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Forbidden Fruit [Private]

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Forbidden Fruit [Private] RrM1HXB

Oh, how bright the future was for the Luminous entity! Truly, it was one worth preparing for, especially if there were people who deemed themselves enemies of the Princexx of Desierto. For the Commander of Paradise Dawn was the Monarch of the mountains and all of these aliases were not chosen by them. No, these aliases were given by various groups of people. By birthright, they were in the line to rule the sands, by sheer willpower they were the leader of something much greater than a guild and by the grace of the people they ruled the mountains. No lord, lady, king or queen could deny Khalfani which was already theirs. The gods had proven themselves wise for fawning over the Queen of light. To think that they were only eighteen and had accomplished what most men and women could only dream of accomplishing only meant that they were well on their way to being sung by bards, described as a legend in their own right.

This was not something Khalfani originally reveled in, however, certain circumstanced had enlightened them to the truth of their own nature. The world had literally chosen them to be one of its chosen. It was an honor even greater than being blessed by the Zharian gods. This new them was a being beyond what mere mortals could comprehend. They had now recognized it and embracing it had only freed them. Still, they had remembered their roots. Every so often their mind overflowed with the waters of chaos; remnants of their past. It was something Khal could not escape, yet, it was something they were grateful to have haunt them. For some reason the world had insisted on keeping these memories with The Ascended, probably for the same reason they were elated to have them.

In the deepest parts of Worth Woodsea, blanketed by palm trees- almost appearing to be something of its own origin, a freshwater lake rested untroubled by human and beast alike. Luckily the godsblood wasn't exactly either of them. They were the sole occupant of this glorious lake, basking in its essence nakedly. They ran their fingers through their brown locs as their golden irises looked to the sun unfazed by its blinding light. They released a sigh of relief as the water refreshed their body. It was spring indeed. Although it wasn't hot, it was warm enough. The water stopped just above their waist,  the water fall beside them trickling down and merging with the lake. What a beautiful day.

#2Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

A roar filled the skies above the lake, a white wyvern in the skies was that cause. Upon the mythic beast was the Clout Chaser Knuckles Shi. A Daemon from the guild Sleeping Calamity, a vengeful Tyrant that had flown back to the North for the first time in over two years.  He had come to fix some leadership issues within the guild and return the order to Sleeping Calamity.  While on his way back to the guildhall Knuckles took a detour and flew by a hidden lake not many knew about.  Fang, his white wyvern had flown straight from Baska without a break thus far and needed some water.  

The beast roared once more before descending into a clearing not too far from the lake before it touched down with a flutter of its wings blowing a gust of wind around it as it did so. Once it landed fully it slowly made its way towards the lake stepping on small tress to clear its path to the lake where it may drink freely.  From the back of the dragon-like beast Knuckles leaped off while fully armored. On his right hip, his hammer from the gods laid ready and waiting for the next opponent for him to cross his path.  Knuckles was looking forward to facing someone else in the near future, but would not carry that attitude into his next meeting with another person.  Things were looking good for his life, things were moving in a forward direction and it seemed that all was well.  He had not heard of the news from the North as of yet, so his spirits were high. Knuckles was indeed one with the moment and were on a positive wavelength. As positive as one who had sold his soul could be.

Stera the wishing remained on Fang's back taking a short nap while they were in transit from the west to the south.  The red imp-looking creature had not even noticed they had reached the north at this current time, and Knuckles had no want to wake the creature from the dream state it had found itself in.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Forbidden Fruit [Private] RrM1HXB

The water was cooling to the touch, but warm enough to send a comforting sizzle down their back. A roar filled the skies. It wasn't a voice belonging to a mortal, or at least it didn't seem so. No, this roar belonged to a beast and one of great magnitude by the sound of things. Of course Khalfani was on guard considering they were a professional defender. Their eyes caught a glimpse of the beast overhead, carrying a red headed individual on its back and seemingly making its way to where the commander was. With a warm, yet devilish smirk, their gleaming golden eyes followed the dragon and their rider as they lowered themselves deeper into the water, only revealing their head. A naked bronze body was submerged in the crystal blue emanated waters. Khal waited to meet the incoming man, a man who they had already known the name of. A man who they had already known damn near everything about, a blessing of The World itself.

What The Ascended didn't know, however, was what he knew. If Knux had known anything about his guild then this meeting would only go one way. Still, Khalfani was interested to see how events would play out. Still holding their smile, they slowly moved their arms through the water, creating small waves and scaring whatever fish were beneath the surface to scatter in fear and excitement. "Hello, stranger." Khalfani said when the man approached. The sun beamed upon them as if they commanded its light.

#4Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Soon enough the red-haired man approached the body of water, within it a bronze-skinned person with golden eyes and dark hair swam while facing the direction Knuckles had come from. Upon the pair meeting eyes, his pink eyes meeting their golden ones. When they spoke to him Knuckles bowed bending at the waist as he extended his left foot out in front of himself keeping eye contact with them. "Greetings.

Knuckles rose back to his full height looking at their body which was submerged underwater. He did not do this to peek at their nakedness, it was a reaction to ensure they were not hiding a weapon or prepping a spell. Having a price on one's head no matter how large would make them a bit more vigilant when interacting with strangers. This person would be treated in the same fashion.
"Apologies for interrupting your alone time. " He said with a small smile looking around to verify they were indeed alone in this encounter.

The Daemon removed his hammer from his hip as he drew closer to the water and sat it down near the edge of the water. Knuckles would then start to remove his armor from the chest down. Once his armor was stripped from his body it revealed a white cloth shirt with a stiff collar and golden buttons keeping the collar fastened. "I was not expecting to find another person here. Fang, the wyvern who likely altered you to our presence needed a bit of a break. We are just arriving from Baska. It has been some time since we have been back to the north. Business called, unfortunately. "

Knuckles would now await their reply as he took a seat near the bank of the water slipping off his boots and setting his feet into the water getting a feel for it. The water was indeed divine upon his skin. The feeling of the warm water allowed him to relax a bit.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Forbidden Fruit [Private] RrM1HXB

Ah, so Knux was still unaware of the destruction of his guild hall. Truthfully, if Khalfani had been the person they were now they probably wouldn't have called for the destruction of Sleeping Calamity. With their sights now set on being the ruler of the North, a quarrel with Sleeping Calamity would be a small yet tedious hurdle to jump over. Nonetheless, Khalfani was confident in their abilities, especially knowing what this man before them was capable of. They would simply have to move accordingly. Knux probably knew who Khalfani was but until it was clear the two of them were simply strangers. It was a good thing too, because Knuckles, the wielder of Icebergan legend, was a beautiful man. His pink eyes glowed gracefully on their own. The two were opposites in the formula of who they were. He was a devil and the Ascended was a god. That alone made this meeting all the more exciting.

The Wyvern rider explained why he was back in the North form Baska. A business venture apparently. It could be assumed that said business had to do with their guild, but Khalfani wasn't worried. Even if he was pretending to be oblivious, the dragon slayer was confident enough that they'd be able to react accordingly. Perhaps it was a risk to slowly move towards Knux as he sat down and dipped his feet into the lake, but Khalfani would take it anyway. "I see..." they began smiling with both their lips and their eyes. Their tone was gentle and warm, yet confident and stern. Cues would make it clear how they carried themselves.  "Worry not. You haven't interrupted anything, I assure you. Do be sure to give Fang my thanks, will you? It's always a pleasure to meet a man as handsome as yourself." Khalfani stopped about two feet away, their eyes momentarily glancing over his physique as they ran their fingers through their hair.

"Care to join me, stranger? Surely you have some time to spare before handling business and the water is quite warm today."

#6Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

How odd, they were as elegant and charismatic as he was. They spoke with a claiming voice that soothed the ears that heard them. However, they were indeed opposites. Knuckles was a creature forged by darkness, a man who was nothing but a noble boy set to take over a family business. It was not until he had taken the deal with a Deamon that he started to become something. What that would be was still becoming apparent. What he inspired to be was a man of Legend, some would say he had reached it upon claiming the Hammer of the God of Thunder, Mjilnor. For Knuckles, this was not it, though what he sought to be and what he was starting to become were also not the same. Not in the same intention as he sought out anyway. Knuckles gave a court nod of his head before smiling.

"I will do so, he will be most pleased to hear praise. Thank you for the compliment, you have a face that the devil himself would find tempting. "

At the offer to join them Knuckles looked about once more giving the area a final look over. He would ensure there was no one waiting to steal his items once his body had sunk into the waters. " I think I shall but please, allow us to announce ourselves. " Removing his feet from the water the Daemon stood and placed his right palm into the center of his chest. "I am Knuckles Shi, The Clout Chaser. "

After announcing his name he would chuckle a for breath before removing his clothes in full, folding them as he took off each layer. His pale white skin almost reflected the light as it touched him. It was a showcase to his noble blood but more so to the fact, that he dawned armor for most of his time awake. Only ever removing his kit when he was sleeping or bathing. Knuckles, as did most men who wore armor and fought the way of the sword without magic had a body that was riddled with scars here and there. None too big or shown more than the others, mostly thanks to the power of magic which could heal one and most wounds where there would never be signs of an injury.

After undressing, the red hair main parted his hair to the right side of his face, his hand brushing against the butterfly tattoo on his face. Without much less than a thought, the man stepped off the edge and allowed the warm waters to swallow him whole as if it were an endless depth. His body Sank for a few feet before he eventually rose back breaking the surface of the water once more and took a breath as his left hand combed his hair backward and out of his face. This is refreshing. Much needed after such a long ride."

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Forbidden Fruit [Private] RrM1HXB

The more the noble prince looked at Knuckles, the more they found themselves learning. It wasn't just their all seeing eyes granting them information other people wouldn't have known, but it was the way Knuckles moved that made it evident of the type of person he was. Noble himself, yet twisted by the darkness of a demon. In that regard, he was also something special. Despite the fact that he wasn't blessed by the world, the blessings he had received were clearly great in their own right. It was tempting to tease the man by slowly revealing how much the commander knew about him, alas, sometimes you had to keep things to yourself. If there was one thing Khalfani had learned throughout their travels, it was just that. Khalfani bit their lip as Knuckles accepted the compliment and returned one. By the moment the Desiertan Dragon Slayer was growing more excited, though it didn't become obvious anywhere on their body.

"Thank you." Khalfani chuckled.

The red haired man introduced himself after scoping the area one last time. An anxious one, and for good reason too. From the outside looking in it could have been a setup. A mysteriously alluring being in the waters of a hidden lake, asking you to join them; it was a recipe for someone to be eaten across many folklore. Luckily for this man, Khalfani didn't want to eat him- at least not like the monsters in old stories. "Prince Khalfani Atenhotep." the bronze-skinned commander said. Khal did not remove their eyes from their new acquaintance. Instead, they watched Knuckles as he removed every bit of clothing, his eyes scanning his toned body. Beautiful, to say the least, tempting, to be honest. "It's a pleasure to meet you." They said to the pink eyed Clout Chaser with a slight boy, noticing the butterfly tattoo upon his pale skin. It practically glowed.

Knuckles elegantly dropped his entire body into the water, coming out of it a few moments later. Khalfani moved closer towards him slowly, taking into account his anxiety displayed earlier. When there was only about 2 feet between them, the commander would cup their hands to pick up water, and lightly drop it onto Knux's body, allowing their gentle hands to trickle down their body just as the water did. "I imagine the champion of Mjolnir must be drained from warding off people who sought to claim the weapon for themselves, hm?"

#8Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

It was a pleasure indeed until they thought it was best to start touching them. Knuckles looked down at their hand as he reached his arm up to move it from his shoulder.   "Forgive me, Prince Amenhotep. While it is a pleasure to meet you I would like to ask you to reframe from touching me. We have only just met after all."  Knuckles hoped that this act would not cause them to have a quick end to their time, however, he enjoyed his personal space from a stranger whom he did not know.  Knuckles swam backward putting another 2 feet between them.  Now with enough room for him to feel comfortable, he moved to their statement about the hammer.  

"Is it well known? I have had it for a while now but I did not know it was known and sought out the weapon. Perhaps it will draw in more so called Champions to fight me.  It would do well to grow my name further this way. "

It was true he knew the weapon had value, but to be sought after by others he had no idea. Perhaps having the weapon alone would be enough to draw others into battle with him, perhaps it was why he had issues finding opponents that were not literally ranked above him. It was true he had not yet faced off against another and had come out on top but his knowledge of magic had been lacking. He needed to study more, find better ways to use his Hammer's powers as well as gain a better presence on the battlefield. In his last two fights, he had been lost due to mana reserves. The crappy shield he wore did him no favor either. Perhaps it was time to move away from a shield a try something else? He would have to try things out and see what worked best for him.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Forbidden Fruit [Private] RrM1HXB

How Odd. In all their years, even before their transformation, they had never been rejected. never. Knuckles was the first to do so. Any normal person would have probably been discouraged, Alas Khalfani only found themselves more fond of such a creature. Everything about Knuckles was cold, even down to the way he spoke despite how well mannered he was. With a nod, Khalfani slowly backed away as Knuckles did the same putting them at about four feet away from each other. "Forgive me. I was under the impression that we shared desires." The said warmly. The commander of Paradise Dawn only slightly lowered themselves into the water, allowing their entire chest to be engulfed by the clear lake. Their eyes shifted downwards to Knuckles' own member once more before raising back to his eyes. Perhaps it would be nice to get to know this man a little better. "Mjolnir is the weapon once wielded by the Icebergan god of thunder, of course it's well known. There are tales of men who fought to the death to find it, I'm sure there are men who are still searching for it. If it's a bloody battle you yearn for, give it time and it shall come to you." Khalfani said with grace, almost as if they knew it to be true somehow. "Is that what you want? Fame?" They slightly tilted their head to the side. This was the most entertainment they had since they returned from Enca.

#10Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles changed his expression to a half-smile. "No need for apologies M'Lord. Apologies if I was sending the wrong signals. I thought it was a simple invite to join in the waters. " Now that they had more room between them Knuckles did not mind being looked over at all. Hearing the tails of the hammer he fought with He nodded his head. "Yes, I gathered the feeling that it was a holy weapon. Mostly because the Demon stopped speaking to me when I picked it up. I found it after facing off against a Dragon there. Though I admit I hope it is as you say and others come to seek it.

His hands parted the water around him as he kept himself afloat. "Not just fame, but Legendary status. I wish to be a household name that becomes lore and knowledge, much like that Hammer I own. " Ater answering the question Knuckles dipped his mouth into the water and blew out making a bit of a bubble. Pushing with his legs he came back above the surface with his mouth. Looking into their golden eyes Knuckles asked "And what of you fair Prince? You are clearly of high noble blood what brings you to a place such as this?"

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Forbidden Fruit [Private] RrM1HXB

"I see..." Khalfani nodded, turning so that know their back was facing Knuckles. They stood in the waters revealing half off their buttocks before flipping their hair back and slowly moving towards where the sun shone the most. "You're quite interesting, Knuckles." They teased with a chuckle before facing Knuckles once more with a warming smile. The Dragon Slayer gestured with their hands for Knuckles to come to where they had moved, else they would have to basically shout the entire conversation. Khalfani was enjoying the red head's presence. The sun radiated off of the Brown Desiertans skin, nearly reflecting the light like their skin was a mirror of sorts.

"I wish you good luck on your journey. Hopefully you don't die before you reach your destination."

They were genuine about that, despite the fact that they anticipated a bloody battle between them in the days to come. Such a shame, that glory Knuckles sought would be easier to obtain in Paradise Dawn. "Did I make it that obvious?" they joked in response to being regarded as a high noble, knowing they purposely introduced themselves as a prince. "I'm the Prince of Desierto, but I've always found the kingdom to be a bit...boring. I'm the rebel child, I suppose. I came to the North and now I lead a cute little guild here." The name of the guild didn't matter, not when Khalfani didn't know if Knuckles was as oblivious as he seemed. "Actually I think you'd fit in quite well if its legend you seek. You should join! I could look at you all day, Lord Knuckles ~"

#12Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles could not help but chuckle at the comment of death before reaching his destination. While he knew he was not one of the vast top-tier fighters in the world, he defiantly knew he would be one of the strongest without magic at his beck and call. He was certain he had a good few years at the least to reach his objective, though he did often wonder if becoming the Legend he wish to be would cost him more than what he had paid to reach it. Perhaps his life if he was honest. The prince went on about how they came from Desierto, a place Knuckles had not yet been. The Prince seemed to admit they thought the lands boring and came here to start a guild. Knuckles made note of that interested to hear of another guild here. They even went as far as to offer him a place within it.

Knuckles closed his eyes for a moment and let out a sigh, not of annoyance just of the timing. He was not even around his current guild yet still had some pride about it. "Grass is always greener they say, do you think the saying holds weight? As for the offer I thank you, but I am already a part of one, we are known as Sleeping Calamity. We were noted as a Dark Guild at the creation due to use being well Rebellious one could say, and not bending the knee to the King. It is true however that some of the founding members were at the time some of the most wanted people within the nation but I assure you these people have been dealt with in a proper manner. Not that we shy away from being wanted. "

The Daemon paused for a moment as he slowly began to swim around Khalfani. "I am interested as to why you think I would fit in with your collection of mages, or is it perhaps a guild of Glamier. Beauty attracts Beauty after all/ "

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Forbidden Fruit [Private] RrM1HXB

The Lion chuckled as Knuckles turned. Their sun-lit orbs trailed behind him, taking a glance at what was beneath the water once more. Khalfani remained were they were for a moment, listening to their new acquaintance speak. Finally, he revealed that he was apart of Sleeping Calamity. Nothing knew there, but of course Khalfani had to play the part. It was safe to say that Khal had known nothing about sleeping Calamity beforehand, so this information had turned out to be quite surprising. It was strange though, the reasoning for the guild being a dark guild didn't quite add up in Khalfani's opinion. I mean there were a bunch of guilds who didn't kneel to the king, hell, even the people of Sieghart refused to do it. It made The Ascended all the more curious as to what Sleeping Calamity had intended on doing in the future- or even what they had already done. Sometimes the actions of a few had a hand in how a guild was perceived by the masses.

"Actually, I think that saying's a load of shit. The grass is greener wherever I want it to be greener~" they said as they slowly turned to face Knuckles. "You know, I've heard of Sleeping Calamity. Naturally, I haven't heard any good things about the people there- with the exception of one woman considering it is a dark guild." The Lion began to drift towards Knuckles- almost in a glorious strut. "I don't mean to be offensive, but I don't think your guilds refusal to bend the knee is what makes you a dark guild, Knuckles. The guild I'm in is Neutral after all, and we have no problems with operating the way we do." They said softly. The water droplets glistened and glimmered on their body, light seemingly bouncing off like rubber balls.

"My guild is full of warriors. We operate as a nation and protect the North, believe it's an entity of its own, and completely seperate from the crown, buuuuut~ , I wouldn't want to take you away from your chosen family." Really, the fact that this man was apart of a guild who had probably been planning their demise was saddening to think about.

"I wish things could be different." they sighed as they glared into Knuckle's eyes, a hint of disappointment displaying for a split moment. Then the Ascended would turn away and slowly swim towards the ground where Knuckles had placed his belongings. Khalfani's belongings were also there, just closer to a bush. "Anyway, I'm going to head to the guild now and since you were heading that way, you should walk me. The forest is a dangerous place for a Princess, you know.~" They teased, turning their had back just before pulling themselves out of the water. "Like my Knight in Shining Armor." Khal teased with a chuckle.

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