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Sun and drinks (Sia)

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Sun and drinks (Sia) Empty Thu May 19, 2022 6:39 pm


It was a fine sunny day in Astrea and Kaito was taking Revy to a restaurant he promised to take her too. Kaito takes a seat at a table with Revy, she had been bugging him to take her here so she could have some good fresh fish coming in the same day so it will have the best taste and he really couldn't deny her the luxury of that because she had been being dragged around and she never really asked a lot of him besides to go to this place and he owed her it. He wasn't sure what to expect but he hoped that she would enjoy herself at least and that she will enjoy her meal.

He ordered her some fish to start with and he had some crab cakes and fries he ordered himself fruit punch and Revy requested iced tea to help her beat the heat and to enjoy her meal it peace. Kaito likes the look of the place they had chosen to sit to get a good view of the water and the boats out in the water, some of them tiny nearly out of sight to them. Kaito had semi let his guard down because all here seemed peaceful and pretty serene.


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And a grand beachy bitchy sandy sort of a day it was. The beach was lovely, Sia had always enjoyed it. She spent the morning getting a notable few hours worth of exercise in, cramming and slamming and pushing until she couldn't and finally eating after some sparring with Kuva and Ikanbi. It had been rough, dreadful, a shitty, awful, crap shoot turn of events that had some how resulted in a luck sack foo foo crap love handle engine that just could not be stopped. Sia stared into Kaito's eyes. "I bet I could kick your ass right now."

She giggled immediately and sipped at her drink. "Do you ever smoke my friend?" She asked them and adjusted in her seat. She crossed her legs, then thought against it and flipped over on her stomach instead and spread out, rather enjoying the heat for once against her pale stupid flesh. Stupid indeed, she looked forwards to things better than drinks and dumbness. "Bitch I am bored give me something to do."

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He looked at Sia that had just seemed to come out of no where and he wondered what she was going on about. "Ummm hello to you too? Why would you want to kick my ass?" He is confused if she is drunk or if she is just in a mood of some sort or if he had somehow pissed her off and he needed to make up for it.

"No I don't smoke, do you?" He tilted his head and he wonders what is even going on and he watches her just flip on to her stomach and he wonders what the hell is going on right now. "Did you just refer to me as bitch ? What kind of thing are you looking to do?" He wondered what she could possibly want from him as he barely knew her and he wonders what kind of things she is into and that she could really find as fun, in their first meeting she had seemed very respectable and kind. Now she seemed to have shifted personalities to a whole different person then the one he had met in front of the castle that day that he helped in joining fairy tail.

He slides his hand into his cloak and starts making a loop in a rope that he keeps in his cloak in case this is gonna get ugly and he is gonna have to use it on this woman for some reason if she attacks him or Revy. He doesn't think she will but he still needs to be careful not to get on her bad side as she is still his guild mate and he doesn't want to have to explain what happened if he is forced to do this.


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She laughed a little and moved back a few paces, wondering whether or not it particularly mattered either way. She had wanted to train, but the days events were to be of something more dull it seemed. She looked at Kaito with a cheeky grin and fiddled about her bag for a coat. She reached into the punch and withdrew a handkerchief then withdrew a separate cloak and hood, black but irrelevant otherwise in apperance. She wasn't entirely sure what could be done for it.

She needed to do something. "Something is bothering me." The old sly wood elf said after a moment. She wasn't sure entirely which way to twist the arm and turn the ridiculous idea backwards. In time though she would see it through either way and knew without a doubt that Kaito's friendship would help her. She materialized water, and poked Kaito with it. "My apologies." She said after a long moment. "What did you wish to discuss with me?"

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He was at a loss cause it was she that appeared before he, he wondered why or how he can try and make this more of a less awkward meeting as he hadn't, had any plans of dealing with anyone besides Revy today but he now is having to meet with this woman that has seemed to have already said she wanted to kick his ass what is more to be said here as she might be a threat and he is not sure he wants to fight her. Though he might need to restrain her to stop her from trying to hurt him, then she says what he has to discuss on her.

"If you think you need something to discuss. Maybe tell me what is bothering you?" He reaches though a portal and he pats her on the head from where he is sitting. He wonders what is bothering her, he then realized something. She said she couldn't use her magic but if that was true how did she just poke him with water if she has no magic to have just done that to him in that moment.

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