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Magharedes' Runes: Ilo Blood Rune

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Magharedes' Runes

While traveling through this area, you begin to feel a strange sensation all over your body. As you look around to find the source of this feeling, you cannot seem to pinpoint its origins directly. Depending on where you stand, the feeling becomes either stronger or completely disappears. Using this as a guide, you eventually manage to find what has been trying to draw you in towards itself: Magharedes' Blood Rune. It is said that when all five Blood Runes are collected, the user can communicate directly with the entity to wish for something. Though, the collection comes in the form of tribute to the entity itself. Blood must be spilled. Still interested in becoming both predator and prey?


  • See Magharedes' Runes to learn more about the Blood Runes and the requirements to roll.


  • Users may perform a post in the topic and roll once per 24 hours in an attempt to claim the Blood Rune until it has been claimed by someone.

  • Should the user roll higher than 50, they will acquire the Blood Rune and become ineligible to acquire another until the Blood Battles begin. This is when all five Blood Runes have been acquired through the rolls.

  • See Magharedes' Runes to learn more about the conditions.


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The light of day seemed to dim as Ariael found himself walking in the night. It had been months since he was released from confinement, but he still found himself wondering Central Fiore in search of something. For the moment he didn’t know what. Mostly due to him not being in fine tune with any of his magic anymore. As he continued walking, the Mage Hunter would begin to feel a pulse of mana calling out to him. It was a feeling quite familiar since he had felt it two years earlier. “One of the blood runes is nearby.” whispered the black haired man. He would begin walking towards the source of the mana in order to find the stone that could grant him any wish that he wanted. A smile would creep on Ariael’s face as he found himself getting closer to the point of no return.


Magharedes' Runes: Ilo Blood Rune Empty Mon Jul 11, 2022 3:50 pm

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