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Investing into the future [Private]

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Investing into the future [Private] Empty Sat Sep 03, 2022 3:55 pm


Sometimes, all it took for one to go out of their way was to look at the future. It didn't matter how powerful one might be, looking at the future made it clear that some things couldn't be done alone, and as such even she felt the need to develop relationships with others to prepare for the future. It also helped that this particular relationship was forged on a mutual interest. As such she was taking the brief downtime of her journey to await the arrival of a certain elven maiden. She was certain the lass would show up, considering the wellbeing of a mutual friend was at risk she would be a fool not to show up. Still, the roads of Seven were commonly considered far more dangerous than Fiore's, which was why most travel was done by means of escorted transports. Indeed, entire squads of soldiers and adventurers alike were paid to handle these journeys...

#2Lothwen Celdrua 

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Lothwen Celdrua
Indeed, the roads to Seven were dangerous, even her family had told her as much, which led to her trip to be made in utmost care. The carriage escorting her was not only surrounded by trained soldiers and a powerful mercenary was hired to serve as her personal bodyguard, even if she would have preferred to ask Alejandro. Nonetheless, the journey was made and as she arrived at the establishment where she was meant to meet the person for this meeting, the woman pulled off the hood of her robe while the soldiers followed behind her, keeping a respectful distance as Lothwen took a seat at the table across of the one the woman was seated at.

"Esperia, right? You mentioned you had a cure for Nasira..." Her voice was soft, yet there was a certain steeliness to it, a light chill that made it clear she was quite serious right now. After all she had traveled all this way for a very important matter.


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Esperia's gaze turned toward the elven priestess, her lips curving up into a smile as she raised a hand onto the table, revealing a small vial under the palm of her hand. "It's a potent healing elixir, should aid her in regaining her strength faster and deal with potential injuries as well. Aside from that." She raised a small pouch onto the table as well and shifted it over. "A small collection of jewels from me and my wife, consider it a fund to help you and Nasira settle in Fiore. Although I guess a Celdrua wouldn't be that much in need of money. Consider it a gift for protecting Nasira then~"

And with these words Esperia rose from her seat and started walking toward the exit, walking past the soldiers as she casually waved a hand. "Be careful on your way home~ The minotaurs are causing trouble again lately from what I heard."

And with these words the mysterious mage disappeared from the establishment, leaving Lothwen to wonder the meaning of the woman's help.

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