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Trade Deal #1 [Brone Solo]

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

Trade Deal #1 [Brone Solo] Empty Sat Aug 27, 2022 12:28 am

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe had groaned often during the entire trip to Sokka village. It wasn't the distance that bothered him but the fact that it was a diplomatic quest he was on, which meant he was suppose to avoid a fight as much as possible, but what else could he do other than remain home and continued to enveloped by his boredom. There was nothing for the dwarf to do; he had completed his chores and there were barely any quests being posted up. Peace was the aim for the guild, but with great peace, comes great boredom. Brone also figured a major factor of the lack of activity would be that the population of civilians in the north was lacking compared to the rest of Fiore.

Eventually, Brone had reached Sokka village and was greeted by the natives. He was then led to the chieftain, Loleo, who initially was joyful in greeting him, but once the moment the chieftain's son, Lokoa, mentioned the trade deal with Kranu village, Loleo's expression darkened. Brone had noticed this, though didn't say anything until the feast later that evening.

"Yer father doesn't seem too happy about the trade" Brone said in between bites of a large chicken leg.

"Sokka village and Kranu village had been at war for many seasons" Lokoa said, reframe from eating, though he kept the dwarf company at the main table at the hall where the village's officials and nobles were, "This trade would be the first chance they have at taking the first steps towards peace."

"I can understand that" Brone said before downing his drink. As much of a fighter he was and how much he favored a good battle, the dwarf understood that if peace was an option, then it should be sought, for the safety of the communities. Hearing this explanation from the chieftain's son had soften Brone's heart; now he felt determined to make sure the trade deal come to completion.

Brone was told that the trade will take place in two days since it takes an entire day of travel to reach the halfway point where the representatives of both Sokka and Kranu village will meet and make the trade. Sokka will be providing lumber from the birch trees that are found in their area, and Kranu will be providing wool from their shepherds sheep. Both resources were very valuable to the two villages and because of the need, the trade was prompted, though both villages' chieftains despised one another, but they knew well that they needed to think of their people first.

That night the village enjoyed food, drink, and dance as a welcoming for Brone and a thanks for seeing the trade deal through. Though both sides were need of this trade deal to be done, Brone needed to be wary, the fact that there was still a dislike between the two sides meant that relations were volatile, and he had seen clans in the mountains brought to the death for petty reasons.


#2Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The following morning came and Brone was surprised to see that the eastern gate of the village was already cluttered with villagers; the chieftain, Loleo, his son, Lokoa, their guards and a large amount of labors that were handling the transport of the cut lumber that were being carried by wagon, and lastly villagers that were there see the group off.

"Very honorable to see us off" Brone approached Lokoa while adjusting his left golden shoulder guard.

"They were wishing us blessings and safe travels, the forest is thick and vast with danger" Lokoa said, though the both of them knew well that the danger the villagers were worried about was not of animals lurking in the Deep Green, but the Kranu villagers, "You need not carry such armor and weapons" Lokoa was quick to change the subject.

"I have no worry your guards will protect us, nor worry of the negotiations, I simply feel comfortable" Brone assured the chieftain's son with a smile. The dwarf fully donned himself with his golden breastplate and additional magical trinkets, though his blue helm hang from his belt by a hook; showing his face and hair was always his way of presenting himself as not a threat, though he had his equipment with him just in case things went south. Even though he had faith in Lokoa's intentions to get through the trade deal without any problems and get peace going between the two villages, the tension that was in the air was thick and Brone could tell that guards were favoring their weapons. The dwarf had hoped for everyone's sake that no blood would be spilled this day, ironically such a prayer to the Stone came from the head of Paradise Dawn's Militia.

Eventually after another hour of setup and a moment for a quick meal, the two wagons and everyone were ready and made their way east. There was path for the wagons in which they had taken, though normally villagers would avoid such a road unless guarded with protectors, since it was a noticeable area to be targeted. From what Brone was learning of the Sokka villagers, he understood that they were a cautious group who tended to keep to themselves; though they tend to keep to the thick of the shrubs and the shade, they weren't shy from battle; the region of the forest they lived in seem to be difficult to live, which was why they made sure to be well trained in battle and survival tactics.

Every so often, the laborers were rotated so they wouldn't get too tired from pulling the wagons. When Brone had offered to join the laborers, the chieftain was quick to refused, "Better you are at full strength, please join the guards" It was then that Brone understood the difference between Loleo and Lokoa; Loleo seen Brone as a guard in case battle arose, while Lokoa seen him as a diplomatic. The dwarf understood he was well trained in combat and lacked the necessary social skills for diplomacy, but with the values that his parents raised him, he always aimed for peace before throwing his axes. He hoped the chieftain understood that.

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#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The forest was thick with trees so tall that they seem to touch the sky and with branches so vast, the tree tops seem to be it's own sky. The last time Brone was within these woods, he had fought a gargantuan snake, though he was sure the battle took place somewhere far from his current position since the immediate area didn't look destroyed. During the day, they had only stopped to rest once before needing to come to a full stop and set up camp when evening was darkening their path to the point they could barely see; the dwarf admired their resilience.

At first, Brone had thought they were lucky to find a stream nearby for drinking water. But as he watched the laborers set up hammocks in suitable areas around a campsite that was quickly prepared, he realized finding the stream wasn't coincidental, the Sokka villagers were very familiar with the terrain and had knew of the spring as well as the animals that were in the vicinity that provided game for food; his admiration for these people grew more.

During the night, Brone had awoken from his hammock and walked off to the perimeter of the encampment to relieve himself. Upon his return, he spotted Chieftain Loleo was the one who was taking watch along side two other guards. As the two guards were circling the perimeter, Loleo sat by the campfire, staring it's the flames.

"Trouble on the mind? Brone approached the chieftain, noticing a concern expression.

"Truth to you, warrior..." Loleo gave a tired smile as he turned to face the dwarf, "I worry for tomorrow because my people fought Kranu for so long; I fought with their warriors, slain some" This didn't shock Brone, He had a feeling that the quarrels were much more than that, and Lokoa was probably sugarcoating the situation. There was a long silence between the dwarf and the chieftain before Brone spoke up.

"Do you want peace?" Brone asked simply.

"I do... for the sake of my people" Loleo answered, "My mistrust gets in the way sometimes, and I know my son means well... we just need to be very careful... for a warrior cannot defend himself if his back to bare to an unseen enemy" This statement caught Brone in deep thought. There were moments he wasn't sure who he had fought was truly an enemy or not. The dwarf looked down upon the black cloth that was wrapped about his left arm, displaying a series of red clouds. Situations can be complicated and knowledge may not be available to a warrior, so to raise a shield and sword needed the knowledge of who is an enemy, and no warrior can have their shield raised forever against every shade.

"I'm sure your son knows what he is doing" Brone said and provided a warm smile. Loleo returned the smile. One major concern that was not spoken was whether or not Lokoa was ready to take the mantel of chieftain when the time comes. Now this may be his first test.

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#4Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
When the following morning came, the encampment was disassembled and the group was back on the road within the hour. Food and water was eaten on the way. The closer they were to the meeting point, the more unsettled the majority of the group was and it was becoming more noticeable each hour that passed. Eventually, everyone had fallen silent and more focused on being aware of the immediate surroundings.

As the sun reached it's peak in the sky, they had finally reached the meet point: an open area where a large stone platform lay in the center. The laborers had rested the wagons on the west side of the platform while the guards took positions in the perimeter. The chieftain and his son stood on the stone platform. Brone was asked to join the two upon the platform and he obliged.

"So we just wait?" Brone asked to break the silence that lingered in the air. Loleo and Lokoa nodded without saying a word, even the son seemed nervous.

After two hours, another group of natives arrived with just as much guards as the Sokka villagers along with a handful of shepherds guiding a large flock of sheep. As two of the male Kranu villagers walked upon the stone platform, the Kranu guards moved to stand around the parameter, though keeping distant from the Sokka guards. Tension was high, but no one reached for their blades.

As the two chieftains stared at one another in silence, their glares fierce, Lokoa began to speak, "We are glad to make this trade deal and desire to create the first steps to peace between our people." The Kranu chieftain's second who stood beside him translated what Lokoa said in their language.

"We are simply here for the trade and nothing more, a treaty isn't needed or wanted" the translator iterated for his chieftain. This statement caused Loleo to grit his teeth and confront the other, now they both spoke their native languages while the translator struggled to convey each sentence.

"Do you mind translating for me?" Brone asked Lokoa, but the chieftain's son was drawn into the argument. By what Brone could tell, Lokoa and the translator seem to be the ones who seem to try and deescalate the situation. With the lack of understanding, Brone struggled with the language barrier and decided to wait for a moment that would need him.

Brone would look about and see the guards starting to have their own conflict; some would approach the stone platform, while the opposing guards would intercept them. Others would shove others and eventually blades would be drawn as the tension worsen. Brone didn't think he would ever prefer for a battle to be voided, "Oi ! Put your weapons away!" Brone yelled, but it seem the guards didn't care for the dwarf's call. So Brone dropped down from the platform and intercepted one of the guard's blades by drawing his golden shield. The sword slammed into the shield. Now things were heading south.

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#5Brone Heavyaxe 

Trade Deal #1 [Brone Solo] Empty Sat Aug 27, 2022 9:37 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone had slipped on his blue helmet as he deflected another sword attack using his golden shield. Within just a few seconds, the open area was filled with a chilling air that slowed everyone. "Enough!" Brone yelled as he drew his new axe which bore a black blade. The dwarf turned on his heel and slammed his axe against the stone platform, causing the entire thing to split in half, leaving a rift that separated the two chieftains and causing everyone to fall silent and draw their attention to the dwarf, "If ye want a battle, then burn yer tension on me! But this meeting is for a trade! If ye don't want to make peace, whatever, but today focus on what yer people need!" After that, all fell silent.

The guards had put away their weapons when their chieftains gave the order. Eventually, the chieftains started talking again, though their tones were kept at a reasonable volume. As for Brone, he stood at the edge of the cracked platform and ended up walking around the platform, keeping an eye on all the guards, making sure they didn't end up causing anymore trouble. The helm that sat upon Brone's head continued to emit the cold aura to remind everyone that the dwarf was acting as a warden.

Eventually the trade was made. The Kranu guards took the wagons of lumber and the Sokka laborers took the wool that was sheered off the sheep. After the trade was completed, the chieftains parted by giving a simple nod, though Lokoa explained that was considered a great honor for both sides.

The day ended as the two sides made their way back to their villages. As the Sokka group and Brone settled in an encampment for the night, Brone was thanked by Loleo and Lokoa for his intervening, stating that it was well needed. The dwarf shared a great smile and drink that night.

In the middle of the night, Brone got up and made his way to the perimeter of the camp to relieve himself. But before he made his way back to the camp, he spotted two ravens on a branch above him... they stared at him as if watching him, "Got something to say?" he joked.

"A lot" Said one raven. Brone was surprised, he had never met a bird that could speak before.

For a moment, the dwarf was silent before he spoke again, "What do ye want?" he asked.

"To talk" said the second.

"About what?" Brone was suspicious at this point; this seem like a situation out of a child's storybook where the main character had to be wary of suspicious birds in the middle of the night. But after few minutes of a small talk, the dwarf realized the ravens seem to be simply curious of him. After the small talk, the ravens flew away and Brone would head to bed, feeling relieved his quest was finish and that he could head home. Little did he know that those ravens would be visiting him again.

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