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Pièce Montée

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#1Gaston the Gourmet 

Pièce Montée Empty Thu Sep 08, 2022 9:40 pm

Gaston the Gourmet

Pleas and Screams of Mercy in the romantic tongue of Minstrellian were only addressed with the deafening silence of the dark incursion raider and a shift bash, slash or cut from the various blades of the countless entities twisted and contorted in shape and figure. Amongst the carnage stood a figure unlike all others bearing closer resemblances to the attacked not the attackers. Before him in the courtyard of an otherwise pristine barony in the peaceful country of Minstrel lay the family members and countless workers that once resided within the very same mansion in front of him. These loveless corpses ranged from every demographic, male, woman, adult, teenager, child, all in various stages of condition some torn to shreds by the ruthless nature of the raiders others seemingly unharmed and only sleeping with their death only being revealed through a blood smear running down their back.

As the blood continued to pool from them onto the streets, the man dressed in what could only be described as attire which suggested it would be more appropriate were he laying with the others. But with a quick flick of his fingers towards one of the raiders, his relationship between the raiders was shiftly established. “Monsieur Antoine, please frame these two for me, I must have my Pièce montée!”  This was no ordinary Minstrel man far from it, having roots from the country dating back in the centuries albeit not from this universe. His ties with the dark world was pronounced having a party of raiders at his side ready to follow his every whim and command. The burliest of the “men” and co-commander Antoine taking the bodies as requested and begin to “frame” what would become the man’s dinner. He had coined the name after reflecting how the raiders staked their prizes was similar to how an artist would paint on a canvas. A truly gruesome sight to beyond bond in place both legs and arms in each of the four corners with the only solace being their death prior to this torture.

The selection process had been a tedious one but was always something he savored anytime there was a new universe to fest upon, there he was first to harvest from the cream of the crop. Only befitting of the Minstrel man, his desires had always lingered around those from the same country though he did like to partake in more exotic cuts occasionally. These delights would have to wait for now, at least until he completed his goals and sow chaos throughout the country. Relishing the first bite, the chef placed down his knives before the youngest of the two he had selected, a petrified expression forever etched into the woman’s face and staring back at him unblinking. Always wishing to remove the person from the meat in spite of his insatiable hunger, the man rose up from where his knives now rested before tearing the woman's head from their body bringing their spine and clothes in toe.

Crimson dripped from the man’s fingertips as he threw the carnage to the raider’s hounds. His prize remained glistening in the moonlight with specks of blood radiating from behind them. While an almost surgical level of precision was used for the woman, the second body was also of similar age but instead male lost his head in a far more brutal manner, bones audibly cracked through his body as the chef nearly tore more than just their head and spine from their body. Now little more than just meat to the chef, he returned to his knives withdrawing one suitable for his needs before sliding the many knives back into his apron.

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