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Curaed Child -C rank mission

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Curaed Child -C rank mission  Empty Tue Jul 12, 2022 7:15 pm

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As the duo was walking it was time for yet another mission. But was this truly a mission or was it just a person in need of help? Either way Ghost and Ranye were now on their way to an abandoned orphanage or at least it is now. As they have gotten news of a child that was being controlled by the darkness of all things. But how can a child be possessed by such a thing? Either way, it was just another day for him and all that. As the duo made it to the large home they would indeed notice. What everyone was talking about. It did in fact look dead and felt as such as well. This was going to be one of those days. Looking closer he would see more than ten windows broken.

This place truly looked like a hunted mansion and whatnot. As the wind blew he would hold down his hat so that the wind would not take it away. As the duo started to walk inside the large gate. Rayne would be shaking from step to step. As she would then hold on to Ghost's right leg and boy was she not letting it go. Soon after, that has they got closer and closer Ghost would and could feel the death in the air. He would take a deep breath and then would walk up the steps of the mansion. Ghost would now be at the front door of the place as ir was show time.



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As the rain started to pour down Rayne would get even more scared. As this was not what she had signed up for. Well, she did sign up for it but that was beside the point. As Ghost walked inside the orphanage and slowly but surely as he looked around. He would have a smile on his face as he looked around it would nearly turn into a grin. As Ghost would think to himself how cruel this place seems. He could tell that a fight of some sort had to have happened here. As because everywhere he looked it was all broken into pieces. As he looked by the stairs he could feel something coming up from them. It was an almost dark yet mysterious presence. As his heart would start to speed up Ghost would slowly but surely walk up the stairs. By this time Rayne would have run out of the place.

As he finally came up the steps he would look on and notice a door at the end of the hall. Ghost would see that there was only one door opened and that got his attention and mostly because the darkness was coming from it. He has seen this kind of magic before and his kind has bested it to be clear. So he now knew what was going on and he needed to know who was the darkness taking whole of. It was going to be a bit hard to do but it had to be done.

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Curaed Child -C rank mission  Empty Tue Jul 19, 2022 3:39 pm

As he got closer and closer to the room he would hear what sounded like a chair rocking back and forth. He no longer fear what was there because he knew there was a poor soul who needed help. Ghost would then step inside the room and right there he would see a small female child. She was surrounded by darkness like whips. The young child would look at Ghost as she stood up. He would tip his hat at her and a hello way. But there was nothing good about this goodwill attempt of his. Soon as she pointed at him. She would launch an attack at him as he pulled out of the way. As he looked on he would see her eyes were pitched black. A smile came upon him and he knew what he had to do to save this little girl. As he would then say out loud to her. "So some how some way you then got yourself in trouble with dark magic. Could this be a demon work or something else all together? I ain't gonna press the issue but I can help you. But in order to do that, you will be put to sleep for a while. A guy name Guad wanted to see you. He wants to help you and I am getting paid to help him help you. Then again even if I was not getting paid I would still help you out, ok little lady."



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Soon the girl would form what appears to be tentacles made out of the darkness. This raised Ghost's eyebrows just a bit as he would then say out loud "Ok So that's new." Not resll6 trying to use force here he would begin to dodge the incoming assault on him. At first, he then not take it lightly. But the moment he dodge the impact of the slam would break the floor down. Causing the duo to fall down but Ghost was quick with his reaction and thinking. As he closed his eyes the young girl would be coming at him. Just as he opens his eyes he would let out a beam of light. Which he was now using his grace.

As he looked at the young child the darkness could not take the light he was letting off. Ghost would see this as the child screamed out in fear before the darkness flew out of her. As Ghost held on to the child to protect her. He would watch as she fainted and whatnot. As he looked at the Holy knight Gaud would look at him and then take the child away. As it was a job well done but no words were said between the two. Ghost would watch as Rayne came back in and then would see her holding a fish. He would shake his head as he tried his best not to laugh. But all was left was to get paid and leave.




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