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Becoming Family [SL]

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She started to tread lightly as she needed to be able to carry all the things back from Joya. She was unsure if she was going to meet her enemies ahead of time before she even got there, but she knew that she was going to have to fight someone or something when she gets there. It's never really, truly easy to even get anything done. The first thing is first she has to go and find a captain and a crew. Her eyes looked at the sky and saw that it was already turning night time, so it was going to be hard to find somebody during this time and day. Was it going to be easy? Or perhaps it was going to be harder. Any regular person would be too scared to look for somebody at night time But she knew the right place to go to and she was not scared of the dark.



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Her Topaz eyes mirrored the ocean that was next to her as she was on the docks of Hosenka instead of Asteria. One of the best bars to go to for the people who were easy to buy when it comes to their services. She was not falling on, but she was known enough to get someone to listen to her without having to pay them. Sometimes fear was the answer instead of being loved. " Perhaps we can torture someone to force them to take us,~", Nu spoke. Quilla's Head shook no, as she didn't want to torture anyone at the moment. " We'll get enough of that once we get to Joya for sure," Joya to her Scythe. As she was walking to the bar, she saw some man be against the wall as he was just sitting there poorly. Perhaps she could show some mercy and give him money for information.



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The man looked like he could die any moment if he did not get any food or water. Did the city does not take care of their own men Or her, for that matter. She did not know the gender truthfully. She went over to him with her little cat walk And then lowered herself so she could see them eye to eye. " Do you know where I could find a crew and a captain?" She spoke in her soft, ghostly voice. The men slowly looked up as he then opened his eyes and fear. " I know that pink hair anywhere, But why do you need one?" Wondered as he then coughed as he was dying. " Doesn't matter. You look like you need a little coin anyways," This wound in her tone, It was cold. He huffed for a second and then spoke up, " I heard there is a captain and a crew in the bar nearby, Apparently they bended Joya plenty of times if you go to them..".



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A crew that went to Joya a lot, That's what she likes to hear. Her cold facial expression gazed at him as she then grabbed some jewels out of her pockets and gave them to them instead of throwing like some heathen. She never understood how someone could throw money at someone like there's some Bargaining chip, Slave, Or some piece of trash. They deserved the end of our scythe. " Go get a job and perhaps you wouldn't be sleeping in the slums, Maybe if you have more worthy information, you could be living elsewhere," Quilla lastly spoke to the stranger and waved from the back of her hand. She went towards the bar and to leave the man behind. Had turned and looked around to make sure she was going the right way. If the man was lying, of course, then he would be meeting the Reaper of Izanami.



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But she really doubted that he would lie about it. Him at least. Her eyes looked to the corner of the left side and saw that there were lights lit up by a bar. The bar was right next to another pair of docks that people could just come and leave as they please. Maybe this would be the perfect spot for a captain and a crew to come and arrive to end up leaving in a surprise. Once she got up there, she could see the circle lights that were on top of the door That just said 'A Ducking Bar' What a strange name. She chuckled at the name as it was little humor in it. Once she opens the door, she then sees a bunch of people turning their heads to look at her and then once they saw who she was, they looked away. Didn't no one dare face her?



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"Quillareine, is that truly you?", She heard someone say And then hacked a cough. Looked over to where the voice was coming from and saw that it was an old man in a hat. She squinted, and then finally realized that it was the captain who brought it to Joya last time. "Heey! If it isn't our lovely fighter of a gal!", One of the crew members spoke and started to walk towards Quilla. She then realized it was the same crew. How convenient, she thought. Nu kept quiet as they were trying to pay attention to every detail. Perhaps they were going to tell her father and her mother. Or maybe They were just studying her surroundings. Quilla came over and sat down with the crew as she then started to explain that she needed to get to Joya once more. The captain motioned her over as he wanted her to sit down for a moment.

She of course sat down quietly as her cold doll like face just looked around at every crew member and the captain himself. She listened in as the captain said that they would love to take her As the crew also missed her. She gave a small smile as she also said that she missed the fun adventure that they were on last time, even if it was on weird terms. Once they were done talking with their agreement, they started to leave as she found her crew.



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