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Surgery (D-Rank)

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Kaito hears of a something going on at the hospital where he had met that doctor that had sent him on the mission to get people their medicines and he wonders what is going on in side he walks inside and people seem to be scrambling inside and the doctor looks like he is in direr need of help and he sees Kaito and he hurries up to him and asks him to help him cause he needs an assistant to help him with a very time sensitive thing and Kaito agrees cause this can't be that bad right and the doctor explains he needs the help with doing a heart transplant surgery Kaito is not sure he is ready for this but the doctor explains the most he will have to do is to just hand him things and be there in cause anything extra is needed but the rest is gonna be on himself to handle.


Surgery (D-Rank) Empty Tue May 03, 2022 3:56 am


Kaito agrees then he washes up and he changes that way the patient stays alive and less of a chance that the patient catches anything off of them and he walks into the place and Revy is watching from an upper window and Kaito watches and listens to the doctor as he is told to do things and to hand things to the doctor as he works and then the unforeseen happens and the doctor cuts himself so he is no longer able to keep going and he looks to Kaito who looks at the doctor then he sighs and he does as the doctor says and he realizes his hobbies have come in handy here as he removes and replaces the heart as he keeps his hands still and his nerves steeled as he finishes up and he looks to the doctor that gives him a thumbs up as he had done a good job and he is paid for his time as well.
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