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West to East [Walk]

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Yawning softly she went towards the east where she was suppose to meet up with Akuko again and a couple of other people. Her eyes felt heavy and tired due to the sleeping she lacked. Her pink hair was vibrant as ever as it glowed a magenta-pink color. She wore a jacket and some jean pants as she wanted to be simple today. Behind her was Suza who was in her frilly blue dress as her eyes wandered around the nature to see what she could find. "Momma, you didn't sleep well... did you..." Suza questioned with a frown as she tilted her head.

She gave a light smile to Suza and shook her head, "No, I didn't..." she kindly spoke back to her as she then looked forward. "Where are we going?", she wondered as she sped up her walking to catch up and walk beside her mother. She was adopted but loved her all the same. She would be in some unknown situation if it wasn't for her. Possibly even dead as the Dragon destroyed her village before Quilla came. A headache was rising as Quiallreine needed a break. Thankfully, there was a town nearby where they were.


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"Going to the East, to a town where many don't dare to live unless they're in hiding usually," she told her sweet daughter. "Are we in hiding?", Suza wondered with her water-colored eyes, sparkling with curiosity. "Mmm", Quilla started as she looked away and thought for a moment. Were they in hiding? She did grow a little reputation, but she wasn't sure if she was going in hiding in that sense. Her eyes looked back at Suza, "Not really, we're just meeting some people. Maybe find a new place for the moment while I get something special prepared for our living situation," she lastly spoke before they silently continued on their Journey.

It felt long, hot and if they had a mount, this would not take as long. She licked her lips to moisturize them as they walked through the everylasting forest that was filled with mysterious fog. "We're almost there, according to this fog," she quietly told Suza. Her hand gripped onto her little hand as they walked together. Suza had her shark backpack full of clothes and in her free hand was her stuffed shark toy. In Quilla's free hand held her suitcase that was holding some of her stuff, but most importantly her bag on her hip had her mask just in case. Finally, they entered the location to get where they needed to go. It was a little hectic but now they had to find a place to stay.

She looked at Dahlia and wondered where to go as they were not ready to meet with everyone else yet. Some people were gazing at them as she was passing by. Her eyes coldly looked at them which caused them to look away and move along. She had to look cold as she couldn't trust anyone within this town. She couldn't even trust most people, but that was for another time as she had to think of where to stay for now. "Here's some options," she took a paper that was a brochure of the place. She showed Suza and pointed out some places to book. There was a studio on top of a business location, a camping ground and a hotel that was mysterious and dark. "Wes-go to the ...," she paused as if she was second guessing. "The studio!", she happily chose. She nodded and went to that direction as they went to set up their temporary home.


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