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I'm coming home~ [West to North] [Skald]

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I'm coming home~ [West to North] [Skald] Empty Thu Apr 14, 2022 8:04 pm


Jikan stirred about, sitting out on the stoops of a house she had stayed in for a few coins. She flipped an object that hanged on her neck open and close, back and forth back and forth. It was a locket, an object she held under her shirt unlike her millennium puzzle necklace. This locket held two pictures on the inisde on the opposite sides. One being of Jikan's younger sibligns and the next...her growing family. The kids she had adopted and taken under her wing over the last few years....Aurelia, Klein, Amira.

She had left for a little exploration, and to handle some business. That was two months ago now, maybe a bit more. She was missing them greatly and decided she spent long enough away. Hopping onto her Duhlin Mount, Mia nestled into her to stay tight, they got ready to flew into the air, heading back to Sleeping Calamity's base. "Come along Skald, I think it's about time you meet our guild hall".

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I'm coming home~ [West to North] [Skald] Empty Sat Apr 16, 2022 9:04 pm

Skald had for the most part gotten used to traveling around not really having a place to call his own. A place that he wouldn’t ever go back to no matter what happened. The road was his home and the varied places he visited were merely just locations he had decided to stay in. Long gone was the idea that he’d be a shopkeeper after he gave his word he’d serve another.

He was sitting out in front of the house that Jikan had ended up staying in; Skald had found his own place to rest away from the lady but was ready to leave at a moments notice. His ear would flick and he’d stand up as Jikan left the home. Following her with his hands in his vest pockets; casting a glance at the house behind them before getting on the Duhlin behind the other. His grip was on the saddle and he’d bob his head in a nod.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about it Lady Jikan.

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200 with 30% reduction due to Duhlin.

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