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Magharedes' Runes

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Magharedes' Runes

It is unclear when they appeared on Earthland, but almost everyone is aware of the tales of Magharedes' Runes. The story goes that Magharedes, an entity worshipped in ancient times through blood sport in return for favors, tried to stir things up on Earthland by commanding his worshippers to create the Five Blood Runes. The creation of each rune required his worshippers to sacrifice their lives along with that of hundreds of others.

The Blood Runes ensured that even after he would be long forgotten, he would still receive worship through blood sport by having others battle for his attention. Once all the Five Blood Runes would be collected by one person, Magharedes would be able to appear on Earthland briefly to grant the collector a favor. As random and unpredictable as they come, Magharedes is an embodiment of chaos itself. Therefore, he does not care about the consequences of the wishes that he grants to collectors.  

Five Blood Runes

  • Magharedes' Runes are etched into five flat pieces of obsidian: Aleph, Edas, Ilo, Oda, and Ubir. Upon collecting all the ruins, Magharedes appears to grant a wish to the collector.

  • Blood Runes will appear randomly in towns of Fiore at first and become available for anyone to claim by entering the topic and rolling higher than the required value. Once someone has one of the Blood Runes, the topic will lock and the Blood Rune will be added to their Inventory.

  • Once all the Blood Runes have been distributed, those who possess them are subject to invasion rules, with their Blood Rune potentially being taken from them when defeated by the invader.

  • The invader can take all Blood Runes in someone's possession when they have defeated another collector.

  • Once all Blood Runes are in someone's possession, the event temporarily stops till the collector makes their wish in a topic.

  • In the topic, the sky will darken and a red moon will become visible as the entity above appears to grant the collector one of the wishes listed below.

  • Once the topic has been concluded, the event repeats again.

Event Conditions

  • Across Fiore, topics will be posted in which users may roll to attempt to acquire a Blood Rune. The topic requires physical presence, thus traveling is therefore applicable.

  • Users may perform a post in the topic and roll once per 24 hours in an attempt to claim the Blood Rune until it has been claimed by whoever is involved.

  • Should they roll 50 or greater, they will acquire the Blood Rune and become ineligible to acquire another until the Blood Battles begins. This is when all five Blood Runes have been distributed.

  • Users who failed to acquire the Blood Rune in the respective topic will be eligible to roll within the topics where a Blood Rune is still available, though that will require traveling to the appropriate location to roll.

  • Once all five Blood Runes have been claimed by unique users, then those possessing them may begin the Blood Battles.

Event Details

  • The user must be at least B-rank to participate.

  • The user may participate with only one character in this event.

  • Blood Runes are etched into five flat pieces of obsidian: Aleph, Edas, Ilo, Oda, and Ubir. The name will be listed in the profile to show which piece is in possession by someone.

  • Should a user go inactive which prevents a Blood Rune from being acquired, after a determined period, the Blood Rune may be returned to its original location, at which point it may be acquired by anyone, including those possessing a Blood Rune already.

  • Users may attempt to steal a Blood Rune from another holder if they haven't posted in any topics in the last 7 days. They can title a topic 'Stealing Name's Blood Rune' in the other holder's location. If the other holder does not reply within 48 hours, one Blood Rune is considered automatically stolen. For each 24 hours that pass after that, one more additional Blood Rune is stolen automatically if the other user holds more than one piece.

  • If a user possessing a Blood Rune is captured as a result of a captured bounty, the user who claimed the bounty will receive the Blood Rune.

  • Battles for Blood Runes must be done one versus one.

  • When a Blood Rune is claimed from someone else, the user must post in this topic to confirm the claim.

  • Once a user acquires all five Blood Runes, they will be able to summon the Magharedes to grant them their wish. This must be done in a topic called Blood Runes: Summoning Magharedes. This topic cannot be invaded, though it does not have to be a solo.

  • Upon the user claiming their reward, the Blood Runes will scatter across Fiore again to repeat the process allowing Magharedes to mess around with people once more.

Event Rewards

  • The user can wish to change their race freely. This includes starter races.
  • The user can wish to receive a Legendary Custom which they will be able to create in the Forge themselves.
  • The user can wish to become stronger which will grant them 50 Statistic Points to distribute over their Attributes.
  • The user can wish for more mana which will grant them 1000 Mana Points.
  • The user can wish to become more experienced which will grant them 100,000 Experience.
  • The user can wish to change their fate allowing them to choose any of the listed Tarots except for The World.
  • The user can wish to become richer and will mysteriously receive 3,000,000 Jewels.
  • The user can wish for a change of magic. The user does not need to purchase a Lost Potion. They can choose any magic from the shop regardless of their element and whether it has already been purchased or not. This does not apply to Souls and Slayers.
  • The user can wish to clear their bounty and have all crimes committed erased from the memories of others.
  • The user can wish for more spells which will grant them 6x A-rank Scrolls of Captum or 3x S-rank Scrolls of Captum depending on their choice. The spells do not have to be trained once approved.
  • The user can wish for more mastery over a specific weapon which automatically ranks up a Weapon Mastery by one level bypassing the need for training and battles. This method can be used by non-mages to enter Legendary Master which is normally not possible.
  • The user can wish to switch the Weapon Mastery they have accumulated in a certain type into a completely different type.
  • The user can wish for all of their fame to be transerred to their infamy or vice versa.

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