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Missing in Action [Storyline Q - Priscilla]

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Missing in Action [Storyline Q - Priscilla] Empty Wed Aug 31, 2022 6:27 am


It was early in the morning when their caravan reached the border leading into the nation of Seven. Although she might had appeared like the picture of feminine grace currently by the way she was sitting so calm and elegant in her seat, the twinkle in her eyes and the gentle smile on her lips made it clear just how happy and excited Esperia was to undertake this journey. It had been a promise she had made to her beloved wife: to restore the eye she had lost all these years ago. It was not a simple task since it wasn't just a matter of replacing the lost eye, no she insisted on restoring it in a way it was exactly the same eye as before.

Most doctors and surgeons would call such a task impossible, an endeavor into the unknown with little to no chance of success. Yet for Esperia adventuring into the unknown was an everyday matter, and she lived for making the impossible become possible. As such as her gaze lingered on the window that showed the landscape surrounding the well-traversed roads the woman thought back on her plan.

"I asked an old friend of mine for his assistance~ He is a talented alchemist and possesses something that will help us immensely in keeping my promise~" Indeed, the man possessed the end result of a research Esperia had once conducted several years prior, and she intended to employ it for this surgery as well.

"By the way~ How are you doing my dear? Not too nervous? Not everyone likes going to the doctor."

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It was insanity talk, at least to her, every time she heard thing brought up even with her wish of it. It just seemed like she was on a dream was most likely something she was being too picky about. But this was something Esperia seemed solely intent on her going through for the sake of herself above else. Thus after a bit of thought and a days between suggestions of it she gave in. Then again a few things also where on her mind as she was a bit tired at times with other things on her mind and what in which would happen.

"Is this the same person that brings me the same new wife every other time I seem to blink?"she asked it was most likely intended as a joke. But she seemed that even if it was something to keep pushing towards it she knew she should try in the end."I am willing to go along with it even if most of the time my feeling towards doctors is wanting to slam there heads into a table."some part of the old lady long a go she was showed after all she had been scared of doctors

But even then there was also other things."They should be safe, as long as they don't need to tie me down to attempt what they need to."Two long time fears she had not needed to mention in a while, But fear Esperia should know of.

She would just walk over to Esperia gentle and casually wrap one of her arms around her and just rest her head on one of her shoulders."If you are really sure in the end it will achieve my happiness, I am sure i an endure...even if a challenge of will."It seemed to be her answer, it seemed she was only as ready as she could be.



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Esperia smiled kindly in return to her lover's jest. "Not exactly~ You see, the surgeon in question is actually a homunculus I designed and had the alchemist make. They possess some very unique abilities, they can easily change something like one's appearance if needed, but this form of mine was more something I settled on that seemed fitting for our future together~ Some feminine charm, yet a hint of cuteness underneath it?"

As she gently nuzzled against Priscilla's head she remained quiet for a moment, considering her thoughts on the matter. "But you likely won't need to slam them, just wait until you see them~" A mischievous chuckle followed while she took a deep breath and continued. "The surgery itself will not require any tying up~ He will be using a particular herbal medicine to help numb potential pains, or if you feel fine with the idea he can let you sleep for a short moment so that it is less uncomfortable."

Esperia paused for a moment as the door opened to the caravan's entrance and she climbed out of the vehicle, humming softly. "Let's go and look for our alchemist~" Esperia hummed for a moment.

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In the sum of it for the most part. She just needed to deal with it and see how horrible this could get. At least in the end it showed even if she joked about Esperia changing as often as she could in terms of looks, still was the same women in the end and knew how she worked."Is that just a long winded way of saying you like play dress up in more extreme ways?"She had to joke about it to make herself feel better. But still the same woman in the end and some one else had to be the more willing of the two and this time it was Esperia.

But it was time to go find this find this assumed person of mention, So she just let out a bit of an annoying sigh."Fine fine, Let's go."She was not going to going to be try and delay something that she would most likely be a grump about forever. So she just simply let go Esperia form the casual embracing moment and just started walking out of the door, Whatever this plan use it seemed most likely everything was taken into account.


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Esperia snickered briefly at the remark. "I guess that's one way to describe it~" As Priscilla finally let go of her and the two left the carriage it appeared they had arrived at a small settlement just large enough to be called a town. Her gaze drifting around the landscape as they walked along the main street the young woman continued to speak. "The alchemist lives at the other side of the town, near the outskirts. If you look there up on the hill you should see a cottage right? That is where he stays at."

From what she remembered the man preferred to live there rather than in the middle of the town because he enjoyed the peaceful location of the cottage over the hustle and bustle of the town. Fortunately the trip didn't take long either as she knocked lightly on the door to announce her presence. "Doc? It's me~"

As if on cue the door opened, revealing an elderly man smiling at her. "Ah~ Esperia, and that must be Priscilla? Please come in-" As the man guided them inside the cottage it was clear they were in the workshop of an alchemist judging from all the materials and tools around. "Would Fixitway happen to be around?" Upon which the Alchemist's expression clearly turned sad. "I'm afraid that he-"

Yet before he could finish his sentence a sudden feminine voice called out from above. "He got taken by these damd bandits, and all the adventurers here are greedy cowards who don't want to rescue him! It's downright ridiculous!"

A small swallowtail landed on top of Esperia's head, grumbling in annoyance. "Nice to see you again as well Secre~ But why don't you tell us a bit more about what happened?"

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Even with this conversation she was still for the most part just casually listened but still kept in mind it was annoying to want to deal with because it was just the lead up to it that was bothering her as well."Who would have thought, a person who learns out of the normal things is hiding away in areas just out of reach, what a shock."Just mentioning a bit sarcastically, It was not that much of a shock to hear her say this, Most likely to try and just get her mind off of what was to come.

Watching quietly she just had to quietly think to herself that they keep having more and more people just being added in. You know something else to just add to annoying her rather then just getting this done quickly like they hoped. But she for now just kept quiet for the moment.

Only because it seemed other things would be added like a talking bird. Even considering to ask if she really had to listen to this, But this was for her so she would just have to consider doing it and having means what she could do to help. But as per her normal."Great, another delay in the plan."Now some one had to hope a perosn did not have other plans in her mind to just not go through with it. It should be a pretty simple thing to do as a person was easily talked into continuing.

Even then something told her she would end up helping save this fixitway being in the end it was for her she needed to not be too grumpy about it, maybe she needed more sleep was Hasani keeping him awake for too long again when they played together? Or was she just getting old?




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Esperia couldn't help but let out a little giggle at her lover's remark about the alchemist's housing choice. "In the past alchemy was the lone reason people could overcome illnesses and surgeries my dear~ It was only later that the medical practices turned more into the field of science rather than magic and herbalism."

And even nowadays a lot of medicine still relied on herbalism as a foundation. Still, learning about Fixitway's fate did concern Esperia. Certainly, he might had been a bit of an enigmatic individual, but the familiar was far from a troublemaker. Also the wilderness of Seven was quite dangerous the further one ventured away from civilization. Not that it was a reason for the adventurers to turn a blind eye to the familiar's fate.

"Fortunately my darling and I will be more than capable of finding Fixitway~ They likely will be hiding him in one of the caves in the nearby forest. I doubt these creatures or bandits alike will prove to be a problem for us."

After which the bird chimed softly. "If you don't mind, I'll tag along to help guide you two. I can sense Fixitway's mana once we get near enough to his whereabouts." Guess it meant the swallowtail was tagging along...

"Now~ think you're ready for a little detour my dear? Or will I have to squeeze the grumpiness out of you first~"

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at least the joke was heard, it was rather nice. Then again it was pretty simple to get once you saw how it was a joke over all."it can fix many things yet i still can disliked the people who pratice it in theory even if your getting me to try too stand them."She mentioned in passing it seemed at least she would be ready to deal with whatever was holding this fixitway hostage. Just meant she needed her big sword and a willingness to beat up a few people and break a few bones of people, her being ready for this pretty quickly, To the shock or not Esperia in the room.

Yes finding people would be pretty easy when your the wife of a werewolf who could sniff people out."Let's get this searching done quickly, Before i change my mind entire of this."which was the most expected answer from her because well how expected of the werewolf lady who hates doctors to still think over weather or not she wanted to go through this or not, but she seemed still in the end willing to help out with what all needed to be done.




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Esperia pouted playfully at her lover's remark. Indeed, she knew that unfortunately, Priscilla was not fond of doctors. Which made it all the more fortunate she herself had some experience in the medical field to assure her lover for most of the time, but this type of surgery went beyond her usual grade. As Priscilla asked for them to get the search on the way, Esperia playfully embraced her, giving her body a light but tender hug as she hummed softly. "Right~ it be over in no time~"

As they left the residence of the alchemist Esperia gestured toward the east. "They likely are hiding in the forest beyond the grassfields. Once we get there I'll have to rely on you to show the way darling~" With that said and done the duo started traveling toward the direction Esperia had mentioned. It was clear that despite being a smaller settlement, the town was still quite lively and the farmlands well attended. But even then, the moment they went past the border of civilization the large trees that loomed overhead made it clear they had arrived at their destination.

"Hopefully we won't encounter something crazy like a minotaur prowling in these woods~"

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Even if a playful pout her only reaction to it was to poke her one the one of the puffed out cheeks from the pout."Your lucky you have not needed to attempt too much doctor work on me, as well that I love you enough to not hate you."Which was also true she did just kind of ignore it, sincei t was not entirely brought up enough thus it was never a worry.

But no doubt it would always have use."Only time you used your medical skills recently was when you went mad and threw me into a wall."Yes she had not forgotten about that yet, why else would she bring it up after all but she was not trying to use it as a bad thing against her.

But she would mention."At least you don't ever have to wonder what i would do if you ever had to operate on me when i could just walk it off."Keep in mind she was laughing about it while getting a big sword ready to go do some beating up."After all I don't think your love bound heart could handle it."just how horrible could an punishment from her be?

But moving on, she stretched out slightly cracking a few bones then put one of her lounging on Esperia's shoulders, As they walked on she would sniff the air every once and a while to attempt to pick up something going on.




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It took her a moment to let her concentration be distracted by her lover's words, suddenly turning around to face Priscilla as she puffed up her cheeks. "I made precautions to ensure the only throwing that will happen is onto the bed from now on! Also yes, it would break my heart to see you suffering, so you better be careful during the battle."

A gentle peck on her lover's cheek followed as her gaze sharpened for a moment. "Hmm, the path here seems to be disturbed, recently even. If my assumption is correct, there might be some caves further inwards. Try to catch any human scents my dear~ or in the worst case--- ah wait, I guess you could try to see if you can catch the scent of a rabbit?"

An odd suggestion perhaps, but Priscilla would surely catch the scent of one, and should they follow the trail it would soon clearly lead to a cave where a pair of hoodlums were standing guard. It seemed they had found their kidnappers at last!

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The better part is she was letting that go, she just always added them in for reminders of how stubborn she herself was, not anything against Esperia. It was some one reminding herself she was far too stubborn for her own good one of these days something will stop her, but her wife was not stopping her so that was a good thing. To keep one grounded was a good thing that was just a lesson not in mind to the person who might needed to learn it, but maybe that was something in the future to mention or learn.

Listening to what else was mentioned at this time after the moment of affection. She was still figuring out what all she could pick up at this time. She was starting by trying to sniff out people and so far she only really could smell the lady next to for the most part, which she was already use too so she kind of needed to ignore it."Nothing so far, they must be in deep or long pass for human."It did sound like she had put a fair amount of effort into it. But not all hope was lost.

So she would go sniffing out rabbit in which she just seemed to start walking where she smelt something close to it."This way, I think I have something."She mentioned while just taking Esperia by hand and started walking with her sure it was a bit forceful but she was on something. But considering as Esperia was it was most likely not a huge deal in the end about it. Because they were going to achieve a goal, they were going to achieve this task, they would be getting this bunny and they would be doing something she hated.




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Esperia couldn't help but find herself a bit startled when her lover grabbed a hold of her and started to forcefully guide her toward the direction, she had caught something at, although in particular, the fact she saw the two thugs at the entrance to the cave made it all the more worrying. "Darling~ I appreciate the enthusiasm but there are lookouts-"

And indeed, the two thugs drew their swords, one approaching Priscilla as he called out to her. "Who are you?! Think you can just waltz into our camp?!" Yet the other one looked at the pair in a more fascinated manner. "Hey, let's beat them up and take them inside? They'd be more worth than that weird bunny thing we caught earlier."

O boy, if only these thugs were aware of the kind of troubles they were about to get themselves into! Not that Esperia cared too much, they were criminals after all...


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Looks out were what she sought out anyway, It was almost like it was a bit reckless of her but she could deal with in her own manner."Good thing even if there is. It just make it a bit easier."She laughed about it as they spoke because well. What happens when a werewolf found what they wanted?

Maybe they were about to figure out why she did not need to be sneak about these things."Good thing us no bodies are here to do something."So she would just simply fireman carry Esperia and run towards the lookouts. When close enough she would just put Esperia down some how managing to put her down gently.

Then in typical her fashion with her sword being held by both of her hands she would attempt to hit this man as hard as she could on the head, Then pick up the hopefully dazed man and threw him into the other look out. If there was a thing that was going to happen it was going to be a wild trip for people, With Esperia just so far being a casuall watcher to her own wife's means of handling people.




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Esperia couldn't help but let out an amused whistle at the sight of her lover manhandling the two lookouts. The first one didn't even get the opportunity to properly retaliate, the swing of her sword hitting him right on the head, but then reality sunk in, or rather the sword did! Cleanly cleaving the man's body into half, at least Priscilla still had the opportunity to swing half of the man's body to the other thug.

The thug staggered off balance, clearly exposed to an attack from the werewolf while Esperia stepped closer to her lover, while ensuring to keep a respectable distance between herself and the sword her lover was swinging around.

Unfortunately, it seemed that their presence had caused a commotion for several thugs could be seen emerging from the cave, one of them yelling in annoyance. "Deal with them before the boss returns!"

Yikes, it seemed more bodies to put down had appeared!

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The general problem here is while there was one watching, The other was going to keep it simple for them."Of tell you what, Give me Fixingway, I won't cleave anyone else or break any bones"She mentioned loudly to make her point because she was making her point. Then well she apparently had half a body in her hands so she simple just threw it at one of them, because she was not here to play nice until they yield to her request. You know simple things like that as simple as they could get in the end.

So even if she was moving fairly quickly she would stop before getting close to any other person."So what do you say your bunch of highwaymen? Give us Fixingway. We leave all of who remain live, seems like a pretty fair deal."Then she just pointed to Esperia."Or....you see what she can do."Why? because she wanted to add a bluff in and it would be pretty interesting to see what could really happen here. Then she would just let her sword rest on her shoulder and waited at this point, was this a bluff? Or was the werewolf just that good at bluffing.




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It seemed that Priscilla had her own strategy in mind. The idea of using a bluff was not bad, far from it. Although they were just ordinary local thugs with little awareness of events outside their domain. Which led to the expected response that the moment Esperia raised a hand to her face, pointing lightly at herself and tilting her head to the side in confusion, one of the thugs called out: "Hah! What can a little girl do against an entire group of us?!"

Indeed, they were emboldened by their numbers, even the big sword Priscilla was wielding was not exactly something they were still afraid of. Wary? Sure, but they believed even she couldn't deal with such numbers. "To think I'd get called a little girl..." Esperia muttered in disbelief while one of the thugs approached Priscilla, a choice he would surely regret.

Meanwhile the remaining thugs started to approach the duo, while in the back a small figure was clearly restrained by ropes and a piece of cloth covering his mouth. The figure squirmed in protest while Esperia took a few steps backwards and smiled softly. "Guess I should put in some effort as well~"

Slowly raising her hand to her mouth, the lass bit down onto it as her metamorphosis into a titan took place, a large fist easily crushing the two thugs that were chasing her while the Titan sat down in front of the cave, gazing inside. "At least they won't try to flee~ The rest is up to you darling~"

Now the thugs seemed a bit less motivated, between a giant sword-wielding werewolf inside the cave, and a Titan waiting outside, it was clear they were stuck between a rock and a hard place. But even then, something seemed to drive them onwards to attack the werewolf, as if she was a lesser threat than whatever fate would await them should they surrender their prisoner to her!

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So that still chose death, how magical and some what interesting to expect in reality she expected them to just run at this point she would have let them run past her just so she could get the bunny. But what would she to not allow them death of their own choosing. Whatever she did at this point did result in their death and she would not talk about it.

But for now it seemed they left with the bunny man with her only remarking."Well you are pretty small considering."she laughed patting Esperia on the head, she was using it as a way to distract her mind."Even if you seem to change size and look almost every other time i look away,I sometimes ponder if i am still in a dream or not."Since they poked fun at one another anyway at least it was all out of love.

But eventually she settled herself down and relaxed herself enough to get Fixingway to do their wonderful work to leave that one worry behind in her life as she had done well to move on from many things that was lingering with in her mind, it was interesting.




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