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Deal or no Deal?

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Deal or no Deal? Empty Wed Apr 20, 2022 9:19 pm


Resources and connections, a simple factor that anyone who lived in reality knew was needed for any group of communicates to survive and thrive. With the isolated North, inter work and cooperation was even more of a needed aspect of their lives.

However thing always had to deal with scarcity, supply and demand limitations. With that, competition was an easy thing that could occur. And with that, hostility could be made over time. This was the case of two villages. A tradition of hostility between them but the winds of change had come for them in time.

They had become friendlier and attempted to foster a trade connection, however, resentment from one of the chiefs was making that hard. Tasked with handling this situation, Jikan stood outside of the inn she stayed in for the night along side Aurelia as she got ready to come outside and start their mission.

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People always need someone to do their job for them. People always need work because it came with money or some sort of compensation. It was a cycle but a needed one to make sure the world kept turning. As long as this sort of system was in place then Aurelia would never be out of a source of income. Even better was that she would be working alongside someone who had far more experience in this sort of thing than she did. The job would be easy if all she did was follow her mother figure's orders and nothing more. Honestly following directions and things of that sort was easy for Aurelia and she rather is told what to do than try to " freestyle" or get creative. Like a soldier, she followed things to the tee and hardly questioned anything as long as it didn't put her in danger.

The Inn she stayed at with her mother was quaint so she didn't linger too long when she was told what time she had to come down and meet Jikan. The young werewolf threw on some clean clothes after a shower and soon she was standing next to Jikan, waiting for the woman to lead



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In over the past Two years, Aurelia had grown a lot from how Jikan found her. Going from the boney malnutritious person who acted on instincts, to a well fed well cared for person that was able to not worry about if their next meal would come. Now, she grew into herself, her body looking its aged, strong, had proper hygiene. She was good. And hopefully happy.

That was the physical aspect, there was still the mental aspects of Aurelia. Yes she had manners now, and a calmness, and self control. But Jikan was still working on raising her into her own personhood. That was a lot to try to catch up on with her being 17 now and being alone for Illumin knows how long. But, as Aurelia's Mother now, that would be the task she would take on.

Once Aurelia was outside Jikan looked at her. One of the few people who in regards to Jikan, could get a soft gaze. Reaching out Jikan pat Aurelia's head softly, a short sweet smile coming upon Jikan's face as she did so, before turning towards the road that would lead to their destination. "Come along dear".

The road was ride and clear of distraction. It was an earthy trail but one that was indeed kept up with some individual mantaince. After a little time before they would arrive to the village that the meeting would be held in. Jikan would ask Aurelia a question starting to attempt to make this a mission together a learning experience. "Aurelia, when it comes to a lineage of people there is always the history to keep in mind. The good, the bad, and the grey. History, stories, and actions sum up the people on a general level. But it is also the subconscious level, within each person and the group as a whole to look out for as well. From the mission details, is there anything you can decipher about the group and individuals we will see today?".

Jikan looked forward to hearing her daughters ideas. Critical thinking and analysis, as small as it may seem on this level of a job, was still good to think about and use.

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She followed her mother figure on command when she heard the words " come along dear ", her face as stoic as ever as she moved with the purpose of today's mission on her mind. It would have been nice if this were a quiet trip to their location but her mother liked to talk. She wanted to outwardly sigh when the question presented to her was one that seemed to dig deeper into the people of today's job. It wasn't a bad question and it did open up a line of communication and clear dialogue between the two but Aurelia just didn't want to be bothered with things that could be left to other people. She took orders and she was fine with that. She let silence fall between them for a moment because as she thought that though this was something like an order she really didn't know the answer.

The quest in question was pretty vague since they hardly had any real concrete details on the two groups they were supposed to get together. All she knew for sure was that there was some sort of conflict internally in one group and externally between the two groups that wanted to trade. This was making it difficult in the first place even though whatever problems they had in the past were supposed to be buried and the two groups needed to move on for the sake of those they had to lead. It was petty and trivial, to say the least, but according to the report at least one person had their head screwed on correctly.

" Seems like someone can't get over some sort of grudge which is making it difficult to peacefully trade...Sounds like the person in charge of one of the groups has some unresolved issues with the other. I guess unless we fix that it'll be nearly impossible to get them all on the same page. "

Her words came out with it's usually monotoned mannerisms, making it hard to discern where she sat on the issue even though she was neutral to it all. She had a job to do and she wasn't about to let feelings get in the way of it, not that she had any for this situation. Looking over at Jikan to see if this was an answer that was suitable. Their destination coming up in view and what looks to be someone waiting for them.



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After Jkan asked her question to Aurelia she only received silence. At least at first. It was fine with her, it wasn't an order. Just a chit chat attempt to make Aurelia think. She was the stoic quiet type, a by product of being around Jikan and having her as a mother probably. It was also a natural part of Aurelia's personality, she never had been much for words even in these two years together. How she felt though came out in her actions, that was how it was for both of them most of the time anyway.

She gave an approving nod as she walked and then Jikan spoke in an encourage calm tone, "good good that is true. In this case, the old head is stuck in the past while the others have tried to forgiven. Essentially, he is against his people's desires. The majority. As well is the act that his son, one quiet suitable for leadership very soon from the whispers, disagrees with his father's antics as it is harming their people for no gain. A fact, that the Chief knows fully", she hummed with a little amusement at the last part.

"So, it is simple enough. Pressure him by reminding him of his diety as the leader, a job that has run in his family for generation. His need to honor them is clouding him but we may as well control that clouded ego. Making his pride turn sad at his actions at not being an example to his son and people should help as well".

After a bit more they would reach the gate with someone waiting for them. Once they were introduced they were let in with when they sat with the Chief and his son. Was Jikan's thinking manipulative and perhaps cruel with the truthful words she spoke? Perhaps. But she had a job to do and there were a measure of concern and love in them. No truth blinds and no love fails to get words across.

It seemed to be working in convincing the man at least...

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Aurelia thought it was stupid for someone that old to still be in power. People from a generation-long past no longer have any business dabbling in the future and lives of people who are living in the now. It was clear that his presence in that position was only causing issues and the son was too spinless to just take it from his father. Listening to her mother's words she nodded when she agreed with what was being said, which was all of it. Aurelia didn't want to do the talking herself but she would. Being a part of this mission meant she had to at least put some effort and show that she was capable of basic social interactions, no matter how much she hated them.

Once the two were seated and everyone who needed to be in attendance was then they could begin. Hello and welcome to our little village, we are so happy you could join us fo-
We don't need these women to tell us what to do, trading with those rats will be the biggest mistake we make!
And just like that Aurelia knew who was who, though she could figure it out by appearances alone she could at least put a voice to the face. Crossing her arms over her chest, the face she gave the old man was one of disappointment, but not in that thought of " I know you can do better ", instead it was more like " you are truly worthless ". He was acting like a fucking child and this was the person in charge.

" You are acting up over something that happened so long ago that only you can really remember. People have moved on so that they could live better lives and god forbid have some peace. Your spiteful and angry attitude over progress to help the people you probably swore to protect is making you look like a tyrant. Take a second and just think about how much the quality of life would go up for everyone if you stopped for a moment with this childish act over something you still think is going on. Let your son handle things from here, it's obviously time for you to retire from your position, it's a detriment and you aren't helping anyone in it. "

Aurelia was known for being one of few words but due to the nature of this job and the way this old man was acting it was only right to put him in his place. The silence that lingered in the air between them could have been stifling but instead, it was clear with understanding. The old man stood up, grumbled about her being right, and then turned to his son and whispered something to him before leaving the room himself, leaving Jikan, the son who she learned was named Jacob, and herself.

Well my father just... Gave me the position of leader of the village. It's happening a little earlier than I'd expected but I seem to have you to thank for it. No one has ever spoken to him like that well he seems to know it, he just had to hear it...Thank you here is your pay, I can take care of everything going forward now that I'm in full charge, thank you.

Jacob gave them their pay and offered them a room for the night if they wanted to stay around to see if the deal went ok the next day. Aurelia just stood up and walked out of the room once she got her money, she was hungry and wanted food.

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As the talking began Jikan soon found that well, the old head was a piece of shit. It took all of her patience to not get up and throw the man throw a wall for how he addressed them. How he addressed Aurelia. She was about to let the man have a piece of her mind, but it seemed Aurelia felt the same level  of disgust and pity about the man as Jikan did. As well as anger, for Jikan's child made her mother have a proud content smile on her face as she watched and listen her adopted daughter give the man a whipping by the mouth.

Then the man left, accepting the reality of the situation. Jikan stood. The son was in charge, the mission was done. And, she got to watch Aurelia work in action, even if it was small. "Good job Aurelia", Jikan spoke as she turned with Aurelia as they took their pay and left. "How about I make a steak and potato stew when we get home??".


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