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Brone Handling Pest Control [Neutral]

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

Brone Handling Pest Control [Neutral] Empty Thu Jul 07, 2022 8:04 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe had taken up a quest to help landlord rid of some pests from his building, though admittedly, the dwarf didn't fully read the description, and didn't realize his perception of the situation was slightly different than what was true. When he had met with the client, it turns out that it wasn't a landlord who was dealing with troubles to his already owned building, but a wealthy land owner who wanted to claim ownership of a building that was rat infested.

"Aye" Brone lazily said as he was picking wax from his ears, slightly bored and annoyed with how pompous the chubby landowner was.

"Are you not listening to me!?" the landowner yelled as he nearly fell off his luxurious high chair, he seemed irritated as he pointed a pudgy finger at Brone.

"I said 'aye' right?" the dwarf finally stopped looking around the room and fell his eyes upon his client, "It means I'm listening, there's rats ye want me to take care of".

"Yes, so I need you to go and clean them out" the landowner sat back in his seat, trying to regain his composure. He heard of Paradise Dawn and their reputation for getting jobs done, including of their dwarf who was sturdy and fearless, or so he heard, so he had to bet his money on this job getting done.

Brone marked down the location of the building in a notepad and made his way to find it. Eventually he would be walking around one of the abandon districts until he spotted the building. It took him a moment, but he understood why the building was valuable, it's location was near the residential area, convenient for many customers.

"Alright then" Brone said as he walked into the building. His first steps in and he had accidently broken the door. He looked around to make sure no one had spotted him, even though the area was vacant for the time being, so he ruled that the door was already aged and worn, so there was no avoiding the damage... and he quickly moved on.

The building was old and had a bad stench. The landowner had mentioned that the rats had come from the sewers, so there must be a hole that needed to be plugged up. Tedious, but Brone accepted, plugging up a small hole wouldn't be any big trouble for him.

The dwarf began to inspect the main area, which was spacious. There was no indication of what the building was before since the debris was numerous and scattered. Every step he took made a sound, not just his normal metallic sounds of his armor, but the glass and debris cracked and break beneath his feet. So far he didn't see any rats and when he entered the next adjacent room, he began to wonder if the rats had already vacated, which would make his job all the much easier. But he was wrong.

As he turned a corner, Brone noticed a rat... about his own size.


#2Brone Heavyaxe 

Brone Handling Pest Control [Neutral] Empty Thu Jul 07, 2022 8:37 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
This was a surprise to him. At first Brone thought he was seeing a bear, but taking another look, he spotted the elongated nose and the furless long tail. For the moment, it seem that both the dwarf and the giant rat was stunned to see one another; they just stared in silence. Then the moment the rat hissed, which sounded like a deep growl, Brone reacted by drawing his axes, but before he could position himself in a fighting stance, the rat rushed him and it's maw opened wide so that it's large teeth and sink into the intruder.

The two front teeth, as long as short swords bit down onto the shoulder guard of the golden armor, cracking the metal, but also activating the Biteback ability, causing pain to be dealt back to the rat who lurched back in pain. "Surprised ya, didn't it?" The dwarf laughed before he rushed in while swinging his axes. The rat scurried out of the way, but only managed to dodge one of the blades, the green axe managed to hit true, drawing blood from the oversized rodent.

"Ugly one, aren't ya?" Brone joked as he readied himself for another attack. Suddenly another giant rat entered through the door from across the room, "Ah crap, there's more of ye?" the dwarf was more disgusted than concerned. The building smelled like sewage and encountering filthy rats was making himself feel dirty without even spending more than a minute within the vicinity.

The two rats split up and slowly flanked the dwarf. "Great, ya got brains on ya" Brone commented as he turned from left to right, trying to keep sight of both rodents. After a moment, both rats ran in to attack, and the dwarf tried to meet them both with attacks, though he only managed to strike at the left rat who was already worn from the previous strike, as for the other right, it managed to bypass dwarf's defense and bit the golden armor from behind. It too felt the pain of the Biteback ability and reeled back. As a reply, Brone swung his golden axe back and cut the side of the second rat. Now both rats kept their distance while still flanking the dwarf.

"Come on then!" the dwarf taunted the rodents while trying to keep them in sight. But after a moment, anther rat came into the room, then followed by two more, soon enough the room was filled with one single dwarf with half a dozen giant rats. Though intimidating, the dwarf didn't falter, but he did admit he needed to change his strategy.

Within a moment, the rats rushed the dwarf and buried him within their massive bodies, dogpiling onto him without giving him a chance to strike, though he did manage to land his axes upon two rats before they cluttered upon him, keeping him from moving any further into their territory. "Release me!" Brone's yell was muffled within the fur of the rodents.

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#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
From within the cluster of half a dozen giant rats, a tornado burst from the center, scattering the giant rodents all across the room while the sudden magical whipping of wind tore through the interior of the abandoned building. Once the wind had died down, there in the center of the room stood Brone, though breathing heavily from straining himself to activate that spell, he was safe, albeit his golden armor now had a few cracks and several scratch marks throughout the front and back.

"I assure ye, I have faced dragons and giant monsters alike" Brone called out to his foe who were getting back on their paws, hurt and shaken up by the tornado, "So ye rodents are nothing more than that, just rodents, no matter how big ye are" the rats didn't understand what he said, but they cared not, they were still showing a fierceness in their eyes, ready to rid their home of a pesky dwarf. And the dwarf met that fierceness, "Come on then, same trick don't work on me twice" He said as he tightly gripped the handles of his axes. The cyan aura circled Brone and filled the room with a cold chill, causing the hair on the rats to stand up, but they weren't put-off, they rushed in to attack the intruder once more.

Brone laughed as he raised his golden axe into the air, immediately after, the axe doubled in size, then doubled again as the closest rat neared him. The dwarf then brought the giant axe down upon the rat, slamming it into the rodent, causing the rodent's legs to buckle and it's body to slam into the floor so hard, that the entire floor cracked and shattered, causing Brone and the rest of the half dozen rats to plummet to the basement level below.

The dwarf was back on his feet, though he was covered in dust from the shattered floor and debris, he was ready to fight back against any of the rodents that dared to continue to fight him. And fight they did. As the rodents rushed at him, Brone swung his axe to and fro, slamming his blades into rats here and there, though every now and then, incisors and claws scratched and scraped against the golden armor, wearing it down, but they didn't manage to break it as the dwarf was too skilled with his movability and swings of his weapons, he showed true proficiency with them.

Eventually the rats, too hurt to continue retreated to a different room. Brone, intending on not letting the foes go, ran after them. When he entered the next room, he spotted a large gaping hole that led into tunnel that radiated the stench of ...

The sewers.

There the rats were making there way into the building and back, this was there shortcut to the sewers. "I guess this is going to be more difficult then I originally thought" he sighed heavily. Then he ran in through the giant hole.

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#4Brone Heavyaxe 

Brone Handling Pest Control [Neutral] Empty Thu Jul 07, 2022 9:57 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
The moment Brone sank his feet into sewage water was the moment he began to regret taking the quest. He would have plugged up the hole to the initial tunnel, but the landowner asked him to rid the rats of their leader. When the dwarf heard that, he had laughed, because he thought the client was overexaggerating for implying that a handful of rodents would be coordinated enough to have a leader like a group of bandits. Now thinking about it, there was a time Brone heard that rodents, especially rats, were considered intelligent beings in the animals kingdom, and given the size of the rats he had currently deal with, facing off against their leader may be a bit of trouble, but needed to be dealt with in order to officially rid the building property of these pests for good.

Brone hadn't seen any rats for some distance, though luckily the tunnel he was in was a straight run without any diverging paths. And with his dwarven eyes, he was able to see in the dark like the rodents he was hunting. Eventually he had entered into another hole in the wall where he came upon what seem like a large cavern, and within was the nest he was looking for. And it wasn't long before he spotted the leader of the rats; twice the size of any of the rats and with all black hair unlike the gray haired once that swarmed the area.

"Alright ye uglies! Time to vacate!" Brone said as he twirled the axes in his hands. For a moment all went quiet as the rats just simply stared at him, then with a hiss from the black rat, the others hissed and began to slowly creep over to the dwarf, "I don't like the numbers, so don't blame me for going all out" said the dwarf as he walked into the cavern-like space. His golden armor coated itself in a layer of ice, the water vapor trailed off it. The rats ran about the room, soon surrounding the dwarf while constantly moving, making sure to keep him from getting any closer to the center where their leader was.

Brone then raised his golden axe into the air. The rats learned from last time, they quickly rushed in to attack the dwarf all together, intending on stopping him from increasing the size of his weapon, but that wasn't Brone's intention. As the dwarf slammed the axe down upon the closest rat, he activated anther spell which caused a gust of icy cold wind to erupt from the axe. The cyan aura of cold air radiated from the dwarf which then filled the room. The hairs upon the rats began to ice over, but they still pressed forward, though slowed greatly. They then dogpiled onto the dwarf, this time at least two dozen of the rats attacked him, intending on biting and suffocating him to death.

In the next moment, another tornado erupted from the mountain of giant rats, sending them all flying and with the cold air, it resembled a small blizzard.

"Now it's yer turn, ye majesty" Brone began walking slowly towards the black rat. The dwarf's armor still covered with the coating of ice. Frozen water vapor trailed off it and each step the dwarf took left a frozen boot print in it's wake. The black rat didn't cower away, he met the dwarf head on.

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#5Brone Heavyaxe 

Brone Handling Pest Control [Neutral] Empty Thu Jul 07, 2022 10:10 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
The dwarf slammed his golden axe into the size of the gargantuan rat, but it barely caused the beast to flinch. The black rat slammed it's incisors down upon the dwarf, slicing threw the side of the blue helmet and through the ice coating, and even through the golden layer of the armor. But instead of pulling back, the rat couldn't move, the dwarf had slammed his golden axe into the same spot he had hit just a moment ago to make sure the blade sank deep enough to latch onto the beast, keeping it from leaving.

Brone then lifted his green axe into the air and yelled as loud as he could, not only causing the other rats to fearfully keep away from the battle but to activate another spell. Cyan energy burst through the cracks in the armor and coiled around the dwarf as his strength increased. He then slammed the green axe onto the other side of the black rat who then jerked and squeaked in pain. As retaliation, the rat pushed itself off the dwarf, ripping the golden axe from it, causing blood to trail, then it whipped it's tail against the dwarf which shattered the armor to pieces. The helm too fell away, revealing the serious face of Brone, now bloodied.

"Time to end this" Brone said as he exhaled a stream of cyan colored air. He then ran forward while lifting his golden axe into the air. The spell activated and it's size doubled. The rest of the rats knew this was trouble so they all ran forward to attack the dwarf to protect their leader. The axe doubled in size again. The black rat ran at the dwarf as well, they were putting the full strength of the entire nest upon this last attack. Brone then halted in his tracks , then put his entire weight and strength into swinging his giant axe horizontally. With it's size and weight, it was proving a bit difficult to move, but the cyan energy surged within him, increasing his strength.

He shouted as loud as he could and once the giant axe made a full circle, cutting through half a dozen rats, another tornado erupted, this time slicing through all the rats and destroying the remnants of the nest.

An hour later, Brone surfaced and exited the building, the last attacked had caused that section of the sewer to collapse, blocking off any surviving giant rats from finding their way back to the building. Lucky for the dwarf's experience in traversing tunnels, he found his way back out. Though he was tired and heavily bloodied, the quest was done. Now to just tell the pompous landowner.

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