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Underground Associate [quest]

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Hosenka, a place that reminded her of her home place. Joya was a place she hated to be reminded of, but at the same time it lets her remember why she became the person she is today. She was going to do some con work as she was given a paper with instructions. Her eyes of topaz glistened with the light above her as she read every word. It insisted that she goes and sneak within one of the top businesses to see what their secret ingredient is that makes their food so popular.

Her eyes roll as she found this a waste of time, but then she read more about how that was truly just a cover up as fake doers would have just thrown the paper away right then and there. The real quest is to sneak into the business place and find out who has been working on the new casino, getting the blueprints and steal what you can.



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The world was becoming stranger to her as she felt nothing but darkness and death at the moment. The light she once felt was dimming after the encounter with Joya. She has yet to see the scythe that her true father has sent her and for now she had to get more powerful. She walked to her bed suddenly after the whole thing was thought over and picked up the clothes she had set down on the bed beside her. Today she was going to wear blue jeans, black boots that look like for hiking and a white tank top.

A small smile escaped her doll-like face as she picked up the last piece to put on herself and stood up finally. This was a time where she had to prepare herself as there was no time but the present. Once she was done she went to the babysitter who was waiting in the living room and told her she was going to be right back.


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She walked down the street as her eyes were lit up by the lanterns that hanged by the red wooden poles. The street was about two meters wide as it couldn't really fit a decent sized car. The place she was staying at was donated by a few people as she was finding people to help her and Suza. Quilla hated to rely on people, mostly humans of normal or poor status. They had their own issues. Such selflessness was not rewarded enough. She knew this from her own experience.

Maybe if she ever found her own island, her own place to rule she will invite these people to join her. Her pink hair flowed behind her and eyes glowed as she walked past everyone. No one disturbed her as they knew she was out to work. Once she was in front of the Casino in the down part of the city she went up to the bouncer to get in.



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Sher looked at the Bouncer and looked at him with her innocent doll eyes that were currently topaz. There was no sign of anything as he gazed back at her with the mean gaze that soon softened the longer he looked at her. "I'm surely the right age to get in, right?~", she softly spoke to him in Joyan. His eyes scanned her body like a thirsty prey, but quickly looked back up into her eyes once he heard a cough. "Go in," he simply said and watched Quilla walk inside, her behind. She ignored such things as she had things to do. The Pink Lady looked around to see that it was like any other casino. Lit up like a Christmas tree in lights as if all that was missing were the colors of red and green. The air was thick with smoke as people never had enough of the sinful paper and herb.



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Supposedly it did not matter as this is how they made their money. She wandered around like an innocent woman who was lost and never has been here. No one was suspicious of such an act from someone like her. At least not the people who worked here. Perhaps it was time to finally find the door that she needed to get into. Slowly, she walked towards the bar as her eyes then cornered to see a man in a black suit go into a door that was right next to the bar itself. Was that the way upstairs where all the plans and other necessities were? She mapped the whole area in her head as she then ordered a sweet alcoholic drink. She might as well get something here while she was doing this. Once her drink was down she looked around for anyone who enjoyed a little trouble.



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Her eyes spotted a man that was kicking a casino slot machine. He seemed to be losing a lot of money and wondered if she should gamble a little. She strut her hips as she walked towards the man with her eyes on him. He looked a little rough, not shaved for a few months and in clothes that were dirty. "Hello there, I'll give you money for a little favor,~", she softly spoke in a monotone tune. He turned his head at that as he nodded and took the money. He listened to her idea about how she wanted him to cause some ruckus close by the door to get the guard to go away. He agreed and went by the door, behind the bar and started to grab some bottles of booze. He laughed as if he was enjoying himself, now drinking said bottles. The Guards came running and now it was time.



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Now that business was done and over with, she could finally go up the stairs and into the room she needed to go to. There is no better time than now as the guard got away from the door and started to pick the guy up to drag him outside. While the crazy guy was being dragged away, he was laughing and throwing around the bottles as he started to drink the last one that he had in his hand. She guessed that the people that owned this casino didn't want the bottles that were touched by the man. No longer. Quilla Went up the stairs and into the room that was first and saw that there was no one there, so she closed the door behind her. Once the door was closed and secured, she started to search through all the drawers and then finally at the end she saw the safe.



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Slowly she went around to see if she could find the code to the safe, as some people were too dumb and could not remember what the code was, so they write it down somewhere. She chuckled that she then saw that it was under the desk. Her eyes looked at each number carefully as she then got out of under the desk and towards the save to put in the numbers. Once she put in the number, she finally opened it to see all the paperwork and so she grabbed it all. There was a window which she then finally escaped out to give the client the papers they wanted to ruin the casino. She wanted to make sure that no one was behind her so she wasn't caught at all. Her eyes spotted the door where she was to meet the client and gave them the papers to ruin the casino. They were happy. Rewarded and done.



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