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Wild Wild [South -> West]

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#1Khalfani † 

Wild Wild [South -> West] Empty Wed Jul 13, 2022 11:05 pm

Khalfani †
How disappointing, Khalfani thought. They had travelled all the from the North to the south to find these pieces of obsidian known as Runes, only to return back North empty handed. The whole thing just annoyed the fuck out of them but they were adamant on staying in a good mood. The prince was long out of their element. Honestly, they had been in Desierto so long that it felt nasty, almost, to be back. The young prince, sighed as they strolled towards Anga. The gryphon was patient, excited to see her master return but could feel their frustration. It radiated through Khal's pores. They hardly ever failed at anything they did. In fact, they couldn't remember the last time they didn't do something correctly or get something done. This wasn't just a small loss, this was also a slap in the face from the gods. At every turn it felt like they were retaliating, stopping them from achieving power.

Or maybe that could have simply been them once again embracing the paranoia that lurked within their mind. Apep would only help Khalfani accomplish their tasks if they were connected in spirit, and the same went for Atum, the forgotten. The only explanation was fear. They were afraid of what the beloved Lion prince would become should they continue to ascend. For a moment, the godsblood gazed into the distance.They had lost themselves in thought, but Anga's purrs brought them back. Despite the fact that their eyes were opened the entire time, it felt as though they had just awakened from a nap. The Lion wasted not another moment before hopping onto their steed. With a pat on the side of the winged beasts body, she began to run, flapping her wings to eventually become one with the southern winds. Oak was their next stop. They expected to rest there for a while, so maybe this hunt wasn't over after all.

The people below were ants from this high up in the sky, but to Khalfani nothing had changed. They didn't share this type of sentiment for all people, just the Fiorians. They hated the way the pale skinned goblins looked at them whenever they were around. Foreigners had been some of the strongest mages in this country but it never felt like enough to fit in. The north was different. In fact, that was the only place in this country they felt completely at ease. Oak city was safe enough for them considering their father was essentially the lord there, yet it didn't hit the same way the North did. Khalfani had saved them after all. If they had been the guild master of Paradise Still, they would have been a king there. Alas, their sights were set on their rightful position on the throne. Soon enough they could see the tower that housed the nightmares. That's when they knew they had reached their destination.


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