first seemed to have thought she did and he reached over and he patted her on the head with his gloved hand. "I will make sure to do my best for you, to make sure this goes off without a hitch. It sounds perfect glad you asked me to come along this should be fun." The conceded one that was not asshole of the couple, he nods his head as he thinks he has the perfect look for that.

New Look:

He walked into a portal then a few moments later he walked back out looking and dressed differently and he looks at her and he starts talking but he sounds different as well. "So how does it look is it a sweet sweet fest for your beautiful eyes~? " He posed in a cocky pose and before she can answer. He speaks again with the same cocky tone in his voice. "No need to answer I already know your heart is about to hop out of your chest just looking at me hoping I will even slightly bush against your cheek with my palm~" He was having to much fun with this clearly.

Revy looks at Kaito and she blinks he looked so differently and he was playing that character way to well. "Be careful Casanova you might burn yourself out." She giggle at him after she said that.

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Charlotte Harrison
The young woman was caught off-guard by the sudden appearance of a portal. She'd forgotten all about his magic, this being the first time she had had a proper opportunity to see it in action. As he stepped back out it was if a completely different person had taken his place, the perfect disguise for sure. It made her a little jealous, she had tried when she was younger but possessed no magical ability at all. In comparison her disguise was incredibly simple.

"You are as handsome as ever, my love~" Charlotte cooed with a playful wink as she reached into her cloak's pocket, pulling out a small vial filled with a concoction she had prepared earlier. While she struggled in magic, she excelled in magical potions using various flowers and herbs. Popping off the lid she downed the vial in a single gulp and waited. While the effects weren't instant, it only took around thirty seconds before her hair turned a vibrant green instead of her usual dull pale blue, and her golden eyes shimmered into a bright purple.

"How about me darling?" she asked, honestly hoping it was enough to keep her true identity hidden. Whilst she wasn't as famous as Kaito for sure, it wouldn't do them any justice if someone did recognise her down the line. Unfortunately, there wasn't much they could do about Revy and Gwendolyn, even if they changed their appearance slightly they'd still very much be an exceed and a gryphon.

Regardless, Charlotte would draw out two more vials from her pockets, feeding one to the snowy gryphon whos plumage and fur turned a deep black, and offering one to Revy should she wish to change her fur colour too. The young woman had never tested one of these on an exceed before, but she was confident it was safe.

"It's only a temporary measure, should last around six to twelve hours, at most a day if you ingest too much." Charlotte explained, "If it does persist though, definitely come see me tomorrow." She shifted her eyes away, hoping Revy would trust her, it wasn't like it would kill the cat, after all, Gwen was part feline and it had never suffered from any permanent issues before.

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"Oh my still an image of beauty though I will admit I prefer your original look~" He laughed softly as he teased her back then he looked down at the two companions as they drink and he watches Revy turn a deep purple in fur color and steel colored spike like markings on her fur. He will very much need to ask her how to make this stuff to see if it always does the same effect or if changes from time to time with results very much varying.

Revy looked confused at the color she was now and the fact she now had strange markings on her fur as well and she wondered if this was really herself anymore but she had to admit that she liked the color that she had gotten from this though Kaito could have just used his inversion key on her and turned her into a male but this worked though she needs to still be careful not to blow her cover if she can help it and she follows Kaito as he has started to walk along the way walking like he was hot shit and he had taken the woman's hand in his own hand to more sell the angle they were together. "Where are these guys at?"

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Charlotte Harrison
Feeling Kaito grip her hand, Charlotte blushed a little, despite everything she'd been through, relationships had been something she'd only experienced through reading steamy romance novels. The actual act of holding hands was something she hadn't done with anyone other than her elder brother and mother when she was a very young girl. This facade was definitely one that would take some getting used to, at least she was a half-decent actor, at least in her opinion. After all, it takes talent to pretend to be interested in all the political talk at noble social gatherings.

"This particular group has been known to hang out in a particular club they've seemingly taken over in the outskirts of the Crimson Quarter. There's no guarantee they'll be there, but it's highly likely. So we should start there." Charlotte explained, pointing down a nearby alley to point them in the correct direction, "It's not too far from here, just down there, then a left and a right." She added before pulling gently towards the alleyway. It was not a place she'd ever feel safe heading down alone, but with someone strong by her side she was confident, there was nothing to worry about.

Most people down here, while unsavoury, tended to keep to themselves on the streets anyway. From Charlotte's minimal experience in the area, unless one intentionally went out of their way to stir trouble, it was easy enough to navigate around without bumping into any unwarranted issues. There were of course areas one should avoid at all costs, especially young women travelling alone, but it wasn't like they were delving deep into the heart of Crimson tonight.

It wouldn't take them too long to weave their way through and find themselves outside the shady-looking nightclub. There a rather large, burly bouncer stood, eyeing up the couple and their 'pets'.

"Hold on, we got a dress code." He stated bluntly, pointing to Charlotte's cloak. It took every ounce of her being to not apologise like a noble, fighting her instincts and etiquette training she pulled down her hood and flipped part of her cloak back, revealing a rather skimpy-looking dress that barely covered her body.

"Excuse me!?!" She cried, sounding outraged, "It was my understanding that you lot needed people like us. Just because I had to wear something warm as the autumn breeze was a little chilly on the way here... Hmph." She scowled, releasing Kaito's hand to wrap her arm around his back, "Babe, do you believe the audacity of these people? Maybe we shouldn't have listened to Donnie, we should go find some other club to hang out." She was about to fake storming off, when just as her client had explained the bouncer stopped them.

"Wait! Donnie, you say?" He asked quizzically, clearly a little confused overhearing the name of one of his bosses. Meanwhile, his eyes greedily eyed up her body, sending a small shiver down Charlotte's spine.

"Well duh, he told me we were to meet Sam here and we could join the Gang of Youths, the hottest gang in Crimson." She flicked her green locks behind her shoulder as she pouted.

"My deepest apologies miss." The bouncer's tone quickly changed, "Right this way." He glanced jealously at the man beside the pretty young thing and allowed them entry, "Go upstairs to the right. Take a seat inside, Sam will see you both shortly." He grunted, irritated that he now had to go find said Sam.

Inside the air felt thick and sticky, loud music thumping and a dancefloor filled with many clearly still in their teens, dancing and drinking. Upstairs overlooked the dancefloor and cushioned seats awaited the group. Step one, enter the gang's club complete.

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He looked at her and he saw what she was wearing and her faking to move he was about to speak but it seemed she knew all the right buttons to push as the bouncer let them in and Kaito kept his eyes respectful and he doesn't focus on how the woman was dressed and he can see why the bouncer seemed to melt at looking at her and he could feel the mans scowl hitting him in the back of the head as he followed the woman and he looked around this looked like some cheap knock off night club and he wondered if any of these children really thought that drink and dancing like they were was cool then he realized maybe he was just getting to old to understand what it was like to have a youth to use as freely as they did but he keeps his eyes up and he wonders what some of the smells he could smell were as they seemed to linger very heavily on his nose.
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