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Low, leaden clouds piled one atop the other in the sky, on the horizon, in the very air. They held a gravity that pressed down upon the earth, a cold stiff aura that froze the ground and grass with a feeling of ominous and foreboding thoughts. Distant. Uncaring. Impassive.

Seen from the windows of the town, icy tendrils of air curl ’round each and every corner, shuddering windows of bustling business as a calmness and silence was within them. Moving and flowing, searching for a way inside. A gap. A breach. An opening to slither their way into. A contrast look was growing, one different from the usual vibrant look. No colorful lights, fresh and alive nature, no energetic yet calm people. There was instead...dead leaves, empty and abandoned businesses currently, and restless children. Dying to be out and among the festive culture that was their home, but also to be away from the poison air that was etching itself into the vibe and atmosphere that was against their norm.

A red head would be seen walking in the middle of the empty street, leaving the people and on its way to the open land outisde. Oh, how of a long forgotten Spring it was. Whispers and scratches in the corners of people's minds, wind moaning through empty trees, boughs bend and twist. Stark and black, calling for a distant Summer unremembered. Ignorance not disturbed.

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In the grand scheme of things, it was nice. Pleasant.Some may even say beautiful. To allow silence and peace to be present in the morning of the world that the living lived in and experience, to feel it. Well it was a gift. Jikan enjoyed this gift, one hand made alongside the people of the town in their reconstruction after its devastation many years ago. But now, the town had been fixed, heck improved. People had returned back by their own choice, even more people who were not originally from the town and the North. But that did not matter then. Just as it had not mattered that Jikan and Sleeping Calamity were technically a dark guild then. And now still. They put work in, they worked alongside and aided the people who lived in the same environment as them. They played the cards they were dealt and used the best out of it.

And here they were. The new Orchidia, headquarters of Sleeping Calamity. It took blood, sweat, tears, and time. But it was done. And through a routine it was able to be sustained and grown over the last two years. In fact, JIkan was in the middle of one at this very moment.

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Walking through the streets, Jikan was getting ready to do her morning day monitor of the vents going on in the town that were easily witness-able, as well as trying to get some positive interactions with the towns folk. It had grown to be a regular routine. Her red hair and black tipped hair laid free flowing down her face and back. Beyond that she wore her regular items, her Sleeping Calamity cloak, a black fishnet and white undershirt under it, some random shoes that matched the color of the cloak and was easy to move in. Some rings and earrings and her millennium puzzle. All in all she was dressed to just be active, whether that was talking, waling, and if she had to, fighting. But hopefully not.

It was quiet for awhile. And then the sounds of life came. Slowly but surely, the town was waking up. Its citizens and visitors going out and about now. Strolling about outside to be active, standing amongst themselves and talking, or getting food from food stands or store then eating. It was all coming together.

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Sadly, it got....weird. The sudden warmth and humidity of the weather began to shift. It was spring but...it started to be cool. And then cold. Colder and colder for some reason much more it was supposed to be. She could feel the cold, chilling to the born even when she walked. Her hand went to her lips, a warmth flowed into it as she saw the light fog of her breath. It was cold....very cold if her breath was showing. Just what in the world was going on?

The clouds were heavy, thick. Numerous. And soon snow began to fall. Her hands went to hover over her eyebrows as she looked at the sky. It felt heavy, and it felt like there was no warmth from the sky even though the sun was out.  What was making it so cold? What was impacting the environment in such a manner that was abnormal?

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