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Pirates #21 [Quest: Vyra]

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Pirates #21 [Quest: Vyra] Empty Fri Sep 09, 2022 2:29 pm

The season of summer had come to an end. Not to the surprise or unexpected nature of anyone truly. It would always be known that following a strong summer would come an autumn that would leave one long for more, only to be met again then with the cruel winter that typically would strike upon Hargeon without fail. There was no reason to think that this situation would have been any different or otherwise change, and none operated under that illusion either. Much had become routine, a consistent level of effort and work put forth one after the other wherein everyone in Hargeon, from those who worked the stalls to those who worked upon the docks were familiar with the patterns, trends, and tendencies that they had to abide by in order to get everything done before the winter would wreak havoc upon their industries.

A dramatic stance, but not an inaccurate one. Winters in the past several years, while significant, especially towards that of a port city like Hargeon, were much less in their devastating capabilities than what may have been felt otherwise, due in large part to proper preparation. Almost exclusively at the hands of the trading companies that operated within the port; their diligence and forward thinking having been instrumental in preserving much of what historically had been damages that were to be expected. Now though, the ports were seeing far greater profit, no doubt in part thanks to their quick thinking and efforts. It did not change though how much the months of winters were affecting the region though, as while the trading companies managed to keep their own investments afloat, little could often be said for that of the other companies and groups that worked within Hargeon.

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Pirates #21 [Quest: Vyra] Empty Fri Sep 09, 2022 2:29 pm

She knew it well enough, the difficulties at times that had been put upon the people, upon the industries, but even what the Demi-Human knew only went so far. The reality, the greater reality of all things, was that Vyra was as much someone who lived in gross ignorance towards how they really felt, how they endured and for that matter even suffered too. The life that was lived by these people were not easy, and from her own experiences in living through these conditions, it was not something to disregard. But, in their experiences relative to hers was something very different; the idea that they were not alone, that they had some place to go, some place to stay to rest their head, stay warm, people to keep company. For so long, Vyra did not have that, did not have that luxury. A luxury perhaps to her, an expectation to plenty of others. Sadly, that was her life, the fate she was handed, and while Blue Pegasus for a time did give her a reprieve, a home, comforts that she never would have had on her own, those no longer were even options for her.

At this point, she was no more different than what she was when she had first arrived within Hargeon. A lost little girl, now with a bit more sense of how to maneuver through the city, knowing that she had some power to her own name, capable of making her own name in this world, albeit once everything surrounding the Rune Knights was handled properly. The fact was, she was a person who could not afford or otherwise risk travelling somewhere, or anywhere really, lest she be hunted down by the Rune Knights if they ever caught wind. Not to say it wasn’t a risk on its own, but at least then she would be able to under the guise of trying to survive and thrive, that at least she would have an option of some sort of escape, a means of getting away and trying to pick things back up elsewhere later. But, for now the biggest thing was that she remain in Hargeon, because at least through those whom she had come to know within the trading companies and her friends, of what she still had, within Blue Pegasus, at least there were protections here. Protections that if she were to have left and gone elsewhere, would not be afforded to her.

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Pirates #21 [Quest: Vyra] Empty Fri Sep 09, 2022 2:29 pm

She had to do what she could under the circumstances, hardly ideal, hardly what she would have wanted it to be like, but there was little more that could be helped. Surviving within the port of Hargeon, hardly a glamorous place, was at least some place that she could rest her head. It would be a home, albeit a temporary one, until whatever sort of plan and consideration Alisa Vollan had for her. The lone benefit of everything that had befallen Vyra, was that the woman whom had taken her in, as much treated her like a daughter, still viewed her in such a manner. It was comforting, reassuring, if not something that made the girl feel guilty, guilty that she was not doing more for her. It made her wonder if she could have done more for Alisa, or more appropriately, make her wish that she had done more. The fact had been that throughout, she had never stopped to consider how her actions had affected Alisa, at least not outside of the moment. It was why, that during this time, during this period where her own survival seemed to have been in question that she did not reach out to Alisa for aid; that she felt it necessary to fend for herself, to figure out this all on her own.

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The way things had been set up for her were working well enough, she supposed. She rested within the backrooms of the largest and most notorious trading company that worked in Hargeon’s port, and in exchange she provided aid where she was able to. More importantly though, the bigger thing was that they knew that they had the former Blue Pegasus mage and the beloved daughter of the Blue Pegasus’s Guild Master in their protection, a debt that they knew one day they would be able to call in upon. Had the war with the politiicians not gone their way, it may have been one that they would had to call in, but having come away with success, it was something that they were simply able to pocket away for a rainy day if it ever came to it. But for now, it would not be something that was required. Simply how they had arranged things was plenty well enough for them to be able to continue operating in the way things were, while still reaping full benefit.

And for Vyra too, this worked out. Her tasks, more often than not just monitoring what was going on, handling matters that were insignificant enough of a problem that she could have just done whatever she felt needed and not risk far more impactful and dangerous jobs despite the risk that came with the seasons shifting. With demand going down and risk growing, some people were willing to go to more extreme measures to ensure that they benefitted themselves, and while Vyra had the ability to handle much of them, more it was her being a relay to the muscle who were active and able to get involved in more physical altercations. With them being able to handle the matters and leaving Vyra’s hands clean of direct involvement, it made their lives much easier, giving them far greater freedom and protection as well as making sure that the investment that they were thinking of in aiding Vyra would not unheaded.

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