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The Cat Crief Wolf (Solo D Rank Quest)

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The Cat Crief Wolf (Solo D Rank Quest) Empty Mon 30 May 2022, 17:24

Now that he was a member of Sleeping Calamity, Ittindi had to start taking jobs for the guild to increase their reputation. There had been quite a lot of talk about the new butlers in the guild. Ittindi planned on being the top, even if they served different masters. As he walked through the forest towards his quest giver, he'd receive word that Zimnur wanted this meeting in secret. Ittindi knew discretion well from his years of butlering. The rich wanted help with the assurance that they were self-made. It seemed that working for others in any field was similar.

Zimnur was waiting up ahead in a clearing in the forest, his golden eyes sparkled against the shade of the forest's canopy. Ittindi would listen to Zimnur describe the nature of the job. It wasn't difficult to follow, he was to slay some wolves in a cave not far from here and bring back the Alpha's head for Zimnur honor. Ittindi, would smile politely and accept the request.

He'd take off at a nice brisk pace towards the wolf's den. He wanted this to be quick and hoped that the wolves wouldn't tear too much of his outfit with their teeth. Still, better his outfit than his life he mused to himself on the walk. He knew that he was approaching the cave of the wolves when the forest grew quieter. There were fewer and fewer signs of wildlife as he inched nearer to the cave. The entrance was a black pit, that seemed to suck all the light and life of the nearby forest. Ittindi didn't have dark vision like half the members of his guild. Instead, he had brought a couple of adventurer supplies when he tracked out to the forest. He shuffled through his backpack and found a torch and a lighter.  It was while he was looking that two of the wolves from the pack lunged straight at Ittindi.

He hadn't even heard them, they're stalker-like nature won against his perception. As he tumbled to the ground one wolve on top the other circling waiting to get a bite, Ittindi pointed his arm straight at the wolf's jaw as a magic circle appeared. The string shot straight through the roof of the wolf's mouth. It would yelp in pain as Ittindi pushed it off him, and shot a web bullet at the wolf circling him as he stomped furiously on the wolf next to him's head. The whimpering would stop after a couple of stomps. Ittindi's shoes were ruined by the blood and bile, while the other wolf regained his senses and charged. Ittindi would summon a shield and use it to guard against the wolf's bite. He'd throw his full body weight towards the ground with the wolf letting gravity aid him. He'd start punching as hard as he could until the wolf stopped moving.

Taking a second to catch his breath and regain his spells, Ittindi would climb up a tree watching the entrance of the cave. He knew that the last wolf would come out to see where the others had gone, then he could take on the alpha by himself. He had deliberately left the body of the two dead wolves below him waiting for the last of the pack to come to discover. It didn't take too long before Ittindi would jump down from the tree slamming into the wolf and beating it rapidly with his fists. His whole outfit ruined, Ittindi knew it was time to take on the alpha. He. 'd meander into the cave torch lit.

He hoped that he'd find the alpha asleep, but his gut said that'd be unlikely. As he wandered through the cave he heard a noise, but before he could investigate the alpha was already on his shoulder.  The searing pain jolted through his whole body. He'd try to grab and throw the alpha but it was stronger than him, it would tear off a chunk of his shoulder before going on all fours.

It would square off with Ittindi, he'd lean forward and a spell circle appearing as a web shield appeared on his left forearm. Ittindi would wait until the wolf started rushing him, then he'd shoot a web ball straight at its snout. He thought that'd be enough to daze it but it took the hit right on the nose and kept pressing. Panicked Ittindi would hammer fist with one hand and use his shield to guard against the alpha's bite. When the wolf realized it wasn't piercing through his shield it would jump back.

Ittindi would press the attack, first extending his arm towards the wolf and shooting a string that would pierce through the wolf's upper right torso. He would sprint straight at the wolf, combined with the attacks from before the wolf wouldn't have time to react fast enough. Shoulder rushing the Alpha into a wall, Ittindi would throw heavy right hooks into the wolf's rib cage. The alpha would again bite into Ittindi's shoulder, wincing at the pain Ittindi would just continue punching as the blood dripped down his arm. Eventually, the wolf's bite would loosen as it slid to the ground unconscious. His shoulder blade torn up, Ittindo would stomp on the wolf's chest until he saw its breathing stop. Then he'd pull out a knife from his backpack and go to work cutting off the Alpha's head for his employer.

Ittindi was glad that Zimnur wanted this all on the down-low he wouldn't want others to see him after this match-up. Stumbling back to the forest clearing, he found Zimnur sleeping under a tree.  

"Here you go sir, have the payment sent to the guild it was a pleasure doing business. Let me know if you have further need of our service."

Ittindi looked forward to burning these clothes and getting his wounds cleaned and healed. Most of all he looked forward to drawing himself a hot bath and letting his muscles relax. He needed more practice in combat which was obvious to him now.

WC: 1,011

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